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TB Joshua speaks; my reason for the Job creation initiative

Job creation; the way to arrest the coming ominous sign

I received a lot of emails, text messages, on this job creation, why job creation, you are a man of God, why emphasis on job creation. Yes! We walk by vision, remember I have been telling you for many years now what is coming. Revolution is coming, the so called legacy, education we give to our children. Unemployment has made education useless; the young ones see no meaning in going to school. This has affected the value of education, graduates are now struggling with the uneducated for unskilled jobs, when you call for a driver, security man, gardener, you will see graduates, master’s degree, PhD, competing for the same job, rushing out for the job and at the end of the day, the uneducated will be given the job because they have what it takes. Because they have thorough experience of the job; when you were spending ten years in the school they were outside driving. Experience is the best teacher. Education and job are synonymous. No education no job, no job no education, so revolution. The so called legacy; education, you give your children, you give your young ones, when they have graduated will not have meaning because no job; no education.



Those who are in college, university now, each time they remember those who made a first class doing what they were not trained to do, it affects their morale. Revolution is coming if we do not act now, if we do not act now, revolution is coming; when the young ones will take to the street. When you see the par time Programme in university it’s for working class people and elders but today the youths have taking over the par time programmes because they realize that; can we give or full time to what is of less value? Can we give all to what is of less value? At the end of the service today the sanitation will clean all the dirt of the church, they will discover everything you left behind in the church but they will never find your penny, money on the floor because you know the value.

For the past 30 years you have been worshipping here, the sanitation that clean up the church keep discovering documents even bibles you left behind but hardly will they find your money. Can we continue, can you continue to keep what is of less value? Education and job are synonymous. I’ll leave you here. Let us care for the young ones. Let us take care of the youths, revolution is coming. When the young ones will take to the streets because the so called legacy: education; we give them will not have meaning, no job; no education. Unemployment has made education useless. In the sense that the young ones see no meaning in going to school because no education no job; no job no education. So we walk by vision, this is the vision we have had for the past years. Revolution is coming. I’ve given you simple analysis. Graduates struggling with he uneducated for unskilled jobs. You just call gardeners, and call the drivers, call the security and see those who will come out, you’ll see graduates, master’s degree, PhD, school cert. And at the end of the day, the uneducated will be given the job because they have what it takes. This has affected the value of education.

                                                                                                                -TB Joshua

                                                                                    The synagogue church of all Nations

TB Joshua and SCOAN – a beginners guide #1

In his famous award-winning book Capitalist nigger, respected Nigerian born African-American writer and entrepreneur, Chike Onyani, postulated that ‘the first step to a successful life is a belief in oneself to be whatever one wants to be in this world’. This corroborates the proposition of the Roman poet, Terrence that “Fortune favours the brave”. Bravery implies courage, determination, hard work, perseverance, dedication, persistence, endurance and patience.

JOYCE BANDA and Other Leaders of Her Caribe Are Amongst the High Profile Ardent Supporters of Tb Joshua

JOYCE BANDA and Other Leaders of Her Caribe Are Amongst the High Profile ardent Supporters of Tb Joshua

This demands belief in oneself and focus. Whatever we wish for or ask for in life can always come our way; however, we must be brave and have an absolute belief in ourselves to be successful. It is the belief in oneself that removes the obstacles that could stand in the way to achieving our stated goals. Prophet TB Joshua is one distinguished person whom fortune has favoured his bravery.

Although, the personality and ministry of Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua, fondly known as TB Joshua has been surrounded in much controversy, the Nigerian prophet is no doubt an icon of self-belief who has stood among equals. From a lowly background as a boy carrying chicken waste in a poultry house, the belief in oneself has pedestal prophet TB Joshua into a well sought after, international brand.

The rising to international fame of the Nigerian born man of God, internationally acclaimed and prophesied miracle worker, minister and Televangelist, Prophet TB Joshua, who has undoubtedly become an enigma in the evangelism world, with his fast growing synagogue church of all Nations, and much watched emmanuel tv is the result of self-belief and determination.

A man renowned world over as a powerful man of God, yet most vilified for his miracle healing services and predictions has demonstrated clearly that the belief in oneself is the key to human achievement on earth. The success story of the Charismatic preacher, Prophet TB Joshua whatever perception or impression people may have about it, is not something that just occurred overnight; it is clearly a product of courage, determination, hard work, perseverance, dedication, persistence, endurance and patience, that has long been bargained for.

The unwavering posture of prophet and his ministry in the face of adversities and criticisms even from people who ordinarily should have been allies and partners in the vine yard shows that he must have carefully studied the success law in 16 lessons of Napoleon Hill in anticipation. The self-made industrial giant, Napoleon Hill summarized his rise in 16 lessons in series of lectures in America, that later became ‘the law of success’ and published as a multi-volume book in 1928. The 16 lessons vividly cannot “belief in oneself” as follows – the mastermind, a definite chief aim, self-confidence, the fill habit of saving, initiative and leadership, imagination, enthusiasm, self-control, the habit of doing more than paid for, a pleasing personality, correct thinking, concentration, cooperation, profiting by failure, tolerance, and the golden rule – “knowing how to make use of the great universal law of human conduct in such a manner that you may easily get harmonious co-operation form any individual or group of individuals”.

Today, whether he read it or he has been divinely endowed with it, the law of success has equipped prophet tb Joshua with the power of bargaining big before the LORD. This has turned the Ikotun Egbe synagogue into a Mecca or Jerusalem of some sort with visitors trooping in daily from all over the world with varying needs in search of help. While most churches attract crowds during crusades or special programmes, TB Joshua’s synagogue has become a globally acclaimed ministry that is always filled to the brim, like a stadium hosting a world cup soccer match finals.

Unlike his contemporaries, the prophet has distinguished himself as a true shepherd who cares about his flock and has built accommodation blocks within the Church premises to give shelter for majority of his teeming worshippers who come outside Nigeria. This has endeared him to the high and low in society who acclaims him to be a true prophet of God.

Outside TB Joshuas synagogue

TB Joshua planted in Ikotun Egbe, his synagogue of all nations, and thus turned the formerly obscure suburb into a Mecca or Jerusalem of some sort with visitors trooping in daily from all over the world with varying needs in search of help.

Born of June 12, 1963, in a village called Arigidi, in Ikare Akoko, Ondo State of Nigeria, Prophet TB Joshua, the founder and pastor of the Synagogue church of all Nations is said to have sparked controversy starting with his mysterious birth. He is said to have remained in his mother’s womb for 15 months before he was born. Prophet TB Joshua’s miracle healings and predictions has been raging controversies ever since his ministry stormed into the public domain in 1987, bringing into question the legitimacy of his works from several quarters.

In spite of the controversies Prophet TB Joshua’s ministry has remained one of the most sought after spiritual houses around the world, attracting notable political and respectable world leaders who come to not only tap one form of anointing or the other at the church, but also to have an exclusive audience with TB Joshua. Amongst the notable visitors to TB Joshua’s synagogue church of all nations (SCOAN) especially  within the African continent include Zimbabwe’s prime minister; Morgan Tsvangirai, late Ghanaian president  John Atta mills (who testified that TB Joshua prophesied his ascent to presidency), south Africa’s Winnie Mandela, Malawian president Joyce Banda and the Zulu King, Goodwill Zwelithini kabhekuzulu amongst international visitors.

Numerous videos have been produced documenting the healing of incurable diseases such as cancer, paralysis and AIDS, showing people’s conditions before during and after healing prayers. Medical doctors have examined the patients before and after they have testified to a supernatural activity beyond medical science. Despite these healings, TB Joshua does not even claim to be the healer but says, “I am just Gods servant”. The prophet has as well made several phenomenal predictions in full view of global audience members on the satellite Christian Television, Emmanuel TV and all of them have come to pass. A visit to the synagogue will prompt one to conclude that it is a global church, as no church on the continent has this kind of coloration of foreign workers and worshipers that the synagogue has. TB Joshua can be vividly described as a self-thought man who rose to the top in the LORD’S vine yard by sheer determination and grace of God.

WHO IS THIS MAN; TEMITOPE BALOGUN JOSHUA; From A Boy Carrying Chicken Waste in Poultry to A Powerful Prophet in Synagogue Church of All Nations

WHO IS THIS MAN; TEMITOPE BALOGUN JOSHUA; From A Boy Carrying Chicken Waste in Poultry to A Powerful Prophet in Synagogue Church of All Nations

Married to Evelyn with four children, if not for his life train that broke down, Prophet TB Joshua today would have been a soldier rather than a prophet of God. The prophet nursed the ambition of becoming a soldier; however fate had its way and made the spirit of evangelism to manifest in him early in life. During his life as a school pupil, the young TB Joshua was known as ‘small pastor’ because of his love for the bible and ability to rightly predict happenings in his community. He further gained reputation for spiritual prowess after confronting and disarming a madman who was wielding a machete in the school premises.

As a result of his lowly family background, TB Joshua had a hitch in his educational pursuit and worked in various casual employments after his schooling had ended, including carrying chicken waste in a poultry farm to earn a living. Notwithstanding, he was not deterred by his predicament from preaching the gospel, as he used to organize Bible studies for local children and attended evening school during this period. Close family sources affirm that he was born with a natural talent to preach, as talking of god was his major vocation as a young man.

This vocation today has made Prophet TB Joshua a global brand, and the monumental heights achieved through his ministry that has made him a globally acknowledged humanitarian worker and philanthropist has gone in no small measure to prove that in life the belief in oneself is the fundamental path to greatness, irrespective of one’s calling.

To be continued…



no more deception- TB Joshua1

The State of African Christianity – Review


I have just come across this article l would like you to read.

T.B. Joshua is undoubtedly one of the greatest prophets in this century. He is anointed with a peculiar prophetic anointing that has attracted a lot of envy from all quarters.
There is a particular group of workers who also worked under him for a few months and couldn’t stand the rigours of life in the Synagogue who have now turned their backs on the prophet with all manner of insults and insinuations. First, practices of deliverance has come under condemnation and likened to Jerry Springer. What surprises me is that some of these critics refuse to see the antecedents which could be found in the bible. Whether it occurred once or twice in the bible is irrelevant. We all know what happened when Jesus, the Christ confronted the mad man with many demons and when asked by Jesus how many demons he had, he retorted by saying many (legion). The mad man begged Jesus to cast the demons into a flock of swine nearby.

What is therefore wrong by asking demons who have occupied the human temples questions? Questions are necessary to know how they entered in order to seal all the avenues they used to enter the said person. Viewers of Emmanuel TV would realise that the confession of the demons through the person they occupy are true. Thus, spiritual things manifests in the physical. A lot of lessons could be learnt from this. This kind of deliverance is not peculiar to Africa but practised worldwide. The famous deliverance minister of blessed memory, Lester Summrall practised it in his deliverance conventions and crusades around the globe.
T.B. Joshua needs not to worry himself about this emotionally disturbed critic because Christ himself came under heavy attack from these kinds of people.  Read More

Zambia African Cup

TB Joshua Prophesied Zambia’s Historic AFCON Victory

As Zambians revel in the joy of their first African Cup Of Nations (AFCON) triumph, a video is circulating the internet with claims that Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua accurately predicted their victory and Didier Drogba’s shocking penalty miss mere hours before the match began.

Video footage posted by The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigeria on YouTube shows T.B. Joshua talking on Sunday 12th February 2012, several hours before the match between Zambia and Ivory Coast was due to start.

“I know you have a game now which you want to watch,” Joshua began, speaking in a church service televised live on Emmanuel TV, a station very popular across Africa, especially in Zambia. “Today is the final and you want me to talk about it.” Joshua, who similarly predicted Ghana’s historic victory in the 2009 U-20 World Cup, said victory would be for the underdogs.

“Yes, this blessing is for a country you are not expecting; this victory is for a country you are not expecting.” With Ivory Coast going into the match as overwhelming favorites, replete with many Premier League and European stars, it is clear who Joshua was referring to.

Although known for speaking in parables when prophesying, the fact that Joshua was talking about Zambia became even more apparent as he proceeded to explain that God wanted the nation in question to rejoice because of a past tragedy.

“God wants to make them happy because of the victims of what happened to them in the past. Yes, this is joy; everybody will celebrate. That will make them forget about the past record of what happened to the same country… This is a day of forgetting, and dancing!”

The last time Zambia reached the AFCON final in 1994, it was just a year after 18 members of Zambia’s national football team died tragically in a plane crash in Libreville, Gabon. It was an event that shocked the entire nation and wiped out several of their brightest football stars. En route to the final, the current team had spoken of the strength and inspiration they had gained in remembering the tragedy.

Joshua went on to mention a specific incident vital to the outcome of the game, remarkably even stating the precise time it was to occur. “God showed me the first and second halves. In the second half at 25 minutes there is a mistake… Even if you have the opportunity to enter the television where they are playing, you would enter and flog the player, ‘Why didn’t you score this thing?’ ” You will face the goalkeeper and play it out, over the bar. Face to face with the goalkeeper and you now play it outside. Is that not a big mistake? That is the goal that would have given you the Cup. Now, it is taken to the other side.”

The ensuing events seemed to follow in the footprints of the prophet’s declaration, specifically the penalty miss of Ivorian striker Didier Drogba in the 70th minute, the 25th minute of the second half. The Chelsea FC striker ballooned the ball high over the bar, a miss uncharacteristic of the prolific goal-scorer and one that almost certainly cost Ivory Coast victory.

With the game ending goalless, a dramatic penalty shoot-out was to decide the victor. As Zambia’s Stophira Sunzu emphatically scored his team’s match-winning penalty, scenes of chaotic joy rippled across Zambia. The tragic events of 1993 were forgotten as victory against the tournament favorite’s sparked nationwide rejoicing and celebrations that continued far into the night.

Prophet T.B. Joshua is well known in Zambia for his accurate prophetic messages and extensive charitable endeavors. Hundreds of Zambians take a pilgrimage to his church in Lagos, Nigeria on a weekly basis, seeking a miracle from God. Online videos from The SCOAN website show over 100 prophecies Joshua has given relating to worldwide events such as the death of iconic pop star Michael Jackson and the recent fuel protests in his native Nigeria.

source: modernghana