T.B. Joshua Euro Prophecy: Fact or Fiction?

We apologize to our readers for not posting for quite a while now, with a lot going on in the Joshua sphere. Amidst all the argument, complaints, and doubts pervading the blogosphere on TB Joshua, one thing remains unequivocally clear, TB Joshua’s deeds need no articles, blogs, jingles or arguments to validate. The very nature of his miraculous deeds speak for themselves. The works of healing, deliverance’s and prophecies are of a kind that cannot be disputed either in time or eternity. Yet it appears that till eternity do us part, watchtbjoshua and tbjoshuawatch would continue to live at variance. This is so because tbjoshuawatch would stop at nothing to discredit the happenings in the synagogue. Take for instance the widespread euro prophecy TB Joshua gave far back in 2011, which of recent has come to fulfillment. They dare call it a false prophecy, in the article titled: TB Joshua’s latest false prophecy, they say and we quote:

SCOAN have just released a video claiming that the TB Joshua predicted the fall in value of the Euro.
A fairly underwhelming prophecies as it stands, but it gets worse. The prophecy was given on Christmas day 2011, as one of TB Joshua’s predictions for 2012. See it in its full context here (start around 6:10):

They titled their article TB Joshua’s latest false prophecy, but intentionally failed to answer the simple question; In What Sense Was the Prophecy False?
The only fact they appear to hinge on is the period of fulfillment, which makes them appear dense in their reasoning. The prophet came out to give an account of things to come, he never stated that this would be fulfilled in the year 2012, he only predicted the future events as was revealed to Him by God and a prophet shall say that which he shall live to see accomplished.
The main reason we post this article is not to debate the genuineness of this prophecy. If upon watching this prophecy video of TB Joshua, you are yet to believe in his genuineness as a prophet, then we are sorry there is nothing we can do to help you. To not recognize this truth that is in front of you is great blindness, of which Jesus spoke in these words: And if the light you think you have is actually darkness, how deep that darkness is! Matt 6:23.
We post this to help you understand the sort of critics that you have arrayed themselves against TB Joshua.
When he prophesies an event so up close and the event is fulfilled in just a short space of time, they cry out and say he simply prophesied by conjecture from the recent happenings and obvious signs. When he prophesies an event far from the period of fulfillment and it comes to pass at a much later date, they say as they now do of the euro prophecy: The prophecy was given on Christmas day 2011, as one of TB Joshua’s predictions for 2012. In other words, the prophecy should have been fulfilled much earlier, it should have occurred in 2012.
Compare these critic’s character with the manner in which Jesus described the unbelieving generation in his time:

To what can I compare this generation? They are like children sitting in the marketplaces and calling out to others:
17 “‘We played the pipe for you,
and you did not dance;
we sang a dirge,
and you did not mourn.’
18 For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, ‘He has a demon.’ 19 The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Here is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners.’ But wisdom is proved right by her deeds.” Matt 11:16-19.

Take note of Jesus’s words: wisdom is proved right by her deeds, not words, talk, blab, articles, writing upon writing, but by deeds. What are their deeds? What have they done better than TB Joshua? Talk is cheap. If they cannot do better, why is it so difficult for them to shut up? No sensible person should ignore so good and great deeds for crooked anonymous bloggers who mask their faces and with a blog, write to convince the faithful believing otherwise.
The question you should candidly ask is this, had this prophecy been fulfilled in 2012, would these critics have cried out saying: TB Joshua is a true prophet? Very unlikely.
These kind of prophecy fulfillment should effectually draw us to higher level of belief in TB Joshua’s genuineness, because he said this years ago when hardly anyone saw it coming, thus ruling out any possibility of his prophecy being a product of guesswork.


Referring to the new Morning water as an upgrade to the former anointed water, TB Joshua proceeded to demonstrate the higher level of anointing present in the morning water, which according to him surpasses its predecessor, the anointed water. This he not only boldly asserted, but also went ahead to prove by administering it to the most severe cases present at the first just commenced Saturday prayer line. The effectiveness of the Morning water was clearly seen as recipient’s who were formerly ailing, shook, wobbled and were thrown off balance as the Morning water was sprayed on them, with TB Joshua’s voice in the background pronouncing them free, all by spraying the Morning water.

The purpose of this post is not to emphasize the effectiveness of the Morning water’s application. That is something TB Joshua prefers to allow the Morning water do for itself and to that we ourselves subscribe. The purpose of this post is to examine a somewhat obscure fact behind TB Joshua’s Anointed water releases over the years. The mind-boggling fact that each consequent anointed water release, often happening yearly, is announced as an upgrade to the former – leading to the retrieval of the former from circulation, to be replaced by the latter.

There is a great, great, great implication ensuing from this trending occurrence in TB Joshua’s ministry. The implication is that God unfailingly increases TB Joshua’s powers yearly; to such exponential degree that the earlier spiritual items he gave the previous year fall too short of his new status in God, that he deems it necessary to retrieve them all and release new ones, so that his people can partake of the prized increase in grace he has obtained from God the Father. Perhaps this is what he meant in LIFE AFTER LIFE when he said: “every year I have been receiving in my vision according to my faithfulness to God, a bigger cross which means to me more responsibilities.”
If he is given more responsibilities yearly, it follows that he would accordingly be increasingly enabled with divine power, and if He has been increasingly endowed with greater power, it must needs be that the spiritual items coming from him also be endowed with superior power.

There is something about this astonishing trend that should strike the carefully observant. A prophet in our day whose spiritual growth is not only consistent and unfailing, but is further attested to by the increased spiritual graces, manifested through every spiritual item he releases; the anointed water, stickers, faith bracelet and a host of others. In a word, this is unlike anything today’s world has ever known. What we know in the world is a proliferation of churches and their ministers, who having picked up on TB Joshua’s idea of anointed water, have never come forward with a replacement as an upgrade. Does this imply that they are always at the same level?, lesser? Or stagnant? We leave that for you to judge, still the fact remains that should they ever succeed in the respect of releasing upgrades, they still have to continue it consistently, yearly, to be able to keep up with TB Joshua pace; which doesn’t appear a prospective reality even in decades to come. What manner of prophet is the man TB Joshua? Perhaps to distinguish his anointed water from the multitudes now proliferated in ministries today, (an imitation of his product) The name “Morning Water” was used. And to distinguish his Apostles from the plethora of pastors who exist today, he named his own “wise men”. A name which is preferred moreso because the name “pastor” has been severly bastardized. So now should we hear any of these new names or titles anywhere else we know the original and we know the photocopy. Good going TB Joshua, because when God gives you an idea, like “Anointed water”, which the world has never heard of, but only “anointed oil”, and God uses you to make the anointed water a success, with millions having faith in it, many of your colleagues in ministry who do not even acknowledge you, make a replica, put their picture on a bottle and also name it anointed water; trying to cash in on the faith you have worked so hard to build in the hearts of believers. And mostimes since they bear the same name, “Anointed water” it is not hard for the unsuspecting public to ignorantly think that they are one and the same thing, as if one could equate the staff of Aaron which budded to that of the eleven other staffs of the rest isrealite tribes, though all were presented before the LORD. (Numbers 17:1-11)

Since TBJs Anointed Water Many imitations have arisen

Since TBJs Anointed Water Many imitations have arisen

Another imitation of the countless lot

Another imitation of the countless lot

In a world where there is an explosion of churches and myriads of pastors whom their congregants find it a daunting task to assess their spiritual level, talk more of accessing their spiritual growth or stagnancy. The matter of assessing spiritual growth has been reduced to a sordid state, where it is now measured by increase in membership, number of branches, dress sense, eloquence, amount of Hebrew and Greek knowledge of scripture, amount of tithes and contributions e. t. c. All these can be achieved by better marketing strategies, advertising, and are all a function of man’s natural ability – brain power.

In TB Joshua’s own words, he said, if after receiving the morning water, you cannot tell the difference between this and the former anointing water, it means something is wrong with TB Joshua. What a God we have to worship, what a son we have to praise, what a prophet we have to believe, and what a future lies before us with these three supporting our position.


TB Joshua's Failed Miracle

What is TB Joshua’s Failed Miracle?

TB Joshua has treated the lame, the blind, the deaf, the HIV Positive, and has cured them but when he treated the fool, he failed to cure him. And if you think TBJ is one to blame,remember it is written thus:

Though you grind a fool in a mortar, grinding him like grain with a pestle, you will not remove his folly from him. Prov. 27:3.

Similarly, of their desertion of the house of God, it is written:

They went out from us, but they did not really belong to us. For if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us; but their going showed that none of them belonged to us. 1 John 2:19.

Now, under the pretense of warning others or to help people not to fall victims of an alleged false prophet, they publish stories of a calumniation sort against TB Joshua. In them this scripture finds fulfillment:

The haters of the Lord have pretended submission to Him. Psalm 81:15.

They do this and say within themselves:“God knows we are carrying out a duty to Him, TBJ is a false prophet after all”.
One of the greatest sins in God’s eyes is that a man should say God permits what He permitted not.
Can anyone publish calumniation stories in imitation of God? There is only one who accuses the brethren; and his name we know fully well.

Jesus said:“Ye are children of your father, the devil [Greek: “diabolos” meaning: “slanderous”, “a calumniator”] and the desires of your father ye will do…”(John 8:44).

The Pure in heart do not accuse

Slander is murder with words; The Pure in heart do not accuse

The pure in heart do not accuse.

  • Moses did not dare bring up a hint of accusation against the Magicians of pharaoh.
  • Jesus outrighty repudiated the accusation of the Pharisees on the adulterous woman. Why speak us of human examples who were not permitted to be slandered, though guilty?
  • Jude 1:9 says: even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not dare to bring a slanderous accusation against him, but said, “The Lord rebuke you!”

If the archangel Michael, the prince of all God’s Angels, would not dare make slanderous remarks about even Satan himself, who is it that justifies calumniation stories against another man for whatever reason? If ye are spiritual, recall that, the spiritual one is instructed to restore in a spirit of meekness; and of this aren’t ye void?

You spiritual, the TBJ you have adjudged a “false prophet” who knows not the way may have his sin to bear, but what about your own?  A [little] sin of one who is spiritual is much greater in God’s eyes that the monster sins of someone who knows not the way. That is, in God’s reckoning, your [little] sin is a Log of wood in your eye, and the monster sins of one who knows not the way is but a tiny speck.

Ye know fully well what the Lord calls those with a log of wood in their eye who try to remove a tiny speck in another. O what bitter sea of misery ye slanderers are plunged in – a dire lose-lose situation.

  1. If ye are right about TBJ, then ye are still hypocrites and if ye repent not of calumny,ye will be assigned a part in the abyss where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
  2. If ye are wrong about TBJ; then all the worse, if ye repent not of calumny, ye have a part in the devouring fire which is many times hotter than the flames of earth.

O you who stuff your mouth with the gravel of derision and slander; call to mind what is going on now in hell; the suffering, the bitter silence, the terrible moaning, the great fear and agony, the unceasing pain, the endless weeping.

Slanderers of TB Joshua are in imminent danger of hell

Slanderers are in imminent danger of hell, do not follow them there.

Remember the day of your resurrection and how you will stand before God? Imagine that fearful and awesome judgment seat, and the dread of what is to come. Picture all that awaits you if ye persist in this iniquity, your shame before God the Father and his Anointed, before angels, archangels, principalities and all mankind. Think of all the forms of punishment; the eternal fire, the horrid smoke, the stinking smell, the worm that does not die, the abyss of darkness, the gnashing of teeth, the terrors and torments of hideous demons. Picture all these and be frightened that ye too may be among them so as to desist from calumny

.But woe to you who continue in slander after reading this, because thou listeneth with one ear, but the other, thou hast closed. Woe to you who give no thought to thy ways while time alloweth, but busieth thyself with the offences of others. For the man who spends his time pulling other people’s weeds can have no time to pull his own, and all the choicest flowers of his life will soon be choked and die.

When peter was concerning himself with the affair of a fellow disciple, he asked Jesus: Lord what about him? The Lord replied peter: “…if I will that he remains until I come, WHAT IS THAT TO YOU? You follow me”. John 20:20-22.
He reprimanded peter for being a busybody, instructing him to take heed and apply himself to his own responsibility.

Finally; of a truth, even if a man does all that is right and yet just once speaks against his neighbor, he shall surely be punished. For among the greatest offenders is he who woundeth the spirit of his brother. For this cause God Said;…do away with the pointing finger and with the malicious talk… Isa 58:9. But to thee who will not heed to God’s words, thus says the Judge who is standing at the door:

“Let him who does wrong continue to do wrong; let him who is vile continue to be vile; let him who does right continue to do right; and let him who is holy continue to be holy.” Rev. 22:11.

SCOAN building Structural Failure: THE WHOLE TRUTH

GOOD Morning Readers, Here today we have fresh facts on the Synagogue building collapse in a playlist of 23 videos released via emmanuel.tv’s youtube channel. Contained in these videos are facts never considered by the mainstream media and journalists, or perhaps they have been carefully covered up to silence the truth whose voice is ever resonant in the evidences therein. If you are interested in the uncut truth of the synagogue building collapse, then you will find these videos an invaluable resource. On the contrary, if you are only interested in joining campaign of calumny against TB Joshua, undermining whatever truth you could be ignoring, be advised against the videos below. Happy viewing!

2014 – the year TB Joshua boosted Credibility

2014 was a year of spectacularly accurate prophecies from TB Joshua. Despite the terrible tragedy that claimed the lives of 116 people and injured many more. It was a year when TB Joshua’s credibility as a prophet was greatly confirmed. Contrary to critic opinion, Joshua did not fail to foresee the disaster that befell his church building. He spoke prophetically in parable during his first address on his return from Colombia saying; ““…If you learnt that they bomb here now one of you would be the first to call CNN that they have bombed the synagogue …I’ve been telling you something far, but now I’m telling you something as close as my mouth”. . As close as his mouth meant his very own life. Those who insinuate that Joshua did not foresee the disaster are badly misinformed. Here is the video below:

The band of critics who question why the victims were not healed or raised from the dead if Joshua were a true prophet are tempters of God. Was not Jesus sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel and yet a tower fell on many people right there in Israel killing many; Did Jesus raise any of them up from dead? Was Job not a God fearing man? Why were his sons and daughters who were victims of a disaster not raised from the dead? Being faithful to God does not eliminate adversity. They do not know the scriptures who measure faithfulness to God by circumstances. The proof of a man’s right standing with God is not that things go smoothly with him, but that he acts with God, knows God’s opinion of himself and of others. Through acting with God, there comes peace of heart knowing that God is with him, for him and deserves his best. It is this peace that has kept TB Joshua going in spite of negative sense evidences through which many critics predicted that his end had come.

Some Critics say the SCOAN attendance plummeted even to the extent of having an impact on national tourism revenues. Funny how for the very first time, they admit that the influx of pilgrims to the SCOAN is an immense contribution to Nigerian tourism revenue. Had we not witnessed a disaster of this sort, we might never have heard them admit to this. And the reason for the initial decrease is clear. Before the disaster just about anyone could come to the SCOAN, but after the disaster, it would take a great deal of faith and courage to visit. The disaster caused a screening away of the faithless and sightseers from those who are genuinely seeking God, Nothing to be alarmed about.

For those who claim he was caught bribing journalists. Follow this link for an unbiased and well researched view on the subject.

Also those who count the continuous threats of arrest at TB Joshua by the coroner for not turning up to court should consider that the initial purpose of the inquest was to determine the cause and manner of the collapse. How does summoning TB Joshua to court fall in line with this purpose? Was he an eyewitness to the incident or what?

The proof of a man’s right standing with God is not that things go smoothly with him, but that he acts with God, knows God’s opinion of himself and of others.

The proof of a man’s right standing with God is not that things go smoothly with him, but that he acts with God, knows God’s opinion of himself and of others.

It is our prayer that the events of 2014 will help open the eyes of those held captive by ignorance so that in 2015, they may find their freedom from blindness of heart and deception.

For the slew of critics who after turning a blind eye to the overwhelming number of fulfilled prophecies for 2014, supposedly highlight 3 alleged prophetic failures: flight MH370, the release of the chibok girls and the writing off of Ebola.

Such people should realize that in the case of flight MH370, TB Joshua gave direct clues in real time to the location of the plane wreckage which ought to be looked into but was blatantly ignored.

In the case of the chibok girls, he spoke saying the girls would be released immediately, and why? Because they have not all been released shall we say he has spoken wrongly? When Jesus by revelation said thus to John over 2000 years ago “behold I come quickly”, and now it’s over 2000 years since he said this, does that prove him a liar?

In the writing off of Ebola, we know how the miraculous deliverance of Nigeria from the deadly plague happened after his prayers, and for the deliverance of other nations we are yet to hear reports. But it would be too soon to say his words have failed because a prophet shall prophesy that which he shall live to see accomplished.

The real problem is that these ardent critics do not in the least believe in TB Joshua as a prophet which has been the problem from the very beginning.

If we believe that indeed he is a true prophet of the most high and he seems to say something that does not seem to sit right with our reason. We ought always to believe, not that he has spoken amiss, but that we have not conceived it aright. For ignorance does not judge knowledge, neither is knowledge competent enough to judge foreknowledge. It is plain foolishness to act contrary to this truth. How can one who does not know rightly judge one who knows? And how can one who knew only when he saw it happen rightly judge one who foreknew?

Instead of misrepresenting his words, nitpicking on statements that don’t really matter in the scheme of things, when he speaks and we do not understand, let us ask: “prophet, explain to us what you mean when you say this or that”. He is alive and still amongst us in Ikotun egbe Lagos Nigeria. His email address is info@scoan.org. His website is www.scoan.org. He did not speak and run away.