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One would not blame those who criticize the deliverances that happen at SCOAN, after all, there is no way a man can explain the taste of ice-cream to another who has never tasted one, for him to understand. Even if he claims he understands after the explanation, he lies and does not until he comes to know by tasting the ice-cream for himself. If the taste of something as trivial as ice-cream, which is physical, transient, temporary can only be known by experience, how much more something spiritual, deep, unseen and inexplicable like deliverance. A man who has undergone deliverance and has the experience of it can never be at the mercy of a man with a mere opinion of deliverance. If you are a wise person or think yourself to be so, how do you view this matter? When you see deliverances in SCOAN happening in their thousands regularly through TB Joshua, the wise men or the anointed water, with so much passion, dexterity, without rest or relenting, what comes to your mind? Do you see all these things as the acts of children merely at their play? Or you see an all-out war going on beyond the full grasp of created reason? O how We pray to Jesus for you, we pray to the One who changes rebellious minds and blasphemous tongues, for Him to save, help, and redeem you because you are not to blame who trivialize his great work of deliverance and you have our sympathy. For why should we be angry with one who is not only blind in the eyes, but has been deprived of physical light and gropes about in the dark? Such a one deserves pity and prayers and not our aggression. May the Lord give you light who read, yet only those whose eyes are good would enjoy His light. They who are blinded within are the most miserable of all men. For while a man who can see and one who is blind are both in the dark, they are the alike, but when the light comes, the vision of the man who sees is illuminated, and he sees clearly about himself, while the one who is blind remains in darkness. For this cause we say that it is only those whose eyes are good that would benefit from the Lord’s light. And we do not mean the eyes of the body, but the eyes of the soul. For this cause the Lord Jesus said in a mystery; I came to make the blind see and those who see to be made blind. He came to open the sight of our mind to the knowledge of things divine and close our eyes to all things of this present world. O blind who see not, O wicked deceivers who believe not, O you sinners against the spirit, pray and ask of the Jesus, the preserver of all that he would give you the true light; and open the sight of your mind, because in your blindness you follow the vain deceptions of the accursed one, who has hurled down the souls of men made in God’s image into degradation, and forgetfulness of God, making them worship at the altar of various idols of earthly things; of money, of fame, of fashion, of game, of worldly power. Making them pour the libations of perverse thoughts to the wicked principalities who rule over all these. The worst of these all include forgetfulness of God and denial of His glorious works. Christ have mercy.

Prayer: O Lord Christ, our savior in willing compassion, to you we ascribe all glory, together with the father who is without beginning, and your all good and co-eternal Holy Spirit, we beseech you Lord, to raise our souls from the degradation into which the slayer of man has cast us down through his envy, Let not their dark air cover us, Let not the offspring of the evil dragon overtake us, let not the children of the serpent hiss at us, let his lying mouth be silenced and muzzled, for he has nothing on us. let his tricks be disclosed, let his snares be broken, let his nets spread out for us in hiding be cut in pieces, let his crown be taken from his head, let his power be brought to naught, let his throne be overturned behind thee, O Lord, for thy mercy’s sake, O most merciful of the merciful. Lest he deceive further, and multiply the unbelieving among men. In Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.

A fight to the death: TB Joshua

Who is Afraid of Boko Haram when we have TB Joshua?

Despite the picture painted by international media, it appears the pull of a Nigerian Pastor has surpassed the fear of Boko Haram when it comes to tourism in Nigeria.

The scene at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos on Thursday 12th June 2014 was lively.

The steady stream of foreign arrivals, smiling happily and waving national flags, bore no semblance with the international travel warnings leveled at Nigeria, largely due to the terrorist activities of Islamic insurgent group Boko Haram.

When this reporter inquired as to the reason of the exotic influx, the answer from various individuals and airport employees was unanimous – Nigeria’s controversial yet celebrated pastor, T.B. Joshua, who turned 51 today.

“In fact, the entire flight from South Africa was filled with T.B. Joshua visitors,” a SAA employee told me on the condition of anonymity. “It was the same thing yesterday too. Southern Africa can’t seem to get enough of the pastor.”

Officials at the airport I spoke to reckoned that almost 5,000 foreigners had arrived in Nigeria over the last few days to attend Joshua’s church and felicitate with him.

“Nearly 50 Russians arrived today,” one of the ground staff told me. “It was Americans and Brits yesterday, not to mention those that came from Zimbabwe and Zambia; they must have reached more than 500. They all came to visit Synagogue.”

According to recent statistics from the Nigerian Immigration Service six out of every ten foreign travellers coming into Nigeria are bound for The Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN).

The scene at the airport certainly attested to this, the majority of people wearing t-shirts emblazoned with the logo of Joshua’s popular television station Emmanuel TV.

“T.B. Joshua is probably the greatest tourist attraction Nigeria has ever produced,” a taxi driver named Ibrahim who plies his trade at the airport reckoned. “I take people from the airport to Synagogue everyday but this last week especially has been busier than ever.”

The cleric, however, has played down the event, telling followers on Sunday that he would not be celebrating his birthday with any special ceremony.

He stated the current security situation in Nigeria did not reflect the need for any ostentatious festivity, adding that he feels what people in society are feeling.

Joshua encouraged congregants to remember his birthday by praying for their nation, stating that the ‘birthday gift’ he is asking from God is the release of the over 200 girls kidnapped in Chibok over a month ago.

T.B. Joshua was born on June 12th 1963 in a humble home in Arigidi, Ondo State, Nigeria. He is best known for his prophecies, miracles and charitable activities, as well as his online influence.

A Facebook post on Joshua’s official page wishing the cleric happy birthday had already attracted more than 50,000 comments from well-wishers worldwide as at the time of filing this report.

source: bulawayo24.com

TB Joshua Finally discloses exact Location of missing plane


Here are more details from TB Joshua concerning the exact location of the missing Malaysia Plane

Prophet, T.B Joshua has directed Malaysian authorities and other institution looking for the missing Malaysian plane to look ‘between Indonesia and the Indian Ocean’.

According to him, authorities must go deep in the ocean and they will find scattered particles of the aircraft.

Flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport just after midnight on Saturday and it has since disappeared which has left investigators, aviation experts and other authorities in several countries at a loss to explain what happened. There were 239 people on-board the plane. The airline said it did not receive any distress messages or emergency signals from the pilot before it “disappeared off the radar.”

The man of God had earlier indicated that ‘the plane concerned is deep inside the sea’. He added that none of the 239 passengers will survive.

Prophesying to his church members as well as viewers all over the world on Saturday, 15th March 2014, the man of God said:

“They should look between Indonesia and Indian Ocean because the particles of the plane has scattered and gone everywhere”

The head pastor of the Synagogue Church Of All Nation (SCOAN) disclosed that the pilot of the plane ‘lost signal, lost his bearings’ causing the plane to be ‘diverted’.

According to him, “there are some strange people inside the plane; strange people that are not supposed to be inside. The pilot lost signal, the plane diverted and lost his bearings. The pilot confronted a situation he could not handle”

He however sent a word of consolation to the families of the passengers and added that “the whole thing has come to an end; they will discover the plane; particles, and everything will end any moment from now. This coming week, we are not going to talk about it again and the families will know their fate”.

Originally posted on TB Joshua Fans UK Blog:

Prophet, T.B Joshua has directed Malaysian authorities and other institution looking for the missing Malaysian plane to look ‘between Indonesia and the Indian Ocean’.

According to him, authorities must go deep in the ocean and they will find scattered particles of the aircraft.

Flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport just after midnight on Saturday and it has since disappeared which has left investigators, aviation experts and other authorities in several countries at a loss to explain what happened. There were 239 people on-board the plane. The airline said it did not receive any distress messages or emergency signals from the pilot before it “disappeared off the radar.”

The man of God had earlier indicated that ‘the plane concerned is deep inside the sea’. He added that none of the 239 passengers will survive.

Prophesying to his church members as well as viewers all over the world on…

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A fight to the death: TB Joshua

A fight to the death: TB Joshua Vs. Boko Haram Member

With so many aspersions cast on the personality of TB Joshua, and so many questions about his genuineness and calling as a Man of God, especially by his colleagues in ministry; many believers have often pondered on the marks by which they can identify a cheat, a false or fake prophet. When Jesus was asked this question, he promptly replied thus; “By their fruit you will recognize them” John 7:16.  Since Jesus taught that a tree can only be known by its fruits, it is time people wear their thinking caps to observe the fruits of the accusers and the accused. A prominent fruit is the outcome of their encounter as acclaimed ministers of God with opposite powers of darkness of all forms, ranks and categories.

This test is genuine because Jesus stated of a truth that Satan cannot drive out Satan. Matt 12:26. He also commanded his followers to fear nothing, not persecution, not hardships or even terrorism, but to face everything with confidence and boldness with the words;

I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33 ESV.

Yet, looking at Christendom today, it seems that the more vibrant and ardent persecutors of TB Joshua and his ministry are the same persons living in insecurity and fear of the unknown, even when they zealously profess Jesus as their only defender. If memory serves us correctly, we can recall that many churches have fallen victim of the dreaded Boko Haram sect in Nigeria, including Mega ministries like Winners Chapel and others. Many churches and ministers that have not been hit thus far have stepped up their security to first-rate level, to such an extent that the hope of their protection seems no longer to rest in the God they passionately preach, but in firearms and ammunition.

Rev Chris Okotie, an acclaimed minister and vociferous detractor of TB Joshua, was reported to have cancelled His New Year eve service and directed his followers to pray in the safety of their homes, rather than risk being bombed by the sect.

In another report, Chris Oyakhilome, General overseer of Christ embassy was reported to have tightened his personal security with experts from Europe. An insider in the church confirmed this when he reportedly told a newsman that; “The guys that guard Pastor Chris now are not blacks. They are non-Africans, brought in from Europe. They are very experienced and many of them are retired CIA members.”

The reason why these christian leaders seem filled within with fears isn’t too far-fetched. We can recall how the Christian association of Nigeria, CAN, disclosed that 20 Christians and a Muslim died in the 2012 bomb blast that rocked Winners Chapel and the Harvest Field Church of David Oyedepo. Twelve (12) of the deceased died as a result of the bomb blast while eight died as a result of wounds sustained from the gunshots of soldiers drafted to the scene to maintain law and order.

In response to the massacre that buffeted his church members, after arriving on the site of the mayhem in a private jet, Bishop Oyedepo called down a curse on the Boko Haram sect in God’s Name, saying (during the week of the massacre): “We decree that this week is a week of vengeance and God will unleash his instrument of death on their camp. This month is a month of vengeance and so we release arrows of humiliating deaths on them.

With many acclaimed ministers rank with fear on the sordid turn of events, the president of the Pentecostal fellowship of Nigeria, Ayo Oritsejafor, and many prominent Nigerian ministers in his circle, called on Christian faithfuls to defend themselves because the government seemed incapable of defending them. As for the instruments for their self-defense which the obviously furious men were salient about, our guess is that it is not with Holy water, Crucifixes or Bibles but with….?  Your guess is as good as mine. The statement was signed by Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor; Pastor E.A. Adeboye, Bishop Mike Okonkwo, Bishop David Oyedepo, and a host of others.

While all these lingered, it seemed that TB Joshua’s synagogue was off the radar of these terrorists until recently. Yesterday in the live Sunday service, TB Joshua exposed one of the sect member’s who was in a group of four other cohorts to take a bomb into the SCOAN premises. The SCOAN official Facebook page reports thus with the caption; BOKO HARAM MEMBER RECEIVES DELIVERANCE AT THE SCOAN

Nearing the end of the service, Prophet T.B. Joshua announced that a young man had a confession to make. The man by the name of Mustapha confessed that he was a member of the Boko Haram sect, which he explained was a cult. He admitted that his initial mission to The SCOAN was to place a bomb in the vicinity with the intent of killing hundreds. Mustapha, who said he was accompanied by four others, had the explosives hidden in a bag. They sat down to eat at a restaurant very close to The SCOAN, explaining that Emmanuel TV was playing in the background as they ate. At that moment, Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prayer for viewers began airing. Mustapha, who had never been to Lagos, attended church or seen T.B. Joshua before, said, “By the time you (T.B. Joshua) prayed and laid hands on the screen, it was like you were there with us and you joined our midst. As you laid your hands on the screen, you laid your hands on our face. That was when confusion came between us; everybody scattered.” According to Mustapha, ever since that incident, he had no peace of mind. “Since that day, I wanted to go home but I am not fit. Any time I lie down, I will be seeing you in my dream. The thing is bothering me too much. I don’t sleep in the night; I always see you. You are disturbing me. You keep praying for me and laying hands on me. I want to sleep well. I cannot close my eyes without seeing you (T.B. Joshua). Please, help me.” Several hours later, T.B. Joshua readdressed the issue and brought the young man forward again, stating that God had warned him of the impending attack several weeks ago and that he had been engaging in intensive prayers for the past fortnight. “It was not a surprise to me because I have seen it. My mission is to separate him from the spirit that is controlling him to do that. We are not to fight mere flesh and blood,” he explained. As Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed, the Boko Haram member fell on the floor before beginning to vomit some strange substances. There was a tattoo of a scorpion clearly visible on his shoulder, which Mustapha explained was a sign of the cult. He further explained that this was the first mission he went on where this had happened as he had never failed before. After praying for him again in the power of the Holy Spirit, the young man fell once more to the floor. Upon getting up, tears were in his eyes. “The spirit leading him to kill is gone,” Prophet T.B. Joshua declared! We thank Jesus Christ for this mighty deliverance.

Here is the complete video:

Many acclaimed ministers of God in the business of persecuting TB Joshua were victims of these attacks, or at the very least lived in great fear of them, this fact in itself attests to the spiritual level of TB Joshua’s detractors, but While they were busy searching for weapons of the enemy with which to defend themselves and advising their followers to do the same; the man whom they have communally and vehemently accused for years without end, has successfully disbanded a host of the terrorists, and delivered  one in the group who happened to be bold enough to enter his church, all in the name Jesus Christ.

Two important questions come to mind when relating this scenario to these TB Joshua persecutors.

  • Firstly, The Boko Haram member explicitly stated that they had never attempted any destructive mission that failed, save for that against the SCOAN. If this attack had been planned in the church residence of any of the ministers listed above, the outcome would have been better imagined than experienced.
  • Secondly, peradventure by the exceeding great compassion of Christ for his glorious Name, the attack failed in their church and these persecutors of TB Joshua finally got a hold on any of the boko Haram member, or he walks straight into their church confessing he is a member of boko Haram and asked for deliverance, what do you think would have happened? They would have killed him on the spot or better still handed him to security personnel for torture and eventual killing because they are good at fighting the wrong battle, striving against people, using their pulpits to launch attack at those they perceive to be false prophets. In saying this, I am not guessing, their prayer points give them away:  According to the curse of David Oyedepo on the insurgents:

We decree that this week is a week of vengeance and God will unleash his instrument of death on their camp. This month is a month of vengeance and so we release arrows of humiliating deaths on them.

They hardly recognize the gospel truth according to TB Joshua that the only battle existent for believers is the battle between the Holy Spirit and the evil spirit; all others are wrong battle. They would do well to learn of TB Joshua, even at a distance, the love and compassion of Christ for even our enemies.

#AskTBJoshua: As if Jesus were the one answering…

Sometime in December 2013, prior to Christmas day, as physically challenged persons numbering in their thousands convened at the SCOAN premises for their gifts and listened with rapt attention for a word from their host, TB Joshua, who was clad in T-shirt and Jean trousers. The prophet, whose outfit that day did not differ from theirs said to them “I want to improve in my relationship with you”. Knowing his longstanding repute for being a benefactor to the needy, one can say there are better times ahead for the needy in our society. But the better news is the fact that this resolution of TB Joshua’s to “improve in his relationship” isn’t exclusive to the physically challenged whom he invited that day, but also pertains to all the fans of TB Joshua ministries on Facebook. The reason I say this is because of the latest commitment of His to answering the questions of his fans on Facebook, a commitment that has been tagged #AskTBJoshua. I reckoned if I could spare some time here to write in response to the abominable criticisms against TB Joshua by his detractors online, much of which afterwards, I myself feel stupid for replying such senseless criticisms, I should be able to post His very responses to reasonable questions for others to learn. Another reason why I’ve decided to post these here is because, when I read his answers to those questions he was asked…; (pardon me if I cannot find the right words to convey my feelings), there was just something about his answers that made me inwardly feel that this was the exact responses Jesus would have given if he were asked the very same questions. The satisfaction his responses gave, the profundity of the wisdom with which he answered, and the brevity of his written answers totally blew me away, and most definitely fulfills what is written in scripture about Jesus,No mere man has ever spoken as this man speaks…”  John 7:46(WNT). Below are the excerpts of the questions he was asked by fans and the answers given by TB Joshua himself.1609635_535467739907340_1283546845_n

TB Joshua Ministries

#AskTBJoshua begins now! The first question comes from Musonda Simon Ranny from Zambia. He wrote, “Thank you very much prophet for this opportunity. Sir, my question is – how can one know that this is the man/ woman God has destined for you to marry?”

Here is T.B. Joshua’s answer:
“Love is a thing of the heart and God is love. Your love towards a person should be not because of outward attraction but deeds. This can only happen when you are delivered and the person in question is delivered.

“When you are delivered and the person in question is not delivered and you have a sort of love towards him or her, your spirit will not agree to such love until that person is delivered because you will not want to be contaminated.

“But if both of you are not delivered, there is no way you can make a right choice – darkness to darkness. There is no one to advise towards deliverance because both of you are in darkness. A person in the dark cannot see until he gets into light – the Spirit of God is light. That is what I mean by ‘faith is of man’s spirit’.

“It is when one is delivered that one can have discernment to know if the person you have a sort of love for is not yet delivered and you can then take them for deliverance.”

TB Joshua Ministries

#AskTBJoshua – The second question comes from Beniam Tefere in Ethiopia. He asked, “If you have to be delivered before you become born again, how can people become Christians without access to people like T.B. Joshua?

ANSWER: “One can be delivered without having physical contact with any minister of God, depending on how much the Word of God dominates your heart.

“You can be delivered in the dream, vision by seeing any minister of God come and pray for you, to deliver you from cancer, affliction or any form of infirmity. You can be delivered for the salvation of your soul. It depends on how much the Word dominates your heart before you receive such unique, awesome grace.”

TB Joshua Ministries

#AskTBJoshua – Our next question comes from Lincoln JJ Hove, Zimbabwe who spoke on behalf of young people. He asked, “As young people, the challenges we face nowadays are enormous and without God the future is dark. Sir, God willing, I would very much appreciate it sir if you would share with us as the youth some of the habits that preserved you during your youth days. I believe it would help us young people in developing good habits inspired by the Holy Spirit. We are the leaders of tomorrow! Some of us are very eager to learn from you sir. Thank you Prophet T.B. Joshua and God bless.”

ANSWER: “You just have to follow the principle of ‘time for everything’ – there is a time to be born and a time to grow. The young ones are under the ‘time to grow’. A time for anything to grow is a time to sacrifice. Your time, your strength, everything you have – sacrifice for God, your Creator.

Here, God’s responsibility and man’s responsibility should be obeyed and followed strictly. Work as if everything depends on you – that is man’s responsibility; pray as if everything depends on God – that is God’s responsibility.”

TB Joshua Ministries

#AskTBJoshua continues – the fourth question comes from Boitumelo Melissa in Botswana who also asked about the issue of deliverance – “Does it mean when the pastor calls the congregation for an altar call that the pastor is wasting their time and those that went for an altar call have not been saved?”

T.B. Joshua: “Confession is a part of salvation, just as believing is a part. Righteousness is not for all those that confess, ‘Jesus is Lord’. A man may confess, ‘I am a pastor’ yet not such in heart. Faith is of man’s heart. We need faith to release the belief in our heart. Today, we pray but lack the necessary faith to release the belief in our heart. We confess, ‘I am a Christian’ but lack the necessary faith to release the belief in Christ Jesus. Confession and believing – both are faith. Often men confess, ‘Jesus is Lord; I am born again’ – but not such in heart. Faith is of man’s heart – I mean, of man’s spirit.”

TB Joshua Ministries

#AskTBJoshua – The next question is from Deborah Aity Christina from Indonesia. She asked, “How do you maintain your anointing in the midst of temptation and crisis?”

ANSWER: “If you are with God in truth and faith, whatever comes as a blessing or trial will be what God allows. Nothing can come to you without God’s knowledge if you are with Him in truth and faith. If you are called by God, from beginning to the end, your journey has been documented. Nothing outside your documentary will happen without God’s knowledge.

“God is mostly concerned about your beginning and end because of His name. He will make you fit for the journey. ‘Fitness’ means He has prepared you against your enemy and also prepared you for your friends.

“I have a covenant with God. I cannot ask for anything outside what is written in the covenant. What I will achieve in this world is in a book I am carrying everyday; I just have to open the pages. Outside the book is not mine.”

TB Joshua Ministries

The last question in this #AskTBJoshua session is from Mopati Caleb Koogotsitse who asked, “Most people know they need deliverance. Should a person who has not been delivered from an evil spirit call the name Jesus? I mean should they continue to act/ confess Jesus even though the urge to sin torments them? Because most of people are confessing Jesus and they are not yet delivered. Is that dangerous?”

ANSWER: “Those who have not been delivered will call the name Jesus but not from the heart. They will say, ‘I am born again; I am a Christian; I am a pastor; I am a child of God’ – and not such in heart.

“When you call the name Jesus and not such in heart, you only hear yourself and people around you hear you but Jesus Christ will not hear you. This is what happened to the seven sons of Sceva one day.”