Did TB Joshua Predict The Start of WORLD WAR III?

Every ministry has its own challenges, and we suppose the prophetic ministry is one rank with uncommon ones especially for a prophet who usually delivers prophetic messages to  millions of people as live audience,” the Bible speaks in II Peter 3:15-16 of how the “untaught and unstable” have a tendency to “distort” the Scriptures “to their own destruction.”  It’s practically the same with prophecies– a very shocking story cropped up on the internet yesterday that seemed to be an individual’s interpretation of a prophecy delivered by TB Joshua on Sunday the 11thof December 2011. This individual interpreted the prophecy to mean the start of a Third world war and the end of all civilization as we know it. And as at the time of posting this, that interpretation article has been viewed well over ten thousand times on Nairaland. Now this could just be one of the thousand and one interpretations this prophecy might have received in the minds of the viewers worldwide,  we only got to hear his perhaps because this person chose to share his thoughts on the internet, other’s may have taken to spreading theirs already by word of mouth, sowing many seeds of rumour and presumably for this reason, the scoan have already refuted this interpretation on their official fan blog as well as several news outlets.

TB Joshua- "...to this day renowned for accurate world prophecies..."

The reason we considered this issue worthy of addressing here is because this is precisely how  the supposed “failed prophecies” of TB Joshua started off on various sites and blogs on the internet, either the prophecies were given a wrong interpretation or were totally what he never prophesied in the first place. Although the fact remains that misinterpretation of prophecies would be an inevitable occurrence especially when prophecies are delivered in form of parables as is typical of TB Joshua, This isn’t at all far from the pattern of Jesus and how His prophecy was later misinterpreted. In John 2:19, Jesus predicted his death and resurrection in three days using the temple as a symbol, and then bam, it was misinterpreted to mean he could destroy the Jerusalem temple of 40 years in build only to rebuild it in three days, a very sad and way off interpretation which was later used to even condemn him in trial– if there’s one lesson to be learnt here about prophecies it’s that only the one delivering them can best clarify their meaning because even so-called experts misinterpret prophecy. From this rumour of the start of a third world war because of what TB Joshua prophesied it’s clear that the prophecy was misunderstood and later got a wrong interpretation placed on it. This usually happens because human reasoning is very susceptible to error. It’s unclear why it seems God allows this sometimes as can be seen throughout history, perhaps he designs and arranges it knowing that such prophecies would be ultimately misunderstood by those whose hearts are far from him.



One thing we clearly notice about this individual’s interpretation was its biased nature towards confirming his existing belief in Nostradamus: an excerpt from the interpretation article on Nairaland (a Nigerian online forum, reads:

 To me after watching today’s live service on Emmanuel Tv I can bet that the Man of GOd was predicting an out break of a world war which will be the longest and worst ever.I remember Nostradamus said in the movie “the man who saw tomorrow” that the third World War will last “20 and 7 years

Now this is a clear case of “confirmation bias”- that is a tendency for people to favour the information/interpretations that confirms their preconceptions or hypothesis regardless of whether the information/interpretation is true. As a result of confirmation bias, people gather evidence and recall information from memory selectively and interpret it in a biased way- exactly what he did here, Not to mention how he worsens it all by explaining his bias with wishful thinking saying:

 prophet TB Joshua said (NB not exact quotes)that this war would last for a long time that all civilization will be gone

This takes the issue out of the context of what TB Joshua said, by saying : (not exact quotes) It simply implies that he’s clearly interpreting to us what he had already churning up in his head but needed TB Joshua to authenticate. If you’ve read up the article on Nairaland, you’ll notice how majority of people never questioned his interpretation as his opinion but as what TB  Joshua indeed said, what’s worse is that the news outlets and SCOAN critic blogs who might soon be picking up this story would not take notice he said (NB not exact quotes) they would out rightly quote this guy’s words as those that fell straight from TB Joshua’s lips and then adjudge it a “TB Joshua’s failed prophecy” when the interpretation never came from him in the first place.

This is definitely the work of those who bring  scorn and derision on the work and messages of true prophets, and it would be worthwhile being wary of them, they’ve caused many to fall away, criticizing and condemning true servants of God. Now to chip in something here, if you’re a regular visitor to this site, could you take a quick flashback at all our earlier posts you’ve read and answer this,  when we talk of scorn and derision on the work of true prophet’s can the scornful authors of TB Joshua watch be left out? Well, your guess is as good as mine that they aren’t, yes! We may be referring to a single person outside their sect here in this post, but even the Pharisees at TB Joshua watch are by no means free from what we speak of here, take for instance the twitter message they shared with all their followers on twitter of a supposed bomb blast predicted by TB Joshua in a Nigerian University: “UNIBEN” here’s the twitter message they sent to all their followers when in real sense TB Joshua never said anything about a bomb blast in UNIBEN.

screenshot of the false rumoured uniben prophecy shared by TB Joshua watch on twitter

What they suggest here is very clear that it was a failed prophecy, what TB Joshua never said in the first place. How sordid.

This same false rumour was then taken up and retweeted by several others mocking TB Joshua’s prophetic ministry;

screenshot, mocking TB Joshua with the false rumoured UNIBEN prophecy re tweeted by TB Joshua watch

This aren’t the only cases where TB Joshua’s prophecies have been misinterpreted, there was another event  where it was rumored that TB Joshua prophesied that in a certain state in Nigeria (Delta state) a Lion would roam freely in the streets and devour people. This was a plain rumour, still it halted nearly all the economic activities in the locality where the rumor said the false prophecy would occur and today a lot of the occupants in that neighborhood might believe TB Joshua’s prophecy failed and so is a false prophet as no Lion was seen in the long run. Maybe now it’s clearer to you why we deemed it necessary to publish this post, because sooner than later you might hear this issue of a third world war being another failed prophecy of TB Joshua, just like the non-existent Lion prophecy and UNIBEN prophecy referred to above. Perhaps then everyone will know where they’re coming from with it. It’s here we appreciate emmanuel TV channel, if people do these things even when millions watched the same programme via this satellite channel, one can only imagine what would have happened if there was no such medium for everyone to equally watch the prophecies, and only those in the church heard this prophecy among whom was this Nostradamus believer, the misinformation would have been so grand and would be easily believed as he would have claimed he saw and heard it with his own eyes and ears. We’ll round up this post with the advice given by the SCOAN team on the best way to make sure you’re hearing the prophecies for yourself and not from the lips of others who might have twisted them to their own taste;

Emmanuel TV is our means of communicating a message from God. All messages of prophecy given by Prophet T.B. Joshua to the world are shown live on Emmanuel TV during the Sunday live services at The SCOAN.You can see the complete prophecy of the rebroadcast of the live service.The correct response given to any prophecy is to call people together in order to pray and to seek the face of God. As Prophet T.B. Joshua advised, we continue to ask God to redeem our nation and the whole world.  

11 thoughts on “Did TB Joshua Predict The Start of WORLD WAR III?

  1. h yes i love this man tb joshua so much –i do not know what sent me to that web to get to know him.

    his kind of straight miracles in seconds and prophecies in fact i have never seen such before.

    he is really blessed —-christopher ,germany

  2. when God speaks he speaks throghn his servent. i tust TB Joshua as he trusted in God and allow to be used by him. not like moses who first say no n0 no no…… but TB joshua said i will by your guidence. thanks lord for loving this world

  3. whether u like t o not he is the man from above he z really from heaven spirit filled…..i jst luv to know him……..

  4. I started following T.B. Joshua’s prophesies a few years ago. What I have watched being prophesied have come to pass. Even football goals. Last year he predicted Nigeria would be beaten by one of the teams by one goal through a header and it came to pass. Let those who don’t believe him not discourage others. God wants us to be saved.

  5. I’d like to become closer to Jesus like TB joshua.I don’t know what I can give to God if I can use me like this man for the extension of his gospel..Oh God! th.is is my prayer to u.

  6. Jesus said for many will come in his name we must be very careful of who we look up to anyone with any kind of title or so called leader of who they say they are all are not call and few are chosen to do the work’s of the lord don’t be blind or fooled by his ‘aw’ (amazed) a lot of times we are looking for something instead of searching for god the truth is that most Christians are prone not to categorize False prophets of this the signs are already given to his people that this man is saying I Am Christ and is not..

    • without the spirit of dicenment one cannot really know who is wrong or right after all the same jesus said great people shall emmmerge that shall do greater mirracles than he did.dear mirraclles can not be avioded in the church. without miracles the church will be a mere forum of vagarbots. humanity does not love too much talking without evidence?the man of GOD did not talk of any third w w he simply spoke of protest in individual countries that can spring up in to a riot.so next time get him well before speaking.or else GOD himself will speak for him

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