TB Joshua Speaks Out On Nigerian Bombings

Ayo-Oritsejafor: Lamenting the failure of the Govt. in protecting their rights.

So many news reports  herald the gruesome tales of the recent bombings in Nigeria, apart from this instilling fear in majority of people, it also creates a great sense of insecurity in regions where these bombings occur, the bombings which happened in Nigeria, clearly stated in recent times were those engineered and orchestrated by the dreaded sect known locally in Nigeria as “Boko Haram

The sect are heavily dreaded and have further dented Nigeria’s image overseas to the extent that the Christian Association Of Nigeria(CAN) President, Ayo Oritsejafor, on returning from a trip abroad confirmed to charisma magazine saying; “Do you know that because of things like these, anywhere Nigerians travel to they are subjected to dehumanizing scrutiny? He must clearly have been speaking from experience here. CNN also quotes him lamenting how the Government betrayed the confidence placed in them by the christian community to protect their rights. According to CNN report, Ayo Oritsejafor was quoted to  have said;  The Christian community is fast losing confidence in government’s ability to protect our rights”

Pastor Chris Okotie; reported to have canceled his church service for fear of being bombed

In a more serious development, A prominent Nigerian pastor; Chris Okotie was reported to have canceled His new year eve service and directed his followers to pray in the safety of their homes rather than risk being bombed by a fundamentalist sect – a clear indication of how far these bombings have gone in giving Nigerian christian faithfuls and even some of their pastors a feel of Insecurity in their own country.

In any case, from the lot of numerous bombings in Nigeria, the most disheartening of them occurred as the world awoke to commemorate Christmas day, a deadly explosion in a local church marred celebrations for the nation of Nigeria. The brutal attack in the capital of Abuja that left 50 dead and scores more injured.

The motives behind these bombings have been generally attributed to religious differences, the seeming raging war between Muslims and Christians, while many Nigerians hold the view that these bombings are religiously motivated, TB Joshua of the SCOAN doesn’t at all share this view as he made clear in his new year message to Nigerians on the recent Bombings taken place in the nation Nigeria. At The SCOAN, during the Live Candlelight Service, New Year’s Eve, the 31st December 2011, Prophet T.B. Joshua addressed the congregation, the nation of Nigeria and the world at large with a message concerning the new year, 2012. In his own words he said;

“Let me just address my people, Nigeria. The present situation we are in – there is no war between Christians and Muslims. I mean, there is no war between you and your neighbour. I mean, there is no war among neighbours. This is a parable to you. There is no war. The idea of bombing and burning churches is to cause disagreement and conflict between you and your neighbour, to break the commandment and rule which says, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” The idea of burning churches is to cause disagreement and conflict between you and your neighbour, to break the commandment which says, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” If we are not armed for battle, we would fight the wrong battle. Strikes against your neighbour, strikes against your people – this is the wrong battle. Tell the world. I know the whole world is watching. Listen, our situation in Nigeria – there is no war between Christians and Muslims. The idea of burning churches is to cause conflict among neighbours, to break the commandment which says, “Love your neighbour as yourself”. And once the commandment is broken, you are against God. So, there is no war. Love your neighbour. We pray for those who are affected and their people so that God would strengthen them to bear the loss. My message to all: God at all times is assembling for Himself a generation of Spiritual worshippers. Because God is a Spirit, Christ came to declare God to us. 

Here’s the Video Of the above message;Bombings of this horrible nature were unheard of but for a few decades ago and have now rapidly developed into perhaps the most common method of terrorism in Nigeria. This dreaded sect known locally as “Boko Haram” have Clearly become a thorn in the flesh of Nigerian Government, With  the pace of these attacks quickening , number of breathtaking deaths, and a recent 3 – day ultimatum issued by the dreaded sect to the Nigerian government, It’s no longer news that the Nigerian government is bracing to cope with the imposing challenge in the wake of these attacks, but in the wrong way I’m afraid. The Nigerian president, Good luck Jonathan saw it necessary for a state of emergency to be declared in those parts of the state where the bombings occurred. But fact is, if declaring a state of emergency was all Nigerians had to worry about they’d be damn lucky, truth is there’s more.  Despite the country’s present security challenges, we find it very ominous that the Jonathan government has allocated a massive lion share of the budget to security.

President Jonathan – “at the crossroads”

In his speech at the recent formal presentation of this year’s Appropriation Bill to the joint session of the National Assembly, in Abuja, the Goodluck Jonathan administration has allotted N921.74billion to security in the proposed N4.749trillion budget of  “Fiscal Consolidation.”  This cut of the budget allocated to security is close to 20 percent of the total budget. In sharp contrast to agriculture which only received N79billion. – It couldn’t have been clearer that this 2012 budget is a disaster waiting to happen and it does raise grave concerns, as it is in direct defiance of the advice given by TB Joshua to world governments including Nigeria’s on the way out of the prophesied economic recession to strike the whole world like a plagueAs for the current security and bombing concerns in Nigeria which seem to pose so much of a concern now, the prophet in his New year message advised in these words which were also stated in the video above:

TB Joshua; You should not think about the bombing again; think about economic depression.

The burning and bombing that is happening, by January, February, March, everybody will forget about this. But economic depression will take over. Economic depression. You should not think about the bombing again; think about economic depression. Our government too should not because of bombing here and there, vote a huge amount of money from their budget to security. They should vote 50 percent of the budget to agriculture. Whatever bombing will fade away by the beginning of this year. It’s not something to bother about. To overcome this situation, everyone should come together, both security and every citizen. It is not the issue of security alone. Everything that is happening now, I don’t see it anymore on the board. It is just the beginning of this year and everything is over. But think about economic depression. You are a man of faith, a woman of faith. Trials are the soil in which faith flourishes. I’m just telling you what I’m seeing on the board. This will affect the whole world. Economic depression. The currency will be affected.The year of comeback. A comeback is a return to a place of significance, a place that was lost for a period of time. For a period of time, you referred to the Spirit. We often say, “The Spirit of God says this; the Spirit of God says that”, whereas the Spirit of God is not talking to you. Referring to the Spirit and design in the letter – such worship and worshippers will face challenges this new year.”

Here TB Joshua strongly advises that the only way for any country to survive the coming world recession this year, is to make Food production their first priority, shift their security vote to agriculture and allocate at least 50% of all federal budgets to agriculture while the remaining 50% should be shared amongst other sectors,  he clearly says in his statement above that these bombings would gradually fizzle out within the first few months as hunger would take over, i also recall him saying on christmas day quite amusingly, that  even the bombers wouldn’t be interested in bombing anymore as they too would be hungry, hunger would take over and people would want to save the little they have for their daily bread, the prophet emphasized. If only our governments would listen to the advice of this African Prophet. His prophecies have always been spot on, we would be saving ourselves a lot of harm and injury if we just heed and not just dismiss this scriptural solution with a wave of the hand.

With the current removal of fuel subsidy in Nigeria, complaints from the masses and the current threat to national food security by allocating to it a miniature portion in the budget, it appears that the new year is not at all starting well for Nigerians, Its clear that this is the rule of people who allow circumstances to dictate their direction and not what God has to say about the situation at hand, the Egyptians were saved from the famine because they listened to Joseph, but how would the world be saved if they reject the advice of TB Joshua?

UPDATE: It has come to our notice that this very article has been cited to shame the prophetic prowess of the man in the synagogue. We’re updating this post to clarify the substance of this prophecy which has been deceitfully manipulated by avowed critics of SCOAN to regard it as a failed prophecy. TB Joshua did indeed state that “whatever bombing will fade away by the beginning of this year and that It’s not something to bother about, but in reporting this prophecy, why did they ALSO (in their usual deceptiveness) deceitfully leave out how TB Joshua also warned in earnest that TO OVERCOME THIS SITUATION, EVERYBODY SHOULD COME TOGETHER, BOTH SECURITY & EVERY CITIZEN. It is NOT the issue of SECURITY ALONEHow can one cite a conditional prophecy and leave out the instructions following it?  Given the above prophecy of TB Joshua, THERE WAS CONDITION ATTACHED TO OVERCOMING THE SITUATION OF THE BOMBINGS IN THE FIRST QUARTER OF THE YEAR, TB Joshua prophetically advised that EVERYBODY MUST COME TOGETHER; BOTH SECURITY & EVERY CITIZEN, THAT IT IS NOT FOR THE SECURITY ALONE, In other words, he was simply advising that Nigerians come on a round table dialogue (i.e. a conference) on the issue of SECURITY with this sect.  But this was not done then and the result now looking at the current trend of events in the country seems that his word was not fulfilled. TB Joshua himself  knowing the thoughts of those who conceived this evil in their hearts in response  further publicly spoke in his AUGUST 26 MESSAGE 2012 on this Boko haram prophecy, which has been continuously repeated on emmanuel tv till today. He clearly stated in his message that service day that when this boko haram message was given, the terrorism sect were then just a group and the dialogue would have worked which was the will of God as he advised, but when his advice was not heeded and no dialogue ensued, the result of that negligence today is that he longer sees a group but many groups. The sect that initially started this act of terrorism in Nigeria has connected to other groups in other countries that do the same thing. Then, also reacting to the present consideration of dialogue with the groups by the government, the prophet, lamenting on how his instruction was trivialized asked “how many groups will you now dialogue with? Dialogue would have only worked at beginning. But then its good, lets continue dialogue.”

Here is the video: 

This is just an unfortunate outcome of disobedience to prophetic instructions,  as Nigeria is no longer faced with just a terrorism groups (boko haram) but many groups following the negligence of the Nigerian government to dialogue with them at beginning. It would therefore be misleading to attribute the continuous terrorism attacks to just boko haram. Many reputed Nigerian news agencies have reported how al Qaeda groups were plotting diverse attacks on Nigeria and this is the outcome of treating a genuine prophet’s words with levity.

18 thoughts on “TB Joshua Speaks Out On Nigerian Bombings

  1. To Nigeria and the whole world at large, a little is enough for the wise. What God is saying through His Prophet TB Joshua is enough to carry us along if ever we will listen. Nigeria and Africa, look to God your creator, this is not a laughing and joking issue, it is the lives of your citizens that are at stake even you leaders, decision makers.
    Not listening to what God gives to TB Joshua as a message for you is a defiance to HIM and whoever is defiant to God’s warning has a report to make, read your Holy Bible. God bless Africa

  2. Is it not this same Chris okotie that claimed that Tb Joshua came to attack him in his house, he quoted ”He walked right into my bedroom, he wore a caftan and I recognised him immediately he came in and I was just watching what he was going to do when suddenly there was an explosion from the left side of my bed, just by my wardrobe and a fire came from my side and lifted him off the ground and threw him back at the door. He fell down and was there stupefied. He sat down there for about half an hour, he didn’t say a word to me neither I to him. When the daze cleared, he got up, took two steps towards me, stretched his neck to look at me, turned around and walked out. If you are not a spiritual person you won’t understand what happen”how come he is strong enough to bind Tb Joshua and then is so afraid of boko haram who are far away in the north?, to the extent he even closed his church service for fear of bombing, what a same!!!! if the house of God is not safe; where else is safe??? the bible really said that by their fruit you shall known them.

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  4. Nigeria is on her way to a civil war & T.B Joshua thinks it would be over by Febuary/March???

    yes, boko haram has become more political than religious, and only a northan-Nigerian-Christains understands the wickedness of these evil mass-killers.

    as for the bloody economy, you don’t need to be a prophet to know that we are ALREADY in hard times with high unemployment, inflation, insecurity, high cost of living and so on

    as for C.A.N… even if you give then guns, how would they protect themselves from a mad suciede bomber who blends with the crowds?

    • why are you doubting? can’t you just wait and see if what the prophet says will come to pass, even if the hundreds of prophecies he has given that came to pass hasn’t convinced you.

  5. Please don’t forget that boko haram are the only group in Nigeria that would sack a police station with kniefs and excape with police guns only to attack bank & buy more bombs…

    the police are most affected (they can’t protect themselves then it is you they are going to protect?)

    • Always know that with God all things her possible, the prophet as spoken it is left for the wise to listen, and for the foolish to forsake

  6. @ april, “as for the bloody economy,
    you don’t need to be a
    prophet to know that we are
    ALREADY in hard times with
    high unemployment,
    inflation, insecurity, high
    cost of living and so on”. this statement still shows that you still havent believed the prophet’ words. No problem! You need not be a prophet to know that we are already in hardtimes but certainly! You need to be a prophet to know, or rather you need a prophet to tell you that all these bombings we consider as insecurity will soon be over within a certain period of time as mentioned,jan,feb,early march and after that comes the HUNGER STRIKE. Come to think of it how many prophet,pastors etc have come out to say this.but here is a man by the name tbjoshua telling us the mind of God but instead of concentrating so much on agriculture, we concentrate on security,and allocate huge amount of money to it.for me, I think i have to go and farm.so i will have many things and food to eat.thank you.

    • @Everyone, Go through the recent news pappers and network news.there’s going to be a general strike because of the fuel subsidy.where airport,seaport,market,banks,phcn etc will be closed.and the people urging everyone to have reserve of water,foodstuff etc. Ask yourself, did you ever imagine this would happen? even though you know there would be problem.did you once concieve it in your heart that hunger would be more on board than bombing? Atleast bombing happens in states after state but hunger is every where,its going to be on everyone.which do you really think we should concentrate “more” on? I dont know how April sees this hunger strike. Does he see it as inflation,high cost of goods?.this strike is not like the others we use to have.this strike is meant to bring people to God.worship God in truth and in spirit and he will protect you because where He guides He provides. THE YEAR OF COME BACK-2012.

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  8. @Albert. This is a piece of advice for you, God does not take it lightly wit pple who speak against His annointed(it does not matter wether u blv the man of God or not)leave vengeance for God.borrow clue from David and king saul case.pls safe urself of curse from God.I used to talk against men of God lik dat B4 I read about david and saul.God bless you

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