Reactions at TB Joshua’s alliance with Sierra Leone Government to curb Ebola

The critic watch blog assert that it took them by surprise that a country actually took TB Joshua up on his offer of a donation of anointed water to fight the Ebola virus. But we at Watch TB Joshua say they have not seen anything yet, indeed, they have not seen anything yet. What can the serpent that creeps on the ground, eating the dust do to the eagle that soars in the sky? Absolutely nothing. It would do no more than slither in the dust, writhe when enraged and bare its poisonous fangs to no avail.

Below is a quote from their latest article (13th August 2014) explaining their stand of healing occurring through the anointed water;

While we at TB Joshua watch fully believe in the healing power of God, we do not believe that he operates like a vending machine, dispensing healing at the puff of a spray[…]in a case like this it will only hamper the efforts of brave health workers battling this disease.

Consider this statement of theirs and learn from it that in regards to their belief about God using TB Joshua, they are a lost cause; for if there existed no hate, jealousy or envy in them and if there was any hope of them believing, they would have added in their article something of this sort:

We do not believe in healing through the anointed water, nevertheless, now that it has been sent to the isolated and confirmed Ebola victims under medical supervision; it is behooves us to observe and see the effect the anointed water would have, so as to know if we would maintain our former opinion or desist from it.

But there was nothing close to this, rather of other gibberish which further reveal their hate and spite towards TB Joshua. Their stance can be likened to that of Victor Henshaw – The President/General overseer of integrity Bible ministries; who commented in response to a message on the Nation’s newspaper Facebook saying:

“Get TB Joshua infected with the virus, and let his anointed water heal him first, then I will believe he has power to heal Ebola, even though that won’t still change my perception of him as a man different from genuine men of God”:

The General Overseer (G.O) said this in response to a message sent to the Nation Newspapers by one of its readers, Nnamdi Uzowuru quoted below:

Why is Nigeria and Nigerians wasting time on finding cure for Ebola, when only the Anointed – water from SCOAN (Prophet TB Joshua) can cure Ebola in a period of seconds? Why don’t we value what we have?

Another reader writes:

Elesho joseph Abiodun writes:
Faithless generation. How long will you suffer in silence. You criticize God’s work but quickly embrace the devil by bathing and drinking bags of salt.

Judge for yourselves readers, undermining titles, who of these men reeks of unbelief and falsehood.

In addition: If the critic watch blog could be infuriated to the extent that they had to write it as a post, just because TB Joshua sent anointed water to Sierra Leone at the imploring of their government, then they should be ready for a blackout. The reason we say this is that not only will those Ebola victims be cured with exalted testimonies to the name of God; but the whole world will come to acknowledge TB Joshua as a prophet to the Nations and whosoever does not listen to him will pay the consequences for it. He is a prophet to the Nations and there is nothing they or their obnoxious blog can do about it. We know it bothered them to hear that a nation took up TB Joshua’s offer, and they would rather not believe it to be true; but it must happen to them what happened to their predecessors – the Pharisees, of whom it is written thus:

“So the Pharisees said to one another See, this is getting us nowhere. Look how the whole world has gone after him!” John 12:19. And we paraphrase this text to suit them:
Your critic watch blog will get you nowhere [in pulling down TB Joshua]. Look how the whole world will go after him.

When you see TB Joshua settling marital disputes between couples who stand in his presence narrating their challenges in the marriage and him proffering the solution immediately, do you think this is where he will stop at? We tell you, No, a big resounding NO: you think that is all there is to him because you comprehend but little of his mission to this world. Assuredly we say to you, that in the same way we have seen him judging between partners in marriage and settling their disputes at his altar, we would also see him also judging between nations of the world and settling their disputes right at his altar. Look forward to it. The wind of this event is beginning to blow, it will come more speedily than you think. He is so above their criticism, calumny, backbiting and whatever they may think to throw at him. He’s a born achiever, and his achievement is far beyond what they can think to fight with the free account of a WordPress blog; just as it is pointless for people to try to quench the fire of the sun by spraying one [free gotten] fire extinguisher from earth, while looking away from it.

For clarity:

The sun: TB JOSHUA: The sun of righteousness giving light to all the earth

The people armed with one extinguisher: TB Joshua critics.

The extinguisher: Their watch blog and its content.

Each spray: each article.

Spraying from earth: unable to confront and challenge him to his face.

Looking away: working as anonymous and unidentified bloggers.

Ebola cure: T.B. Joshua to the rescue with the new Anointing water

Wisdom is proved right by her actions; not words. While they may be unwise who hide their faces behind a watch blog and do nothing but slander the true prophet; even more foolish are those who would reject the undaunted power and openness of TB Joshua’s deeds to believe accusations from anonymous and unidentified bloggers. Of these anonymous bloggers Jesus rightly said:

Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their evil deeds will be exposed. John 3:20.

Call to mind how the TBJ critic blog at one time argued that the SCOAN was falling apart because TBJ closed almost all his international branches. How foolish of these, does having many branches all over the world in any way translate to the work of salvation? Just as it matters not how many are in church attendance, nor the number in membership, but how many are being saved; so also it is not a matter of having branches all over the place, but making sure that the branches meet the standard of the headquarters in terms of all spiritual graces.

We did not at all lament the closure of the branches, rather we applaud TB Joshua who is not in pursuit of financial gain to proliferate branches everywhere, only to fall short of meeting the spiritual needs of the members. Blessed be the spiritual shepherd who rather looks out for the salvation and safety of his sheep all over the world. We know that everything about SCOAN takes place advantageously under the providence of God, as accomplished by TB Joshua including the closure of the branches. Recall again how at the closure of the branches, the critic watch blog claimed that the SCOAN was falling apart.

  • But was this watch blog asleep when TB Joshua went to South Korea for a pastor’s revival, where thousands of Korean pastors were imparted with the power of the spirit and after that, now perform miracles signs and wonders after the manner of TB Joshua?  This is not “ministry growth” to T.B. Joshua’s critics, but the opening of branches all over the world.
  • Was this watch blog sleeping when TB Joshua visited the nation of Columbia, bringing revival to a mammoth crowd, the attendance of which on the second day surpassed the number recorded of the crowd at the Brazil world cup held the same day? This is not “ministry growth” to T.B. Joshua’s critics, but the opening of branches all over the world.
  • Was this watch blog dozing when TB Joshua was invited by the Government of Colombia to discuss with the armed forces of the nation; imploring him to be their prayer partner in the reduction of crime rate in their country? This is not “ministry growth” to T.B. Joshua’s critics, but the opening of branches all over the world.
  • Was this watch blog asleep when TB Joshua donated $100,000 US dollars for the social welfare of the armed forces and Colombia, and gave charitably to the needy of the country together with promise of scholarship for at least 200 needy children? This is not “ministry growth” to T.B. Joshua’s critics, but the opening of branches all over the world.
  • Was this watch blog snoozing when TBJ was presented an award by the armed forces of the nation of Colombia for touching their nation with a touch of heaven’s power, love and provision? This is not “ministry growth” to T.B. Joshua’s critics, but the opening of branches all over the world.

Though all these happened in a ministry in less than six months, together with the continuing healing and deliverance at the Headquarters in T.B. Joshua’s absence. All of these are not “ministry growth” to T.B. Joshua’s critics, but the opening of branches all over the world.

Recently, they took their occupation of derision further by making mockery about T.B. Joshua’s desire to send the anointed water to the affected countries of the Ebola virus at the capacity of the government of the affected countries.

Nevertheless, having mocked to their heart’s content:

  • Did this watch blog then go to sleep when the Government of Sierra Leone officially requested for T.B. Joshua’s help with the deadly plague?
  • Were they sleeping as he now responds with sending four thousand bottles of anointed water for their relief at the cost of $50,000 dollars, and sent $50,000 US dollars for the physical needs of the afflicted? Totaling $100,000 US dollars spent?  Yet all these are not “ministry growth” for T.B. Joshua’s critics, but the opening of branches all over the world.

Let us (who believe) wait in faith for the result of this spiritual and financial aid T.B. Joshua has given to the nation of Sierra Leone (Not at all meaning that T.B. Joshua’s critics should wait). For we know also that TBJ’s critics will still not believe, even after the government of Sierra Leone testify about the healing power in the anointed water on the Ebola victims. As Abraham told the rich man while he burned in hell saying:

If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead.” Luke 16:31.

Will a man Rob TB Joshua? Yet they have robbed him.

There are those who take upon themselves to malign their fellows, there are those who take upon themselves to badmouth their peers, there are those who take upon themselves to criticize their colleagues; and for all these, there shall not one escape the wrath to come.

If there is great punishment in view if such persist; where will they thus appear who take upon themselves to slander Men of God who have a covenant with God?

It matters not whether the Man of God is true or false.

The Christian ought not to say anything behind his brothers back with the object of calumniating him, for this is slander, even if what is said is true.

A good man becomes guilty of theft even if what he stole is another thief’s possessions. Many do not even know that a man who is guilty of slander is in the sight of God also a Thief.

You may ask how? Here is one reason to consider:

It is written in the commandments: Thou shalt not steal, but before the eyes of the law, a man to steal must take a thing that can be seen with eyes of flesh, without the knowledge or consent of him to whom the thing belongs.

But the things that men do not see with eyes of flesh are of more worth than the things that man can see.

A man’s good name is worth a thousand mines of gold (Prov.22:1), and he who says a word or does a deed that injures or defames that name has taken what is not his own and is a thief.

A man may easily make restitution for physical goods stolen, but how shall one make restitution who has by defamation taken off from a man’s good name?

The way is for your confession and repentance to be more widely broadcast than the extent your defamation was spread.

Because scripture says the thief when he is caught is made to restore seven fold. (Prov 6:30-31).

It is either this manner of repentance or devouring fire and outer darkness hereafter.

See into what sea of misery you slanderers (critics) are plunged in.

Don’t forget; a good man who speaks evil behind his neighbor’s back is guilty of slander, even if what is said is true.

This is a sad news for slanderers, because even If what they say behind their neighbor were true, if they do not repent of it, they will be condemned to the outer darkness for slander.

Then if what they say is false even in the smallest degree; perhaps there is something worse than the outer darkness; only Jesus knows their destiny.

There is nothing anyone can say now about TB Joshua that others will not know more about because he does nothing in secret.

Except that person is the only one with eyes in the world.

All who have heard of TB Joshua are already convinced of a lie about him or the truth; and this of their own accord from what they have seen and heard.

Neither those who speak well of him nor those who speak evil of him are given the privilege of convincing anyone because the use of words in description of TB Joshua is not even “Half-enough”.

That privilege of convincing people is the sole duty of his good works; which no form of speech and writing can adequately convey.

While the privilege of converting rebellious minds and blasphemous tounges is reserved for God.

It is like a man, who after he was blinded by the sun, expected his neighbors to believe that the sun is evil, when they all use solar energy for their cooking and lighting.

So why would anyone incur wrath, suffering, and eternal punishment for lies, when he does not even have the privilege of being believed?

Whoever says he believes you, says so in reality because of pre-conceived notions similar to yours.

Whoever does not believe you in reality does not also because of pre-conceived notions opposed to yours.

Why would anyone keep supplying lies for such an imaginary market where there is no real demand?

Apostle peter gives the answer:

“…They are presumptuous and self-willed. They are not afraid to speak evil …, whereas angels who are greater in power and might do not bring a reviling accusation against them before
the lord, but these, like natural brute beasts made to be caught and destroyed, they speak evil of the things they do not understand and will utterly perish in their own corruption.”2 peter 2:10-12.

If you would be safe; speak evil of no man, neither take pleasure in listening to a slanderer. Otherwise you that hear too shall be responsible for the sin of him that speaks the evil, if you believe the slander you hear.

This is because in believing, you will have a grudge against your brother. That is how you become responsible for the sin of him that speaks the evil.

TB Joshua himself gives the cure for your sickness of slander and backbiting in these words:

Learn how to speak well of others, not only in their face, but also behind their backs. – TB Joshua.

We say this also for the benefit of commenters on this site who in their quest of defending TB Joshua or correcting the slanderers, get infuriated to the extent of making abusive comments and also raining curses on the accusers.

In this which you do, are you not also disobeying the prophet you seek to defend?

TB Joshua taught us saying: Let others hate you, not you; let others intimidate you, not you, Let others Judge you, not you.

No doubt, they have hated the prophet and judged him, but you yourselves have hated them and judged them, while trying to correct them.

Do you not realize that you have yourselves contracted the sickness you are trying to cure?

Do not the words of scripture now apply to you: Physician heal thyself? (Luke 4:23).

May our repentance be swift and come quickly.

Grace and peace.


One would not blame those who criticize the deliverances that happen at SCOAN, after all, there is no way a man can explain the taste of ice-cream to another who has never tasted one, for him to understand. Even if he claims he understands after the explanation, he lies and does not until he comes to know by tasting the ice-cream for himself. If the taste of something as trivial as ice-cream, which is physical, transient, temporary can only be known by experience, how much more something spiritual, deep, unseen and inexplicable like deliverance. A man who has undergone deliverance and has the experience of it can never be at the mercy of a man with a mere opinion of deliverance. If you are a wise person or think yourself to be so, how do you view this matter? When you see deliverances in SCOAN happening in their thousands regularly through TB Joshua, the wise men or the anointed water, with so much passion, dexterity, without rest or relenting, what comes to your mind? Do you see all these things as the acts of children merely at their play? Or you see an all-out war going on beyond the full grasp of created reason? O how We pray to Jesus for you, we pray to the One who changes rebellious minds and blasphemous tongues, for Him to save, help, and redeem you because you are not to blame who trivialize his great work of deliverance and you have our sympathy. For why should we be angry with one who is not only blind in the eyes, but has been deprived of physical light and gropes about in the dark? Such a one deserves pity and prayers and not our aggression. May the Lord give you light who read, yet only those whose eyes are good would enjoy His light. They who are blinded within are the most miserable of all men. For while a man who can see and one who is blind are both in the dark, they are the alike, but when the light comes, the vision of the man who sees is illuminated, and he sees clearly about himself, while the one who is blind remains in darkness. For this cause we say that it is only those whose eyes are good that would benefit from the Lord’s light. And we do not mean the eyes of the body, but the eyes of the soul. For this cause the Lord Jesus said in a mystery; I came to make the blind see and those who see to be made blind. He came to open the sight of our mind to the knowledge of things divine and close our eyes to all things of this present world. O blind who see not, O wicked deceivers who believe not, O you sinners against the spirit, pray and ask of the Jesus, the preserver of all that he would give you the true light; and open the sight of your mind, because in your blindness you follow the vain deceptions of the accursed one, who has hurled down the souls of men made in God’s image into degradation, and forgetfulness of God, making them worship at the altar of various idols of earthly things; of money, of fame, of fashion, of game, of worldly power. Making them pour the libations of perverse thoughts to the wicked principalities who rule over all these. The worst of these all include forgetfulness of God and denial of His glorious works. Christ have mercy.

Prayer: O Lord Christ, our savior in willing compassion, to you we ascribe all glory, together with the father who is without beginning, and your all good and co-eternal Holy Spirit, we beseech you Lord, to raise our souls from the degradation into which the slayer of man has cast us down through his envy, Let not their dark air cover us, Let not the offspring of the evil dragon overtake us, let not the children of the serpent hiss at us, let his lying mouth be silenced and muzzled, for he has nothing on us. let his tricks be disclosed, let his snares be broken, let his nets spread out for us in hiding be cut in pieces, let his crown be taken from his head, let his power be brought to naught, let his throne be overturned behind thee, O Lord, for thy mercy’s sake, O most merciful of the merciful. Lest he deceive further, and multiply the unbelieving among men. In Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.



It is often said that the doings of a disciple are the hallmarks of his master’s teachings; as the saying goes; like father; like son; like mother like daughter; like disciple like master. On basis of this some critics have insinuated that the character some of TB Joshua’s disciples display is a product of the fruit of the prophet himself. It really irks us when some people blame the attitudes of some disciples on their master. Such people would blame Judas love for money on Jesus, or peter’s weak faith of denial on Jesus inadequacies; should a man who lends his neighbor a knife to cut vegetables be blamed when his neighbor uses the knife for murder? The will of a disciple is up to the disciple, the will of the master is up to the master and the will of God is also up to God. We reiterate on this website that there are risks involved in changing a person, in molding a person into a picture of God’s grace, because not everyone can be changed and not everyone can pay the supreme price of self-denial; even though they may seem to do so at the start. For this cause Jesus said; many who are first will be last and many who are last will be first.

There is risk involved in changing a person into a picture of God's grace.
There is risk involved in changing a person into a picture of God’s grace.

Jesus made it clear that on the last day he shall denounce many of his servants who failed to be watchful, faithful and were found to be sleeping in sin, adding that he would cast them into devouring fire and outer darkness.  ‘And cast the worthless servant into the outer darkness. In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’ Matt 25:30 (ESV). This does not mean they weren’t his servants at the start, but he warned them that only…” the one who endures to the end will be saved”. Matt 24:13. In the book of revelation, he warned his church in these words I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown” Rev 3:11(NIV). What lesson do we learn from all these?

A true master can really do no more than show the way to kingdom of light with example, by the way he lives; it is left for his followers to follow in his footprints and emulate his way of life. Some of these people who blame the prophet for the sordid behavior of some disciples have deviant children whom they cannot control; abusive, rebellious, stubborn, drug addicts etc. and they can swear that the children did not learn any of these habits from them. If a child is only the offspring of one’s flesh, not ones spirit or will, why should anyone ascribe a followers behavior as a master’s fruit? And worse still he considers only the negative examples of the followers? Why does he not also call to account the followers whom through thoughtful and careful obedience to their master’s instructions have climbed the height of divine holiness and now possess the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit? Citing in this case the example of the Wise Men of the SCOAN? Such lopsided attribution only reveals a hidden malevolent intent of slander and defamation of the part of such biased analysts and observers. There are always two sides to a coin, no rose is without thorn, and the bee that produces honey also has its sting.

The uncut truth about TB Joshua and SCOAN