TB Joshua Prophesied Zambia’s Historic AFCON Victory

As Zambians revel in the joy of their first African Cup Of Nations (AFCON) triumph, a video is circulating the internet with claims that Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua accurately predicted their victory and Didier Drogba’s shocking penalty miss mere hours before the match began.

Video footage posted by The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigeria on YouTube shows T.B. Joshua talking on Sunday 12th February 2012, several hours before the match between Zambia and Ivory Coast was due to start.

“I know you have a game now which you want to watch,” Joshua began, speaking in a church service televised live on Emmanuel TV, a station very popular across Africa, especially in Zambia. “Today is the final and you want me to talk about it.” Joshua, who similarly predicted Ghana’s historic victory in the 2009 U-20 World Cup, said victory would be for the underdogs.

“Yes, this blessing is for a country you are not expecting; this victory is for a country you are not expecting.” With Ivory Coast going into the match as overwhelming favorites, replete with many Premier League and European stars, it is clear who Joshua was referring to.

Although known for speaking in parables when prophesying, the fact that Joshua was talking about Zambia became even more apparent as he proceeded to explain that God wanted the nation in question to rejoice because of a past tragedy.

“God wants to make them happy because of the victims of what happened to them in the past. Yes, this is joy; everybody will celebrate. That will make them forget about the past record of what happened to the same country… This is a day of forgetting, and dancing!”

The last time Zambia reached the AFCON final in 1994, it was just a year after 18 members of Zambia’s national football team died tragically in a plane crash in Libreville, Gabon. It was an event that shocked the entire nation and wiped out several of their brightest football stars. En route to the final, the current team had spoken of the strength and inspiration they had gained in remembering the tragedy.

Joshua went on to mention a specific incident vital to the outcome of the game, remarkably even stating the precise time it was to occur. “God showed me the first and second halves. In the second half at 25 minutes there is a mistake… Even if you have the opportunity to enter the television where they are playing, you would enter and flog the player, ‘Why didn’t you score this thing?’ ” You will face the goalkeeper and play it out, over the bar. Face to face with the goalkeeper and you now play it outside. Is that not a big mistake? That is the goal that would have given you the Cup. Now, it is taken to the other side.”

The ensuing events seemed to follow in the footprints of the prophet’s declaration, specifically the penalty miss of Ivorian striker Didier Drogba in the 70th minute, the 25th minute of the second half. The Chelsea FC striker ballooned the ball high over the bar, a miss uncharacteristic of the prolific goal-scorer and one that almost certainly cost Ivory Coast victory.

With the game ending goalless, a dramatic penalty shoot-out was to decide the victor. As Zambia’s Stophira Sunzu emphatically scored his team’s match-winning penalty, scenes of chaotic joy rippled across Zambia. The tragic events of 1993 were forgotten as victory against the tournament favorite’s sparked nationwide rejoicing and celebrations that continued far into the night.

Prophet T.B. Joshua is well known in Zambia for his accurate prophetic messages and extensive charitable endeavors. Hundreds of Zambians take a pilgrimage to his church in Lagos, Nigeria on a weekly basis, seeking a miracle from God. Online videos from The SCOAN website show over 100 prophecies Joshua has given relating to worldwide events such as the death of iconic pop star Michael Jackson and the recent fuel protests in his native Nigeria.

source: modernghana


7 thoughts on “TB Joshua Prophesied Zambia’s Historic AFCON Victory

  1. When a Prophet is amongst us we should acknowledge his presence. The qualities of a Prophet of God are important to determine whether he is of God. I stand to say to the readers and viewers of Emmanuel TV all over the world that we have a Prophet among us. His Ministry is instituted by Jesus Himself, so to those who still doubt, compare yourselves, it will be better for Thomas in that day than for you.

  2. So you are telling us all that Jesus is in Football match predictions and passed off as coming from God through the Holy Spirit as prophecy ?

    Is there any bible prophecy that can put parallel here regarding that ?

    I can see here that you lot have not a clue about true prophecy whatsoever and go all ga ga over something that can be done by any psychic if it comes to that.

    • @ Arthur from the new york times

      don’t you know God is in everything??

      It seems you don’t even know the difference between a Psychic and a prohpet. And what is wrong when God shows you something before it happens? regardless of what that may be. Or are you the new person to decide what God can or cannot show his prophets?

      Do you even know what Prophecy is? It can also be given for something good or fun, for the joy of people and to uplift their faith.

      God knows the hearts of the people, pretty obvious if a prophecy is given about it. If it’s His will. Don’t you know that lots of people in sports do pray to God to help them to win. Some people even aquire their winning because of their faith. are you the one to stand between them?? certainly not.

      If you want a biblical parallel to it, surely i can give you enough. But i won’t!! Go on and read your bible instead of pointing your dirty finger at others! Maybe you will learn a few things from reading…

  3. by elijah predicting the price drop of flour and the exact time in 2 king 7, jesus prophesied about the coin in the mouth of a fish in matthew 17:27; Etc…,jesus said i quote”Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.”
    this is found in john 14:12
    Prophet TB joshua is a servant of the most high God,period.

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