TB Joshua Finally discloses exact Location of missing plane


Here are more details from TB Joshua concerning the exact location of the missing Malaysia Plane

Prophet, T.B Joshua has directed Malaysian authorities and other institution looking for the missing Malaysian plane to look ‘between Indonesia and the Indian Ocean’.

According to him, authorities must go deep in the ocean and they will find scattered particles of the aircraft.

Flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport just after midnight on Saturday and it has since disappeared which has left investigators, aviation experts and other authorities in several countries at a loss to explain what happened. There were 239 people on-board the plane. The airline said it did not receive any distress messages or emergency signals from the pilot before it “disappeared off the radar.”

The man of God had earlier indicated that ‘the plane concerned is deep inside the sea’. He added that none of the 239 passengers will survive.

Prophesying to his church members as well as viewers all over the world on Saturday, 15th March 2014, the man of God said:

“They should look between Indonesia and Indian Ocean because the particles of the plane has scattered and gone everywhere”

The head pastor of the Synagogue Church Of All Nation (SCOAN) disclosed that the pilot of the plane ‘lost signal, lost his bearings’ causing the plane to be ‘diverted’.

According to him, “there are some strange people inside the plane; strange people that are not supposed to be inside. The pilot lost signal, the plane diverted and lost his bearings. The pilot confronted a situation he could not handle”

He however sent a word of consolation to the families of the passengers and added that “the whole thing has come to an end; they will discover the plane; particles, and everything will end any moment from now. This coming week, we are not going to talk about it again and the families will know their fate”.

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Prophet, T.B Joshua has directed Malaysian authorities and other institution looking for the missing Malaysian plane to look ‘between Indonesia and the Indian Ocean’.

According to him, authorities must go deep in the ocean and they will find scattered particles of the aircraft.

Flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport just after midnight on Saturday and it has since disappeared which has left investigators, aviation experts and other authorities in several countries at a loss to explain what happened. There were 239 people on-board the plane. The airline said it did not receive any distress messages or emergency signals from the pilot before it “disappeared off the radar.”

The man of God had earlier indicated that ‘the plane concerned is deep inside the sea’. He added that none of the 239 passengers will survive.

Prophesying to his church members as well as viewers all over the world on…

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TB-Joshua deliverances

REPOST: TB Joshua’s deliverances; Are they biblical?

According to Tbjoshuawatch, quoting Mark 5:1-20 alongside Mark 9: 14- 29 and using two exorcisms performed by Jesus as case study in comparison to TB Joshua’s; They stated that the crowds in Jesus case witnessed the change in the demoniac man, but were not permitted to see the deliverance itself. Oh Really?  We didn’t think they were serious till they went on again, this time quoting Mark 9: 14- 29 and explaining thus;

…”When Jesus notices a crowd running to the scene, he so quickly and instantly rebukes the demon and sets the boy free… Again, Jesus is careful not to make a spectacle of this poor boy’s condition”.

Are these guys serious with this? OK, let us ask you a question, Tbjoshuawatch, if you are confident enough to answer FROM THE SAME TEXT YOU QUOTED;

Do you know what results when a CROWD RUSHES to a scene? The NKJV puts the same scripture it in a better rendering,

“When Jesus saw that PEOPLE CAME RUNNING TOGETHER he rebuked the evil spirit”. Mark 9:25.


Well if you don’t have the logic to figure it (obviously), we’ll give you the answer, and from the scripture too as added bonus;

“…an innumerable multitude of people had gathered together, so that THEY TRAMPLED ONE ANOTHER” Luke 12:1.

This was clearly what Jesus was trying to prevent. Thus, this text along with the others they quoted shows that Jesus quick deliverance of the boy in question had NOTHING to do with “NOT allowing the crowd to witness it”.

When he left the scene in MATT 7:18, was there also a demoniac in question whose SUPPOSED dignity he wanted to preserve?

Matthew 7:18 “..and when Jesus saw GREAT MULTITUDES about him, He gave command to DEPART to the other side”.

All these texts prove that Jesus was simply facing the problem of “CROWD CONTROL” because as it were, PEOPLE were already VERY MANY at the scene and more crowds than he could handle RUSHING to the scene could result in casualties of which he could even be one being the one being thronged from every side.

“…as Jesus was on his way, the CROWDS ALMOST CRUSHED HIM”. LUKE 8:42.

 And this may have been the case if he hadn’t sped up the deliverance process of the boy, while at other times he managed to stay safe in a boat on the sea while the MULTITUDES stood on the shore (better CROWD CONTROL) Matt 13:1-2.

Crowd Control has always been a major problem for the worlds greatest legends when in contact with the public. The case of Jesus was no different. photo credit: (vkontakte.dj)

If Jesus didn’t want the MULTITUDE to witness his spectacular deliverance’s, he would have just sent them away as he did on many occasions, for example, here:

“…then Jesus SENT the MULTITUDE away and went into the house”, Matt 13: 36, or here “…while HE SENT the MULTITUDE AWAY”  MATT 14: 22… And so on.

We would’ve thought such a gross misrepresentation of scripture as a mere faulty logic on their part, but its clearly demonic in its capacity to mislead, don’t be deceived, the ideology of scriptural deliverance done discreetly or privately falls nothing short of the doctrine of demons – as it is a doctrine that allows for the proverbial placing of a light under a basket that none may see it.

You who know you need deliverance today, was it not other people’s case you witnessed to come to that realization?, or at least made your conviction of your need stronger? Why then should others not come to the same realization through your case? The church is instructed not to show favoritism  whoever you may be, whether a king, president or a poor man.  If Jesus subscribed to the ideology of not allowing the crowds to witness his deliverance’s why did he KEEP DOING THEM BEFORE MULTITUDES?

Luke 11: 14 and as he was casting out a demon, it was mute. So it was when the demon had gone out, the mute spoke and the MULTITUDES marveled.

  Jesus did this deliverance before a multitude, if he really didn’t want to display it, Why BEFORE A MULTITUDE?, so much so that in the latter part, a voice was heard from the CROWD Luke 11: 27.

“Luke 12: 17… And all the MULTITUDES rejoiced for the glorious things that were done by him.

How could THE MULTITUDE rejoice if they NEVER witnessed for themselves?

Although he had done so many signs BEFORE THEM, they did not believe… John 12: 36.

Jesus himself said to then UNLESS YOU PEOPLE SEE… you would not believe.  Note that all emphasis is on letting people, Multitudes and crowds see that what he’s doing is done through God. Secondly, That the people inevitably embarrass themselves on TV, much to the delight of the audience who are not sure whether to be amused or disgusted is blatantly untrue. If there’s anything to be expected from the audience in the synagogue, its happiness for those who are being delivered, and soberness for themselves if they haven’t gone through the same, especially when they know they suffer the same calamities the person in question (being delivered) suffered. Even to strengthen their soberness are TB Joshua’s constant words; that everyone needs deliverance, and everyone (except those who aren’t tired of their problems yet) wishes now to be delivered in the same manner. You should see the way they all clamour for the same touch, continually visiting till they go through the same deliverance experience that would prove their redemption a fact, and reality.

Finally, Referring to Emmanuel tv that it turns sick individuals into mini internet sensations after being delivered in an undignified way, having a youtube video put out about their addiction to sniffing faeces, eating foam matresses, bedwetting or drinking kerosene might be a crude way of putting it, but Yes! So be it. LET THE WORLD SEE, HEAR AND REJOICE, rejoice for the glorious things that are done by him Luke 12:17.  No one lights a candle and puts it under a basket but on a lamp stand and it gives light to all in the house Luke 5:15.

TB Joshua is the light of today’s world and emmanuel TV is the lamp-stand and gives that light to all the inhabitants of the earth. Let it remain so LORD. Amen!
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Tb Joshua Deliverance – Is It Biblical? Response


Here is an interesting thread to consider under the previous post on Tbjoshuawatch in case you missed it: A commenter, obviously writing by the Spirit, wrote the following to those wretches behind Tbjoshuawatch;

Allfredwillie says;

Jan 25, 2014 at 9:54 Am

 I wonder who will reward the anti-Christ who claims to be exposing what supposed to be exposed. I like it when these hypocrites use the word “EXPOSE”, helping the children of God to expose the hidden truth, way and life in Jesus Christ which is revealed through his chosen one.

I don’t remember anything in the Bible which says: there must be false prophets and when you find them, Expose them. Where does this struggle to expose come from? But surely not from God!

What I noticed in this forsaken generation, we speak of what we know and we testify to what we have seen, but they still demand their own approval. Who are they? If not antichrist who are full of jealousy, envy and bitterness? May the love of God, rest upon them, in Jesus Name Amen.

To which Tbjoshuawatch replied, as the devil replied Jesus with scripture;

Tbjoshuawatch says:

January 25, 2014 at 10:01am

A verse for you Alfred: Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. Eph 5:11

And without even taking time to examine the truth of Tbjoshuawatch’s scripture quotation, an elated SCOAN critic responded;

M Says:
January 25, 2014 at 10:32am
Oh snap! Exposed the lie and proved the Biblical support for exposing it! That is what we call “Winning”!

Trust Tbjoshuawatch to live up to their reputation for misrepresenting scripture in view to deceive, they may have high-fived themselves with that verse against alfredwillie, a lone voice of truth on a site pervaded with falsehood, but how true is what they say in this instance? Let us examine this scripture Tbjoshuawatch quoted as a support for their anti-false prophet ministry, in the light of holistic scriptural knowledge and may the LORD grant understanding that excludes error.

Ephesians 5 verse 11: have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness but rather expose them” NIV

This portion is referring to exposing the darkness of sinful character within ourselves and not about exposing supposed false prophets as Tbjoshuawatch claim, worse still in lopsided defense of their obnoxious blog. The Apostle Paul here refers to the deadliness of that which is truly dreadful, the sins which take an inward direction but leave no outward trace. This is confirmed in the verse following after verse 11

Ephesians 5 verse 12: “for it is shameful to mention what the disobedient do in secret.

The Apostle warns here of the deadly habit, in which what we seem to despise outwardly, we absorb secretly and unnoticed. He by this admonished for any who is caught in such secret sins to expose them, that is, confess that weakness otherwise it continues to thrive. If you do not yet perceive the truth of this scripture, then consider how most things in this world as long as their inner parts are hidden, stand upright and live. If they are revealed they die. For example,  as long as the intestines of a man are hidden, the man is alive; when his intestines are exposed and come out of him, the man will die. Consider also the tree: while its root is hidden, it sprouts and grows. If its root is exposed, the tree dries up. So it is, not only with what is seen but what is unseen. As long as the root of wickedness is hidden, it is strong, but when it is recognized, it is dissolved. When it is revealed, it perishes. This is what Paul meant when he said in Ephesians 5: 11:

Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness but rather expose them” NIV.

For this cause the Scripture also says; The axe is already at the root of the trees (Matt 3:10) in other words it will not merely cut, because what is cut will sprout again – but the axe penetrates deeply until it brings up the root. So therefore let each one of us dig after the root of evil which is within us and let us pluck it out of our hearts from the root. It will be plucked out if we expose it by recognizing and confessing it. But if we are ignorant of it, it takes root in us and produces fruit in our hearts.

Tbjoshuawatch took this verse out of context to do what they know to do best, Mislead. Throughout scripture, we never heard of a Christian group whose purpose and mission was to expose those they perceived to be false prophets; it was never part of the great commission Jesus gave the disciples. When Paul eventually encountered a false prophet who was still bent on misleading people with empty words whilst he was trying to convert them to Christ, he simply shut him up by the Spirits power with temporal blindness, instantly leaving onlookers in no doubt about whose message was supreme. Acts 13 : 6-12.

Prayer: Our Father in heaven, LORD of both worlds, we thank you for using your Holy servant, TB Joshua, day in and day out, to show us the value in the Name Jesus, the Messiah, your begotten son. O Perfect father, The infinite light over all things, We thank you for using TB Joshua to prove to the world of the sure existence and power of hidden reality, which is beyond the reach of ordinary human perception and cognizance. We are assured, if we follow his guidance, that we will be successful in attaining our destinies in this life and hereafter. As for those who are bent upon denying the truth of his works, of his calling. They always come up with an excuse not to believe and by so doing reveal that a seal is set upon their hearts and upon their hearing, and on their eyes, a covering, and mighty is the punishment that awaits them, because they refused to believe and blasphemed your name through the one whom you have sent In Jesus Name, Amen.


1. Tbjoshuawatch,  You are such as have argued about that which you had little knowledge, why now do you argue about that which you have no knowledge at all? God knows the truth about His servant Joshua and you do not because you are not near to him that He may reveal his prophet to you. You pretend to be a section of people with real scriptural knowledge to lead others astray, but it is only the people like yourselves that you lead astray, it is only you perceive it not.

2. Tbjoshuawatch, why do you deny the workings of the All-powerful, eternal LORD of the universe, while you are witnessing their truth with your very eyes in practical demonstration? Why do you confound the truth with falsehood and conceal the truth, and that too, deliberately? The Great God of the universe has singled out TB Joshua for the bestowal of such Divine prowess because He is one in whom  HE is pleased. Being the father of Spirits, HE caused the fullness of His Divine Spirit to dwell in flesh that he desired, and rewrote Emmanuel in these last days, why does this offend you? So much that you tell lies about him and in God’s Name deliberately? What do you think would be your recompense for doing this in the hereafter? The supreme God will not speak to you lovingly, nor look at you with affection on the day of RESURRECTION. Think not for a second that he will for this hold you guiltless, rather there awaits you a woeful punishment.

3. Why Tbjoshuawatch do you plan to hinder those who believe in the prophet from following the word of the LORD as he shows them? – You try to see crookedness in it while you yourselves are witnesses to its truth. Abhorrent hatred has already expressed itself through the articles you write with your hands, but even you yourselves know that what your hearts conceive about TB Joshua is far worse. If any good news rises about TB Joshua, it hurts you, but if an unpleasant report rises about the SCOAN, you rejoice amidst it, however know that your machination will do the SCOAN no harm at all, for what is from above is above all.

4. Why O Tbjoshuawatch are you so zealous to seal your fate among those destined for wrath? Are these articles of yours, spiting the SCOAN and condemning it with hateful speech how you guard against the fire that is prepared for the disbelievers? Why so eager to be inmates of eternal fire? You tempt those who believe and say I have spoken against the man, what then has happened to me? Am I not still as I was? Speaking against him is of no consequence – it is as speaking against a mere man, so you boastfully think in your hearts, but you think and say these things at your own peril and you perceive it not – for by such words you weary the LORD and mock the All-powerful ONE as one who cannot avenge His beloved One whom he made joint heir with His Son and you trample his slowness to anger underfoot.

5. Why O Tbjoshuawatch do you make light of the mercy the lord is showing you? Even when a host of angels cry for vengeance upon you? Indeed the LORD is slow to anger and abounding in LOVE but if you haters continue to make light of HIS Mercy while you live here on earth, and utter blasphemies against whom He has sent, be sure that when you vacate this residence of flesh, you shall not be given respite, you shall see the horrid torment you have so diligently labored for and it shall still be here as a testament against you before the LORD and the voice of the LORD’s Angel telling you that this is that which you have so persistently asked about.



I have a covenant with God, I cannot ask for anything outside what is written in the covenant. Whatever I will achieve in this life is in a book I am carrying every day. I just have to open the pages. Outside the book is not mine. -  TB Joshua

This statement of TB Joshua is perhaps one of the most profound I have ever heard in my entire life and this is not just because it sounds inspiring, no, there is more to it than that, far more.

 It is a statement showing off the extent he has surrendered to the author of his calling, to the point where his “living standards” in this world are in exact compliance to catalogued instructions from another world.

People, perhaps even you reading this, have often wondered why TB Joshua’s deeds seem so “out of this world”, apart from what he does and performs which are unequalled, what about what he does not do? why he is not into the business of building universities, establishing branches all over the world, putting up signboards and billboards, advertising himself on media, dabbling into politics, publishing countless books, acquiring private jets etc. like his other contemporaries in ministry? Well, here he has just given us the reason in the words; “Outside the book is not mine”.  Let us with this commentary meditate on his words:  I have a covenant with God; this covenant TB Joshua speaks of is just like the names given to the saints in revelation, a name known only to him who bears it, So, It is a very personal issue. Apparently, every detail about his life on earth from the beginning to the end of it has already been predetermined for him and fixed and he has the access to open and read the book containing all that information at will. This recognizably, is the book of which David, speaking by the spirit said in psalm 139:16;

“Your eyes saw me when I was formless; all my days were written in YOUR BOOK and PLANNED before a single one of them began”. Holman Christian Standard Bible.

The book is very detailed, meticulously specifying whom he is, what he should have and at what time, what he should suffer and at what time, what he should endure and at what time, what he should accomplish and at what time, when he would leave this world and how. Imagine having a physical record about your life with such in-depth description of all that should ever happen in your life as is predetermined by God, your past, present and future, up to details of events that should happen on your last day on earth. What would you do with it? How often would you read it? As the scripture says in Job 14:5;

A person’s days are determined; you have decreed the number of his months and have set limits he cannot exceed.

The prophet clearly suggests that He cannot add to or subtract from what is written in that record. I mean, He would not try to avert what he read therein that he should suffer, He would not try to achieve now what he read therein is for a later time, and he would not ask God for what he did not read therein is for him to have. This brings to remembrance the song he composed. “Not mine the choice, in things both great and small, be thou my guide, my strength, my wisdom, my all.” David himself had an understanding of this, thus he said in Psalm 56:8:

 Record my misery; list my tears on your scroll — are they not in your record?

TB JOSHUA is telling us that the beginning to the end of his entire life has been already documented for him in the heavenly archives, and he’s just here to live it out. See the certainty with which he speaks that all the events God has designed and arranged to unfold in his life are clear to him. Unlike an unfortunate amount of us today that do not even know why our soul left heaven for earth.

The uncut truth about TB Joshua and SCOAN