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The State of African Christianity – Review


I have just come across this article l would like you to read.

T.B. Joshua is undoubtedly one of the greatest prophets in this century. He is anointed with a peculiar prophetic anointing that has attracted a lot of envy from all quarters.
There is a particular group of workers who also worked under him for a few months and couldn’t stand the rigours of life in the Synagogue who have now turned their backs on the prophet with all manner of insults and insinuations. First, practices of deliverance has come under condemnation and likened to Jerry Springer. What surprises me is that some of these critics refuse to see the antecedents which could be found in the bible. Whether it occurred once or twice in the bible is irrelevant. We all know what happened when Jesus, the Christ confronted the mad man with many demons and when asked by Jesus how many demons he had, he retorted by saying many (legion). The mad man begged Jesus to cast the demons into a flock of swine nearby.

What is therefore wrong by asking demons who have occupied the human temples questions? Questions are necessary to know how they entered in order to seal all the avenues they used to enter the said person. Viewers of Emmanuel TV would realise that the confession of the demons through the person they occupy are true. Thus, spiritual things manifests in the physical. A lot of lessons could be learnt from this. This kind of deliverance is not peculiar to Africa but practised worldwide. The famous deliverance minister of blessed memory, Lester Summrall practised it in his deliverance conventions and crusades around the globe.
T.B. Joshua needs not to worry himself about this emotionally disturbed critic because Christ himself came under heavy attack from these kinds of people.  Read More

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40 thoughts on “The State of African Christianity – Review”

  1. TB JOSHUA is really a God – sent prophet , days he has the kind of gospel which the world needs today ,,gone are those days where pastors would just preach the word without any signs and wonders.People just got saved and never delivered until they would consult traditional healers for their healing ,deliverance , fruits of the womb……….HE IS THE ELIJAH OF THIS GENERATIONS ……PRAISE THE LORD ,WE NEED THE MAN OF GOD OF HIS TYPE

    1. My brethern do not let signs and wonders be a determining factor if that man is truely a servant of God with the testimony of Jesus Christ. On what grounds are you convinced he is God prophet? Is it signs and wonders? Is it the preaching? Or has it been revealed to you by God by the power of Holy Spirit.
      Do not gamble with spiritual matters even devils perform miracles, earnestly inquire from God to show you the truth who tbj or any “man of God” is . You alone in your closed room pray to God to lead you to truth by the power of truth Holy Spirit

      1. @worshipGod.
        Yes devil peform mighty miracles, but can it ever be greater than that of God? If this is devil, then SHOW ME GOD.

        Certainly we’ve prayed about T.b. Joshua and we had awesome revelations that made us know spiritually that He’s God sent. I would encourage you to give more attention to emmanuel Tv. You’ll get all you need to know.


  3. no amount of satanic persecution will stop the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. thank God for Prophet tb joshua. he is a true servant of God.

  4. @ Watching TB Joshua,

    “T.B. Joshua needs not to worry himself about this emotionally disturbed critic because Christ himself came under heavy attack from these kinds of people.”

    I would like to show you that nobody is attacking anyone when you are investigating matters to the bottom of the canister. There is nothing wrong with that.

    If you have to show a persecution complex as an answer here, I would like to encourage you if you are under cover of Blood of Jesus Christ, you don’t have to write such anxious answers concerning anyone.

    What you need to do is to submit unto God and resist the devil and he shall flee from you.

    I want to also mention that you have accused me of stealing or being involved of Mr. Harry’s briefcase. I have written before about this that I have never seen Mr. Harry’s briefcase, suitcase, or whatever case and your accusations, character assassination will not apply to me. I have no interest in Mr. Harry’s, Mr. Daniel, Mr. Racine, Mr. John, Mr. Christopher, T. B. Joshua’s, Mrs Evelyn, Miss Sarah’s, Miss Promise’s, and other children’s suitcases, briefcases or any case. Yet you accuse me of theft as it is a joke.

    Yes, I am serious when I say go out in any shopping mall, market place, swimming pool, church, public building and demonstrate the same as in SCOAN. And if it is a security problem, let them take their bouncers with them. And no, I never said they have to without shoes or clothes and also the grasshoppers don’t have to be sticking out between their teeth or wear a camel hair cloak.

    You really like to make me ridiculous when I am serious about all of this. You have no respect whatsoever about me as a child of God writing here about my reservations and issues that I have encountered, seen, experienced, tried out, looked at.

    I am not a emotional driven critic, I contemplate, I reflect and I pray, test, find out, discuss these things with God Himself. I can not help it that you don’t want to see this. It’s not my fault that you don’t or can’t. Whatever it is. You are too caught up in yourself to even see it yourself.

    I have been shammed, cheated, lied to, harassed, humiliated enough by certain type of people in life, jobs, public places, churches, ministries and websites like this, that I have to write this to understand that most of it does not attract any Christians like me to such treachery, falsehood, meanness, but again I am not seeing man, but I see God as my only pillar I rest my life upon, there is nothing else I want to be. I am rather am one day in His Presence than a thousand elsewhere or with maniacal people that go beserk about another human being in life that can give a show.

    If I want a show I will go to the cinema, art museum or a musical. I have no interest in a wacko church where constantly people lay down on the floor puking, screaming, yelling, interrogated, making crazy testimonies that are just weird. Thank you very much. I hope I am clear about my standpoint of view.

    1. @Jesse

      Who made you investigator? If you are truly investigating why insult TB Joshua? Have you see the way and TB Joshua watch call him names? His he their age mate? Even if it’s true TB Joshua did what the claim they have NO RIGHT to JUDGE him.

      1. @ TB Joshua Fans UK Blog

        First of all I am not your mate. Secondly, Where did I insult TB Joshua, I am as a christian, believer I need to test all spirits, demons, powers, things in the church, the preaching, the behaviour, the attitudes, everything. This is my right as a christian. I have a right to question and to investigate. Something they don’t like in SCOAN.

        I am not responsible for another what they say, I am responsible for what I am saying and what I say is something that I see, investigate, look at, pray about, contemplate. You don’t want me to do this ? Do I have to accept this circus of craziness, the chaos, the behaviour, the errors in scripture explanation, the club forming, the attitudes ? Never, because it is my task and a must to do and so to address this and to pray over it. Which I do constantly every day.

        I have been accused of being a thief, a judas of this generation, and God knows what else there is. You find this acceptable of a Christian that goes to SCOAN to behave like that ? I don’t have to accept allegations that are lies. So I have declared some of you liars because it is not true. I have a right to defend myself and God will do the rest for me. He fights for me too.

        I can see the anger in some of you, certainly not a fruit of the Spirit of God according to Galatians 6. I think some you should reconsider of your inner spirit and soulish reactions about me or anyone to that effect. I don’t fear anyone here or anywhere, but I don’t have to accept threats from anyone or from those in SCOAN.

        I pray that God blesses anyone that says any bad about me and that you receive from God that you need. Especially His love and kindness in your spirit. I also pray that His Holy Spirit arrests those in their tracks when they write something against me, In Jesus Name I pray.

  5. @ Eromo,

    Why do you have yell at those who read here ? Everyone has persecution, the bible show that here:

    Matthew 5:10 Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

    1 Corinthians 4:12 And labour, working with our own hands: being reviled, we bless; being persecuted, we suffer it:

    2 Corinthians 4:9 Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed;

    John 15:20 Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also.

    You seem to have a problem with it, while it is clearly written that it is normal. I wrote this in the former post. I experience persecution almost every day from people, organizations, demons, evil spirits, Satan and all that.

    Yet you say this TB Joshua and the 5 other men are the only ones that are getting this ?

    Then you quote all these so called generals that were written mostly down by Mr. Roberts Liardon who was caught in homosexual relations with another pastor. Who wrote books like “it’s Grey when it is really Black and White”, “Sharpen your discernment”, can’t even keep his own church under control and yet you all measure yourself with those guys as being the leaders you should follow ????

    How can you have spiritual discernment if you don’t even know what real discernment is in the Spirit ? Going Ga Ga about someone else instead of listening yourself to what the Holy Spirit is saying to you when you are going around in life….

    Then on top you accuse other African pastors, White Pastors any other pastors that it is all their fault !

    This is what I am talking about, this constant so called manifestations need to define a church in its spirituality as being the only true church there is.

    As far as myself concerned and watching you all, you have not got a clue What and Who the Holy Spirit is and how He works. Certainly not in chaos, confusion, deception and shameless self promotion of any man on earth. Thank you,

  6. @ Eromo,

    Why do you have yell at those who read here ? Everyone has persecution, the bible show that here:

    Matthew 5:10 Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

    1 Corinthians 4:12 And labour, working with our own hands: being reviled, we bless; being persecuted, we suffer it:

    2 Corinthians 4:9 Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed;

    John 15:20 Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also.

    You seem to have a problem with it, while it is clearly written that it is normal. I wrote this in the former post. I experience persecution almost every day from people, organizations, demons, evil spirits, Satan and all that.

    Yet you say this TB Joshua and the 5 other men are the only ones that are getting this ?

    Then you quote all these so called generals that were written mostly down by Mr. Roberts Liardon who was caught in homosexual relations with another pastor. Who wrote books like “it’s Grey when it is really Black and White”, “Sharpen your discernment”, can’t even keep his own church under control and yet you all measure yourself with those guys as being the leaders you should follow ????

    How can you have spiritual discernment if you don’t even know what real discernment is in the Spirit ? Going Ga Ga about someone else instead of listening yourself to what the Holy Spirit is saying to you when you are going around in life….

    Then on top you accuse other African pastors, White Pastors any other pastors that it is all their fault !

    This is what I am talking about, this constant so called manifestations need to define a church in its spirituality as being the only true church there is.

    As far as myself concerned and watching you all, you have not got a clue What and Who the Holy Spirit is and how He works. Certainly not in chaos, confusion, deception and self promotion of any man on earth. Thank you,

  7. Jesse, Your write-up clearly potrays that of a sworn critic of TB JOSHUA who seemingly has a thorough knowledge of SCOAN family, but really,what went wrong Jesse,?You obviously sound like one who was fascinated with the goings-on at SCOAN,went in there possibly as a church worker and apparently fell from grace to grass.Brace up brother, and get up from slumber,ask for forgiveness-You will be welcomed back to the fold and your mukky past would have been over.Please do not remain perpetually as a JUDAS of this generation.Biting the finger that fed you might be extremely dangerous.

  8. @ E. S. D. and Watch TB Joshua,

    You are wrong, Jesus was found here and not in Lagos,

    P. S. Why the speculation, I never fell from any grace nor did I eat from no hand even I don’t have a mukky past either and that you compare me to Judas is just beyond anything I have ever heard saying from a so called Christian. Get a life, start living your bible.

  9. @Jesse.
    I have just a few questions for you. Now that you claim you have become an investigator. As an investigator, due to your researches and investigations, what is your final conclusion about T.b. Joshua and SCOAN?
    2. How many proofs do you have(concrete proofs) as an investigator? Expecially about the allegations. If possible we need video or written proves, like a commenter previously mentioned here. Without this i don’t think anyone would listen to your so called investigations. Rather we Tag it Criticism and weapons of Propaganda.
    Waiting to hear from you. And plz make your response a little more brief. Prolonged comments get readers bored. I believe you were also told this on the other blog.

  10. @Doi,

    That I am still dying. That “Distance is not a barrier, is a myth” That the deliverances I have seen are a sham. That the “Anointed water, bracelets, handkerchiefs, oil” were tested on many outside people of SCOAN and did not do anything to them. The doctrine that goes in the deeper layers of SCOAN are not theological sound.
    That TB Joshua is made a sort of god. That the people only look at miracles and not the source of the Power that is claimed to come from God. That some disciples are lying. That SCOAN is very much a closed circle and shrouded in secrecy and therefore a cult. That I have also come to the conclusion that I have wasted my time on matters like thing. Did not get anything out of it of what I already knew. That there are more or less familiar spirits operating in the personal prophecy parts. That there is astral projection of their own spirits is practiced. That the practice of tithing is practiced as a teaching that is gone past by date. That people inside SCOAN are being deceived and behind doors they laugh about it. Making people look silly and degrading personalities as well their dignity as a human being. Fantasy stories. Hypnotism. Confusion. Aggression. Anger. Calling pastors Baba, while Jesus says don’t do this. Ignoring facts that are presented. Still continuing in their own well oiled format do doing what they are doing. Sending people away that ask questions. Not taking care of the ones that are tired of the behaviour that takes places. Not changing in their attitudes. Arrogant, self indulgent, proud, puffed up about matters that take place there. Travelling on people’s monies, while I believe God did not sent them there, but go because of invitation and begging to come there. Not evangelising the local neighbourhood. Having problems inside their own families and not willing to resolve this. Continuous deliverance on the same person, over and over again. Those that are not healed are avoided and ignored and waffled off with excuses and religious stories. You want me to continue ? Believe there is a lot more, but SCOAN and hardened would not give a hoot about what I say here. No videos needed here, one can all see this by themselves and when attended. Ofcourse if you you would lay this before their commissariat, they would go, no, no, no, this is not true. TB Joshua is a god, a man of god, a true prophet etc. etc. They only thing I have nothing to say about is the charity that is done, but then again it is very simple to give money to others if you know you have plenty in the coffers to give away. After all whose money was it anyways. It was not TB Joshua’s was it ? It was given by others, they never get a thank you either, they are just goaded into giving it, with numerous stories that go with it. After all they will tell you that if you don’t give you are stealing from God. Wow, stealing from God, who want to dare such a thing ?

    1. Jesse. First of all, to put right what you consider wrong.
      people who use the anointen water and sticker are members of Scoan and those who aren’t even members. Who haven’t stepped their feet on the grounds of SCOAN. I wonder where you get all these vague proofs from, like you don’t watch Emmanuel T.v. I know you don’t. Therefore it’s better you remail silent.

      A testimony which proved that distance is not a barrier for the Holy Spirit was given live on Emmanuel T.v. When a woman on the wheel chair in her house watching emmanuel Tv, stood up with a righteous anger and became perfectly healed upon watching prophet T.b. Joshua praying for a little girl who had similar situation like her’s. Now can you disprove that distance is not a barrier? How would you explain that?

      Also no one takes T.b. Joshua as God. The plain and sincere fact is; honour should be given to who is deserving. We’ve actually Tested the prophet physically and spiritually and have found Him to be a representative of God here on earth. Maybe you have your baseless grounds for contemplating wether He is of God or the devil. But if this is DEVIL then please show me GOD?!

      Scoan has no secrets. An organisation or establishment that keeps secrets will not broadcast a service live for all to watch. You are only being too selfish/stingy/arrogant/stubbon and too inquisitive That you want to know where the man of God sleeps, how he sneezes and coughs. There are some things you just can’t find out. And if you believe there are any secrets, making them a cult, why not take legal action, why coming here to lay false accusations? Cos you know for certain, that you have no proofs.

      You call it astral projection? i call divine revelation from God directly. Are the National and international prophecies also an astral projection?
      Futher… You claim people’s dignity are not considered. I’ll advice you to get into interviews with them and hear them tell you they actually obtain their true dignity after their deliverances.

      And about tithing. I think thats entirely another Topic. Coz Jesus Christ never said we shouldn’t pay tithe but endorsed it. Much as he came to fufil the law he amended some not all. Of which tithe is an exception of the amendment. He actually asked us to practice what was written but shouldn’t follow the examples of the pharesees. Matt 23:1-3. In matt 23:23. Jesus never condemn the pharisees for giving their tithe but was telling them not to forget the other provisions of the law. like forgiveness. Give me a biblical proof where Jesus condemn tithing or forever remail silent on this issue.

      Lastly, whatever charity T.b. Joshua does, He doesn’t take the praise. But even acknowledges the effort of the partners Whom God is also using to save and rescue those in bondage. With all these i will clearly say your proves aren’t concrete. Lets get a more convincing evidence.

  11. @ Doi,

    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, it is all claimed but not verified by independent doctors, surgeons and outside psychiatrists.

    FYI, Watch this video.Talking about disgrace. You call this deliverance ? I call it a sham and a fake. This guy “manifesting” there needs serious counselling and personal interrogation by outsiders.

    For me and many others this is Nollywood acting at it’s best. Disgraceful and disgusting. You lot find it awesome and go gaga about it. Yeah, my foot. Even the audience is sitting there laughing. What is there to laugh ? You call this dignity restoration ? Aka, Protecting someones personallity at the view of the entire world with a camera how someone can behave like a complete madman and then pretends he does not know what has happened. Do you really believe this ? Really ? This guy in this so called deliverance knows exactly what he does. Period.

    Concerning your “divine” revelation ? It is pure astral projection. Astral projection ( if you don’t know what that is) is used to get outside the body and interact with spiritual powers in different levels of the spiritual realm. Hence the so called “prophetic” interaction with familiar spirits and (high leveled) demons and even Satanm and lurking from a distance what the angels of God do. It is not a problem to shuffle demons around in people for Satan and the Scripture that “Kingdom divided against Kingdom will fall” does not apply here. You really think I don’t know what I am talking about do you ?

    You really think I am very stupid and dumb and know nothing about spiritual matters and a complete Ignoramus about it. Is that what you are thinking ? I will not be fooled by any of you and your fantasy stories. I am longer in this matter than most people concerning that and I have a long experience of investigation, trying and testing, praying over it, concerning this. There is no such thing as constant “revelation” every moment of the day at will. It is clearly infringing at will in the spiritual realm by forcing themselves in it.

    Since 99.9% cannot see in the spirit and know about spiritual matters at all, I am not surprised most of the church buys in it this whole sale. I know this personally and see it happening constantly everywhere. I won’t be misled by anyone of you. Basta. Also there is the use of the third eye. Which is clearly used over there. There are quite a few who do this in SCOAN. An example is Bishop E. Bernard Jordan and his son Mannasseh and his so called “prophetesses” of Zoe Ministries International. They do that exactly what I am telling you here. I can’t help it you are ignorant and willingly not want to go further find out for yourself. Or you try to cover up by resisting me.

    Yes, there is nothing wrong to find out what someone does in private, especially those that claim who have supernatural powers.

    You all want to know what we do in our private life when we arrive at SCOAN, right ? So why not visa versa ? The reason why they are secretive is because they have these things to hide. Even Paul (2 Corinthians 12:2) had certain experiences but he was not willing or allowed to talk about it. Yet it is common practice in SCOAN. Weird experiences that are alien to true deliverances and church matters. You have not got a clue where you are entangled in. You really think you are dealing with a back street ignorant little boy do you ?

    Also you love to insult my intelligence as if you are thinking you are dealing with some demon on the other side of the internet and make me look like a modern day Judas of this generation. Lucky for you that I am a born again, spirit filled, tongue speaking, believe in miracles, deliverance and in healing and most of all a Follower of Jesus Christ. The only Lord and Almighty God that I bow for. I don’t bow for any other wacko in any church.

    About tithing again: They sometimes quote Malachi 3:10, “Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord…”. And so they say that as the Old Testament Temple under ceremonial law was the storehouse for the tithes and offerings brought to the priests and Levites, so the local church is God’s storehouse now.

    Does any Scripture ever say so? No. Does the Bible ever liken the Old Testament Temple to a modern churchhouse? Not once, not at all. Is there any discussion in all the New Testament, among the many, many Scriptures on giving and support of God’s work. Are there any Scriptures that say the tithe should go through the local church treasury? In not a single case is it ever mentioned!

    The Temple at Jerusalem was a ceremonial law. The sacrifices and offerings brought there were ceremonial law. They were the support of the priests of the Levites, never for the support of God’s prophets.Yet TB Joshua asks for tithes, so do the branch pastors, evangelists.

    I have just gone through a number of Bible commentaries, about thirteen or fifteen of them. I have seven of them stacked before me now on my desk. Not one commentary of all the reputable commentaries indicates that the storehouse of the Temple at Jerusalem is replaced now by the local church treasury. The Bible doesn’t say it, no recognized scholar has ever thought so, no commentary teaches it. That is a new and modern doctrine twisted at will to access monies from anyone who comes to church.

    All heresy has a moral guilt attached. Some people are “willingly ignorant” of Bible truth, says II Peter 3:5. Pharisees, for selfish reasons made a tradition and Jesus said, “Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men” (Mark 7:7). By their doctrine of “Corban,” Jesus said, “Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition” (Mark 7:9).

    Because of this tendency to seize on incidentals and ignore essentials, the Lord Jesus spoke in parables. People have a tendency to give their own private and biased interpretation, so Jesus spoke in parables so that no one would get the truth except those who honestly and seriously sought the truth. God holds truth as precious and He will not force it on the unwilling heart. He allows people to remain in darkness whose hearts do not seek the light.

    I don’t see the light where you are, sorry. You are wrong. Period.

  12. About the powers of TB Joshua and his 5 Wise men uncovered. This is going to be in two parts.

    There are many names for these energies and powers. Some people call it life energy, cosmic, God or universal

    energy. Perhaps Chi or Chi Gong, Prana Yama, in Christian circles they could call it Pneuma.

    If you do not meditate and are not that involved spiritually, it is likely that you are not aware of these

    energies and how it operates inside you. However when you advance spiritually you can feel these movements of

    this life giving energy, including Kryas. Kryas are unvolutary shaking of body parts.

    I am now going write what I have discerned in SCOAN as the driving forces what I have discerned in my spirit,

    soul and mental ability that this is not the Holy Spirit what they ignorantly pass off as Holy Spirit. I cannot

    blame them that they are not able to distinguish between the Holy Spirit and other powers. But here I will


    What I see and discern is how they direct and implement those powers. This takes years of practice to get there,

    but as we know time has been at their side so this has increased gradually over time as we can see in the many

    videos in SCOAN. Now it is my time to expose this and tell the world.

    What you see in SCOAN are movements of energies in some particular areas of their bodies (read about that further

    on in the article), They have trained themselves by long meditations and in solitude on there own, with fastings,

    cleansings and exposure to others who are able to do this. This can be in a far away place in the jungle or

    inside their own homes. What they do is focussing on that area and then in their mind’s eye (this can also be the

    opening of the third eye) imagine and projecting the energies going into some other area. The energy will go

    where you direct it to go.This you can clearly see in SCOAN and is done at will. The Holy Spirit you can’t direct

    at will. The Holy Spirit is souvereign Spirit and only does the work of what the Father wants and Jesus is the

    giver of Him.

    So you should see this energy focused and directed in the areas where they sense or project it to be, and then

    see it flowing to another area. THis can be anything, from human bodies to objects, e.g. water in this case. You

    can imagine this process as though a semi-transparent white current is flowing into some area in your body, or

    you can direct this invisible energy into some part of your body without seeing any current. It does not make any

    difference how you visualise, your intention itself does the trick.

    How to use those energies To Push Objects or Human Bodies. Shakti Pat.

    You will not be able to push objects with those energies at once. You will need to learn to concentrate those

    energies and direct it into the objects which may take a long time. You can push the objects using those energies

    with your intention. There shouldn’t be any stray thoughts in your mind except that of your intention to push the

    object. You should be completely focused on the object and direct your energy to the object until it moves. When

    it starts moving, direct its movement with your mind and rising the powers from your root towards your head and

    your hands.

    How To Use those Energies To Manifest Desires

    The same energies that pushes objects can be used (and is used) to manifest your desires. However it’s much

    easier to use those energies to manifest desires than to push objects. You simply have to solely focus on your

    goal and have faith that it will manifest. You need to expect that this manifestation will materialize and be

    open to any inspiration or ideas. Once you get inspired to do something, do it at once as this may result in

    quicker manifestation of your desire.

    How To Direct Energies To Another Person

    Another person can feel your energies when it’s highly focused. To do that, you need to see the energy externally

    gathering into a energy power ball which becomes more and more intensive until it’s completely dense with white

    energy. When you achieve this effect, push this ball with your hands into another person and if the energy is

    concentrated enough, another person will feel the push. This can also be used to heal a person who is unbalanced

    and has energy blockages.

    Proof Video one:

    End of Part 1.

  13. Part 2

    How To Feel Your Own Energies

    Visualise white energy going from your palms into the area between them and forming the ball. Firstly hold your

    palms close to each other and see a small energy ball. The more energy comes from your palms, the bigger and the

    denser chi energy ball becomes. Soon your hands will naturally spread apart to allow the ball to grow. Now try to

    close the gap between your hands and if you’ve done this exercise properly, you will not able to do that because

    you will feel dense energy between your hands pulling them away from each other.

    How To Boost Your Energies

    You strengthen your energies by thinking positive thoughts and meditation. You boost this energy by cleansing

    your seven energy centers in our body. To cleanse your energy centers you should imagine and project energy

    visiting each one of them (from root energy center upwards) and making them glow with their colors as well as

    spinning them. You should breathe deeply when you do this exercise and make sure your energy centers spin slowly

    before finishing this task. If you leave your energy centers spinning fast, you will feel exhausted because you

    will distribute your energies everywhere you go.

    How To Make A Protective Shield Against Negative Energies

    Visualise that you are in a ball of white energy which protects you from the negative influences. Visualise that

    this shield only allows the thoughts and energy of love, peace and other positivity to enter it. Then make this

    ball as large as you feel comfortable.

    If you want your own protection, a small energy ball will do the work, however if you want your home to be

    protected, you should make this ball of energy bigger than your home. This protective shield is usually used by

    psychics to discourage negative entities or by people who astral project, so that their bodies would be safe

    while they are away. You can also protect yourself this way if you are surrounded by negative people or you think

    that someone uses your energy (this is usually the case when you feel drained after talking to someone).

    How To Heal With those Energies

    Your energies can be used to heal not only yourself, but others too. Simply visualise a white light coming from

    your hands into the area that needs to be healed. Feel this energy healing the area and see the area as healed.

    The other person or you should feel intensive warmth in that area.

    This is what you actually see happening in SCOAN which is not the Holy Spirit but tapping in a sort of Universal

    power and channeling this to others. This causes Kryas in others and then they fall down. This can heal people

    but sometimes not. This is not the Holy Spirit but powers that are in the spiritual realm where they tap into.

    These powers also make them highly psychic and they are able to interact with spiritual forces and familiar

    spirits. Which in turn can read peoples past history and sometimes the future.

    Strong jolts of these energies is also used to astral project. When those energies are very strong and you feel

    the ripples in your body, you can direct this energy into one part of your body (head or hands) and take it out

    of your body. This way you can have an OBE (Out of Body Experience) or Astral Project and can interact with the

    spiritual realm in the 4th dimension.

    Proof Video two:

    Unfortunately it is not done because of the will of God, but by their own will and expressions. Add to that a

    religious theme and end it with “in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ” it will look like as if it is God Who is

    doing this. Pity enough it is not. I hope this helps for you all to understand this. I really have to press to

    everyone of you that this is the case regarding what you see.

    If you will ask them, they will not tell you this or go in denial about it and pass it off as demonic, but that

    is just what is happening there unfortunately.

    I would recommend to press these questions and uncover what really is going on there. God bless you,

    Jesse. Copyright (c) 2012

  14. Sorry Jesse, i couldn’t read all you wrote. You can copy whatever site for all i care, but when addressing issue try to reason outside the box. There are two sides to everything in life.

    Are you insinuating that Jesus waited for the Holy Spirit before He peformed all the miracles He did? Or did paul, peter etc. Wait for the holy spirit before peforming their deliverances and healing? No. The Spirit of God ie. HOLY SPIRIT is something we receive and it becomes part of us. We do not need to concentrate on the mind or thinking whatsoever. God is not a God that dissapoints.

  15. @ Doi,

    Yes, Jesus and all apostles, disciples wait for the Holy Spirit. There is an initial baptism and there is a operation of the Holy Spirit which is in the will of the Father and glorifying Jesus. Never you can dispense the Holy Spirit at will. That’s what distinguishes the boys from the men. Do you understand. What they do in the church is dispensing spiritual powers. Aka, Kundalini, Chi, Prana Yama, this is part of the unholy spirit and rooted in the Anti Christ. You will see it will not give the fruit of the Holy Spirit. It mimics the Holy Spirit but is far from Who He actually is.

    Why don’t you go watch in the eyes of TB Joshua how his eyes dilute. You will see inside a movement in the pupils that is not from God. Including that of the wisemen. I advice everyone here to go and do this. Pierce deep in their eyes and see that I am right.

    Make sure that you are not going to be hypnotised while at it. Hide your spirit and your soul in the Blood of Jesus.

    Why don’t you bring some real sick people in the church and see what will happen and refuse to be interrogated or interviewed beforehand by anyone. See how nervous they will become and desperate they hide behind the interviews. One question stands out, DID JESUS EVER A BEFOREHAND INTERVIEW WITH SICK OR DEMONIZED PEOPLE ? Answer NO !

  16. @ Doi,

    Another thing I want to mention to you, while they are ministering give them a hit in their solar plexus and see how quickly they stop operating in the so called “Holy Spirit. ” You really think I don’t know what is going on. I do.

    Each one will stop you from doing this because they know it will stop their “powers” flow.

    1. So, Jesse, its not how He walks or stretches His hand again, but his eye balls? You really make me laugh. What area will you guys not talk about? And Yes i’ve seen His eyes change during prophecies, but i don’t refer to it the way you do. I see it as another realm.
      You must certainly find something to talk about. But Thats what actually prooves He’s a man of God.

      Oh Yes Jesus most times ask few Question before healing. Read your bible. Therefore questions asked doesn’t mean any harm. The state of their condition is needed for many reasons i possibly can’t start writing.

      Also i don’t understand what you mean by real sick people. Coz the numbers of ill persons that visits Scoan daily are numerous.

  17. @ Doi,

    Another realm huh ? What realm is that then ? Where the demons and familiar spirits are when astral projecting and interacting with them ?

    Doi, half or more of the so called “sick” people who are triggering off Nollywood Tantrums. They are fake, I will say it as it is. Thank you.

    Jesus does not write it on placard does He now ? Why can’t you just like the true disciples record it afterwards instead of before hand ?

    Doi, that what you just said, does not prove he or she is a man chosen by God to do His will.

    What an excuse, you have those cameras don’t you where you record, go write from there.

    There are also sick people who go back home same as they came. Jesus healed all didn’t He ? And before your start again, stop about this drivel that they did not have enough faith or whatever.

    For everything that you do in SCOAN you find a way to justify yourself. Because the stance is, we do what we want, because we can and we will still continue to do what we want because we do our own program. Like most churches do.

    Have you ever tried in that church to sit in a corner and ask the Holy Spirit to do it on His own, without your being on the forefront or in His way. He does not need any man or woman to operate, He is totally capable to do this on His own. Nor does He need anyone to scream, fiya, fiya, fiya, fiya of the Holy Ghost. He is Souvereign, yet you all haul “Him” down (if that was true, but it is not) with all of your antics and interference of yourself in the picture.

    While Peter yet spake these words, the Holy Ghost FELL on all them which HEARD the word. And they of the circumcision which believed were astonished, as many as came with Peter, because that on the Gentiles also was poured out THE GIFT of the Holy Ghost. For they heard them speak with tongues, and magnify God. Then answered Peter, Can any man forbid water, that these should not be baptized, which have received the Holy Ghost as well as we? And he commanded them to be baptized in the name of the Lord. Then prayed they him to tarry certain days.
    (Acts 10:44-48)

    Why don’t you start with that.

  18. @ Doi,

    I tell you what. I don’t know if you ever have heard about Ke$ha ?

    If, I say if it is true of what she says what happened to her in a house. Here in the video:

    Send out an invitation to her or her management, get her over in SCOAN and demonstrate of what you are saying is what they do best in SCOAN. Deliverance.

    Can we see a report and a video in some time from now ?

  19. Jesse you are entitled to your opinion and conviction. But don’t make your judgement too shallow. You wouldn’t expect the day to day physical activities in SCOAN to be exactly how it was 2000 years ago. The physical difference is outrageous.
    Secondly Jesus did find it difficult to peform some miracles.Mark 6:5.
    Trying to convince you is probably impossible coz you aren’t the type that reason with others opinion. This is actually where giles surpasses you.

  20. @ Doi,

    I am not shallow, never was, never will be. I never said that prophets should walk in came hair tunics or have to live in the desert and eat grasshoppers. I went over that already. I have objection about people who find it necessary to tell us that God does a new thing. Deliverance is deliverance, healing is healing, miracles are miracles, I am totally for it. But not when I am not convinced about the method, source (especially source) as well the awkward delivery. You seem to go by manifestation, I go by what fruits it eventually will bear. That jury is out there and if you don’t want to go by discernment that is your loss not mine.

    I cannot give a judgment about Mr. Giles,

    1. I don’t know him personally, I know TB Joshua and the ministry.
    2. Mr. Giles seems to fall over similar issues as I do, even I go even deeper into that.
    3. Mr. Giles has valid points when he addresses you all in my opinion. Pity most of you don’t answer as he asks.
    4. I follow Jesus and His teachings and the Word of God, I don’t follow any human, whatever they claim they can do, tell or demonstrate. It is about my relationship with God and not with any of mankind. I can join with them in worship towards God, Jesus, but my worship is not towards any human or their methods.
    5. Jesus Christ is my Lord, every other is sinking sand.
    6. I don’t go by feelings, feelings are fickle. Including frenzies and mass hysteria.
    7. I declare Jesus is Lord over my life, In Him I hide my soul and my spirit.
    8. My sins are only forgiven by His shed Blood, nobodies else’s antics or claims or applications.
    9. I am God’s child, because I am bought and paid by His Blood and the works of the Cross of Calvary.
    10. I submit myself unto God, resist the devil and he will flee from me.

  21. “Your Honor Jesse” what about your 11 point ?
    11. Condemnig people so I live in unforgiveness and my sins are not forgiven and I do not go to Heaven.

  22. @ Candle Holder,

    No. 12 is I shall confront people like you who think that I don’t go to heaven, because they think in their confusion that Jesus has told them that, in where I have to tell them that it is in no-ones power or business than in Jesus alone and how ignorant they are in what the Scriptures says about their own ignorance and sins.

  23. You should publicly ask for forgiveness Jesse for condemnig people on TB Joshua Watch blog. There are public proves of it.

  24. @ Candle Holder

    Why you go in circles ? Why ask for forgiveness if it says in the Word, there is no condemnation for those that are in Christ. Or do I read that wrong ? Secondly I have no in forgiveness against anyone, except rebuke, because nobody goes beyond of what they see and swallow the tricks and spiritual deception wholesale. It’s no longer my responsibility anymore, I have given enough material for everyone to look beyond of what they see. If no-one listens, which grieves me on one end, then I have to do like other prophets to call forth in my prayer life and time with God His Judgment no longer tarry. I have seen Him answering this in the past several times. The prayer of a righteous man/woman availeth much. Let every knee bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is the only Lord and King of kings. Amen.

  25. @Candle Holder,

    Let me point out something that you can see with your naked eye, ok. Go to the TB Joshua blog, the best is yet to come. Check the picture on the top about TB Joshua, look at his left hand there and see he makes the 666 sign there.

    Will you grow up now and start to find out yourself where I am coming from ?

    1. Condemning people Jesse it is life in unforgiveness, because judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful. Mercy triumphs over judgment! (James 2:13) Be careful with your “I wll go to Heaven” Jesse !!! Your internet, public condemning people Jesse needs public asking for forgiveness.

  26. @ Candle Holder,

    Let’s about me going to heaven leave that up to my Jesus, Ok, I am glad you are not in charge about that.

    I don’t know why are you are worried about the so called “condemnation”. If you are truly Christ’s then Romans 8:1 is just written in vain concerning this all. Now get over it and move on with your false imagination condemnation.

  27. Jesse,

    if you want to be in a place where in Christ there is no condemnation, listen to the Word of Christ and do not condemn anyone.

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