THE MAN TB JOSHUA and his Prophetic eyes that cover the Globe

As the most recent prophecy of TB Joshua on the death of an African leader reached fulfillment last week Thursday, with the demise of President Bingu wa Mutharika, many news outlets and blogs on the internet are heralding  the prophetic prowess of TB Joshua, practically singing his praise on nearly every outlet carrying the story, as is expected, this got the Pharisee authors behind TB Joshua watch (a SCOAN critic site) visibly furious and they annoyingly proceeded to make a press release with which they classified the prophecy as either a product of the mathematical calculations of probability which they requested mathematicians to help with, or the possibility of an insider source revealing details of the presidents nearness to death. In any case, any mathematician who is clever enough to calculate the probability of guessing the demise of a non-west-African president soon to occur, rightly as they requested on TB Joshua watch, should please also calculate the probability of the man guessing the event’s day of occurrence as a Thursday, a remarkable part of the prophecy the Pharisees at TB Joshua watch deceitfully left out. As for the conspiracy theory, they themselves know as much as we do that its utter gibberish, so we wouldn’t waste words trying to refute such a lame theory, the prophecy was explicitly clear enough to make anyone in their right mind know that of a truth TB Joshua was fully aware of the event to happen. Highlights of the sharp details of the prophecy include;

– Impending sudden death of an African Leader

– An African Head of state

– One whose been battling with a sickness for a long time

– Not in West Africa

– An event to occur on a Thursday

The Man TB Joshua; as he chronicles God's Word

The Man TB Joshua; as he chronicles God's Word

These details are explicit enough for public consumption and a clear proof that he indeed saw the event beforehand, and while his critics are hammering that the name and country weren’t mentioned, the details TB Joshua gave were enough to indicate to the president concerned that his time was near, hence the late Malawi president wrote a letter to TB Joshua which The Prophet received nine days before the late president’s demise. An amazing fact TB Joshua revealed yesterday on Emmanuel TV to millions of live audience.

 TB Joshua speaking on the late president’s transition to Glory said;

“The testimony of our conscience is that by the grace of God I have lived a good life and walked close with God, if we pray a sickness in our situation, though God does not send answer to us like Hezekiah, yet He by his spirit bids us “be of good cheer your sins are forgiven” we should be happy whether we live or not; we have no reason to say we pray in vain. God answers us if he strengthens us with strength in our soul though not in bodily strength; our leader God answered him with strength in his soul, though not with bodily strength”.

Letter sent to TB Joshua by the Late Malawi President

Letter sent to TB Joshua by the Late Malawi President

So while the Pharisee authors of TB Joshua watch label the prophecy in their ignorance as vague and unhelpful, it was enough to make the president concerned aware that he was the one in question which is of utmost importance, enabling him to put his house in order and committing his soul unto the lord for eternity, even as TB Joshua assured the Congregants that the late president was resting in the Lords precious arms. So who are they to complain that the name wasn’t mentioned when the person concerned got the message and responded?

The truth of the matter here is that the Pharisee authors of TB Joshua watch Do not dispute the fact that the prophecies are accurate and correct, just as the Pharisees, chief priests and scribes did not deny that Jesus wrought miracles, in fact they do admit that but are poised to question and investigate the miracles and prophetic utterances of TB Joshua with inherent cynicism, as their predecessors did to the messiah, 

In other words they’re only trying cause doubts in the hearts of people by saying that such prophetic prowess that covers the Globe is not an endorsement of genuineness or enough authentications, that false prophets can also do such. Just as their precursors labelled Jesus miracles as being wrought by Beelzebub, the prince of demons. It’s pretty amazing the striking similarities of these guys to the biblical Pharisees, chief priests, scribes and elders. It’s almost like we’re reliving the days of Jesus Life on earth.

 Conclusively, as the bible clearly reveals and teaches that God ensures the fulfillment of his servant’s words and foils the signs of false prophets.

The question remains; 

Would God allow a “False prophet” to take the spot light as “Gods mouthpiece” in Christendom with his prophecies fulfilled every time, while his “True prophets” merely remain onlookers?

 Is there any such history in the scriptures?

 Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

8 thoughts on “THE MAN TB JOSHUA and his Prophetic eyes that cover the Globe

  1. No no no. Is it the case of Jeremiah and hananiah in (jeremiah 28:10-end) Hananiah could not prevail where Jeremiah was. For giving false prophecies God sent Jeremiah to declear his death to him.and he died that year. Or is it paul and Bar-jesus/Elymas In (act 13:6-12) how paul commanded him to go blind because he prevented the right ways of the Lord. So where true prophets Prevail, yes! no doubt, there will be false prophets but they can never dominate the true prophet of God.

    Many a time i have pointed it out to T.B Joshua watch to show us more false prophet since they are very good at recognising false prophets but they bluntly refused.okey! Tell us the true prophets of God so we can go seek the face of God.they also refused.why are they centered only on this man(T.B.Joshua)? This is a clear proof that the authors of T.b. Joshua watch have something against the prophet.and it paints a clearer picture now that they’re once His disciples who could not continue with Him. And do not have anyother means to persecute him other than opening a blog. Hmmm. You all who are at the side of these pharesees.lets reason together. If they are really concerned about the salvation of xtians and their comenters. And they claim to have the power to discover false prophets why not tell us false prophets we should stay away from.and the genuine once we should run to? why speaking only on T.b. Joshua?

    These authors are even worse than pharesees.cos their aim is to get people of God to believe there’s no prophet of God.inorder words there is no God. A loyal and prolific comenter,Terrific at T.b.Joshua watch made this glaring by saying there’s no real prophet of God.and that people shouldn’t find a prophet but should worship God in spirit and truth.

    Now, the only people who love T.b.Joshua and speak well of him are quickly given the link to unsubscribe from their site.cos they want the blog to be full of the evil minded like they are.why not encourage your comenters on the reason why they should remain? Tell me how can we believe in such an open evil blog like T.b.Joshua watch?

  2. They’ve clearly surpassed the pharisees in evil, everyone except these scribes knows that the one with the greater works is the one of the true God, the prophets of baal could never surpass elijahs prophecies, and no where were they seen giving such prophecies to nations, even Simon the sorcerer in the new testament got converted because of the greater miracles he saw peter and john doing of which he was sure he couldn’t counterfeit or copy. I just heard the London times in the uk interviewed TB Joshua regarding the prophecy, with the way all this is going TB Joshua may end up being even more respected than the Christian pope. And finally someone to make Christianity as exciting as the days of the apostles. Thank you Lord.

  3. I begin to love this prophet when he said if we pray a sickness though God does not send answers to us like Hezeliah yet bids us by His spirit, we should be of good cheer cos our sins are forgiven. And also saying it is sin that makes us afraid of our heavenly above. Wao… What else does anyone want to hear more than the late president is resting in the Lords arms.thats the greatest of all. And this will bring joy to the family. If a prophet like T.b.Joshua should tell me when i will be called, what a rare priviledge. I would quickly put my home in order and try living a righteous life until am called. It’s now left to God to decide wether to add more years or not. We have no reason to doubt His agenda. I believe the late president was happy he was given the period of His death and was able to put his home in order. And thus sending T.b.Joshua that letter days before he died. Matter closed.

    Speaking about T.b. Joshua watch. I read in one of their coments. Ian. Who was saying T.b. Joshua shouldn’t have mentioned anything about it at all.but should have gone privately to tell the president about his death.
    Gud! I have to say T.b.Joshua has to be accepted by the world first as a prophet of God before He can travel to give such prophecies. Or else the generation we are in might cook more frigthening message that it was His visit that killed the president. Just as some are already saying he could have something to do with the death.
    When we go through the bible we see that these countries accepted that they had a prophet who hears from God directly and thereby submitting to everything the prophet says. That was why the prophets were able to go in person to declear those prophecies. Thats because they were generally accepted. Who knows if T.b. Joshua should go and was not accepted, He might be gailed for murder or conspirator to Kill the president.
    So, that T.b. Joshua didn’t go personally but was able to send this message across shows maturity. Let the world know there’s a prophet and see if T.b. Joshua will not be more open and personal. Even at this. We have also heard many a time T.b. Joshua telling us His effort in trying to get in tourch with the people or nations concerned but because some still doubt, it becomes difficult. This is the fact about all these.

    But did T.b.joshua watch always give people who are not for them link to unsubscribe from their blog? Does this mean they don’t even want anyone who tells the truth and are against them? I hope this does not also happen on this blog?

  4. Honestly speaking there’s a need to talk on this matter.”tbjoshuawatch” a cynic site says that the fact that tbjoshua’s prophecies are accurate and comes to pass does not mean they are genuine and from God but i want to disprove that fact by refering everyone to the book of (DEUT 18:21-22).’if what the prophet proclaims does not come true,that is a message the lord has not spoken means he spoke presumptuously’ .means if it comes to pass means he is the mouthpiece of God. Read deut 18:17-20) the lord says: i will raise up “a” prophet like you from among their brothers.i will put my words in his mouth,and he will tell them everything i command him”. GOD says i will raise up a prophet. means in every generation God put honour upon 1 prophet.honour here does not mean in his home town but to be known all over.the tbjoshua i know is a major prophet.VS 20….but a prophet who speaks in my name what i have not comanded him to say or speaks in the name of other gods,must be put to death.this shows that God will never allow a false prophet to take the spot light as “Gods mouthpiece” in christendom with his prophecies fulfilled everytime and while his “true prophet merely remain onlookers” if there is any such history in the scripture i would really want to hear it.!!

  5. Patric the authors of T.b. Joshua watch do not have the intention of posting coments that aren’t speaking in favour of them. They only post coments their admins can respond to. They’ve done it in the past and am a witness. They tried to fustrate soe a scoan disciple, or is it visser a very outspoken comenter, and now are also trying to fustrate abbey currently by sending her link to unsubscribe from the site. But i believe these comenters aren’t fustrated b’cos they are already convinced about the truth.

    A person or group of people who are eager and anxiously waiting for the downfall of another or for a little mistake they can attack with. Then What do we call such people? Christians? Servants of God?

    @T.B. Joshua watch. I know it’s only the Hand of God himself that can change you guys. But i wouldn’t pray for your site to liquidate or fold up but for God to give the grace for your site to live long and watch T.b. Joshua being accepted world wide just as it has already began.

  6. prophet TB Joshua he is a man that God have chosen…many people speak false utterance against him some they say he is a Satanist ,the question comes can a demon cast out another demon..people if you think he is a Satanist why cant you go and deliver him.

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