How “Failures” at SCOAN seek vengeance on TB Joshua

On this site we have shown many of the lies being peddled by TB Joshua’s ex-disciples whom have form a bloc to rebel against TB Joshua and the SCOAN for failing to become either a Prophet or Prophetess. Some of the words used to address TB Joshua are so strong that we at Watching TB Joshua decided to take up the issue, digging deep into some of the issues raised by these so called ex-disciples, and men of God out of sheer jealousy.

Madeleine: A commenter on one of the blogs used to spread malicious and fabricated lies against TB Joshua and his ministry, she had this to say, “All information about TB Joshua that I have read from the Internet indicates that he is not accountable. I have also met a Nigerian church leader visiting England who has said exactly the same.”

Madeleine We don’t get it. Apart from God who called and commissioned him (TB Joshua), who do they want him to be accountable to? Let’s look at Jesus himself and the great men of God in the bible, there is something always unique about them and their calling, so also TB Joshua’s calling is unique. Talking about Nigeria Church Leaders, most of them belong to the PFN and have one way or the other gone to the media to make some despicable statements against TB Joshua and his ministry. The tone and style of some of the writings reveals a deep seated hatred for the Prophet. The writer of such despicable stories against the SCOAN does not even acknowledge the many good things Prophet TB Joshua is doing for Nigeria in particular and for humanity in general. Let’s not be blinded by myopic and false considerations! God alone is the supreme judge and the truth shall prevail! Dollars and Pounds do not allow them to say the truth.

Believe us when we say there are many things we would prefer to be doing than running this site – but if it can help save just a few people from the being deceived like somewhatsober,  a commenter who left a comment on our post titled Final Part – War in the Church, Many against TB Joshua saying;

I confess to being guilty of believing the unqualified rumors against TB Joshua, to my shame I even name-called him in a most disrespectful way in a ANTI SCOAN SITE, having fallen for the lies. I needed those lies in order to satisfy my own failures at SCOAN.

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 The comment above was left by someone who was deceived by one of the blogs formed by ex-disciples of TB Joshua who were not sincere during their stay at the SCOAN, hence they failed.

Another commenter Kelly wrote on their blog:

You did not tell the world you were going to the SCOAN, so it will be ridiculous when you start telling the world that you left. Kelly Was referring to those who claimed they have wasted their time at SCOAN

After months of slander and defamation, Anti SCOAN Sites finally agrees there is no evidence to support their claim of sexual abuse charges against T.B. Joshua. This is funny considering the fact that they have heaped invectives, called him names and I am wondering why they have not rendered a formal apology to the man of God. In their latest article they said:

‘We’re not saying these allegations are definitely true – we’d have no evidence to support that claim.’

If they claim there is indeed no evidence to support their claims, why are they now saying the allegations must be ‘investigated?’  If they have evidence, it is incumbent upon them to provide them to the police to investigate, because you cannot investigate anything without evidence.

They must for once keep their mouths shut and concentrate on building their lives instead of becoming permanent bloggers. If their aim is to destroy the man of God then they have failed in their venture.

source: Let’s Lie for Dollars and Pounds (

16 thoughts on “How “Failures” at SCOAN seek vengeance on TB Joshua

  1. These slanderers are offspring’s of BelZeeBub, they are every where attempting to hinder the light, and stop the breaking forth of the new dawn and the upward striving ones. Their Judgements was pronounce by the Son of God Himself, our lord and master Jesus Christ, who said, “It would have been better to tie a milestone around their neck and dump them in the ocean, than to offend one of the little ones striving upward to ascension”. They are jobless entities whose hind brain has been cut off, so move hastily headlong in their ignorance and blindness to stumble over into the abyss of damnation, which is their original abode. Offspring’s of Perdition.

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  3. I dont need anyone to tell me.I have search and i have found TB JOSHUA IS THE REAL MAN OF GOD.Isaiah54:17 No weapong forged again U will prevail

  4. The attempts by you disciples to cover up the wrongs is so pathetic, it is laughable. He does good work, nobody denies that, it is the trimmings that leave the smell and bad taste. To get to the truth, one needs to speak to the victims themselves, which I have done and I am sure when he is questioned about it, he will do the usual, turn around and walk away without saying anything! The best still is, I can drop on my knees and speak to God, but TB Joshua is not as accessible, the security and ushers will keep anyone at bay who wants to talk to him! Please explain that, and you will at least be doing something?

  5. The bible say whatsoever is born of GoD overcome the world.(1john 5:4) no matter d lie u people say about d prophet will not count,whether u like it or not GoD has already anointed him as a space sitter for End time church d more u say d more God increase him,u guy are wicked and on reasonable men that is what d bible call u guy.(Jame 4:11:12)

    • You are not addressing the issues, you are just slinging words about without any constructive criticism. You persistently defend somebody who you idolize as an icon who is really a servant of God with gifts, doing God’s work. Quoting scriptures to justify your ridiculous argument shows your spiritual immaturity. Stay with the discussion without trying to defend something you know nothing about, concentrate on the problem!!! That is the only way the situation can and will be resolved! .

  6. I am Catholic but i am a believer in Prophet TB Joshua and his Ministry. I am in full agreement with the objective of this site. Prophet TB Joshua has been called by God to do His business, so he cannot spend precious time of the Ministry to defend his person and the Ministry. Someone or group have to do that and I see the role of this site as perfectly part of the Minstry of TB Joshua.
    I have a message for TB Joshua but I am unable to get it to him and would like to use your site to send it to him. I appeal to him to pray to God for the gift of “By-Location”. This gift allows one to appear at different places at the same time to transact business. What this means is that the Prophet can be in SCOAN in Nigeria ans at the same time by ministering in Pakistan. Jesus himself had this gift and some of the saints also had it. Prophet TB Joshua needs this gift and I pray that he accepts this suggestion. He has been called for the whole world and many poor people who cannot pay the cost of coming to Nigeria are waiting in several countries to get their deliverannce and salvation though his ministry. Rex Asanga, Ghana, 00233(0)208247156,

  7. It is unfortunate that some christian leaders cannot accept the mighty work that Jesus is doing through the Prophet TB Joshua.God almighty has great compassion for Africa by raising the Prophet for us.The faith in Jesus that Prophet TB Joshua preaches,is burning like fire.Those opposing him will be shocked how other African countries have accepted him when he sets his foot out of Nigeria.We love him so much because he a humble servant who never forces people to give.He preaches the gospel with simplicity.

    • Dear Mr. Mutale,
      It seems quite evident that most of these people who make comments on the blogs are really not well informed and just voice their opinions. I want to make it very clear and use simple English so that there be no misunderstanding. The statements that have been made are possibly out of context, but where there is smoke, there is fire. I have David and Angie’s email statements on file in my computer and have no reason to doubt what they state. I think it not good for anybody to make silly counter statements regarding this when they do not even know the people, lest even TB Joshua. Bring facts and it can be discussed, not assumptions in an attempt to defend what you have no interest in or know anything about. I have personal experience in the church of these “people” you are defending. Do not get me wrong, God is doing miracles in the church on a daily basis, the people there are questionable! Blasphemers? In April this year, John Chi tried to get the people whom I took to Lagos, to tell lies about me so they could try and attack me on Emmanuel. If John Chi has the guts, he is wellcome to challenge me, but they do not, they keep quiet because they know they are the blasphemers and liars and are scared of being exposed. This all happened because I booked my visitors into the lodge next door for $210 for 7 days in private rooms whem the church charges $800 for 5 days in a dormitory. Now you say the church does not ask for money? A worldwide campaign to join Emmanuel TV and pay subscription and join as a member! What do you call that? Purchase a dvd for $50 or $100 and get magic water, a photograph and a magic anointed sticker free? Is this not exploiting or chasing money? Make sure of your facts snd know what you are trying to do before posting on blogs. Why has Harry been the only “wiseman” who has been sent on a crusade? I wonder if the others are able to take anointing with them when the part with the church? Why do they not reply in writing on statements made on blogs, not even TB Joshua does! One has to make an appointment to see TB Joshua, yet you can drop to your knees and talk to God in 2 seconds! Is TB Joshua more elevated than God? I spent 12 years travelling to Lagos and home

  8. Jeolous is not good, i no wonder the Eliaja they use to call the fire of God, No rain some years , and it happen why now we dn’t believe the man of God that he is using by God . i assure you T B Joshua he is from God.

  9. These people who comment here are trying to tip a cup of water in the ocean and start atsunami, they are clueless and brainwashed. This is my opinion and not a judgment

  10. More you hate him more we love him,where all those hatred came from? God is good and going to scoan is your own choice and why if you fail everything in there you became a bitter,anointing water is not for sale that is clear,if you hate tbjoshua so much just do not look at emmanuel tv or anything concerning scoan,delete everything about tb josua,nobody will stop tb joshua what he is doing,God is with him,write any rubbish the way you like tb joshua have no time for you,wise man as well,they are busy helping people your campaign will never go forward,you are wasting your time.

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