The Man TB Joshua – Hated and Crazily Loved

If there is one name in Africa that sparks more controversy, heightens emotion both of ardour and anger or breaks up a conversation more than TB Jos hua, then tell me. Some express intense hatred towards him, so much so, that you would think he had personally inflicted all their woes andsorrows.
On the contrary, others talk with such rapture about him that you would think they couldn’t live without him. Who is this man that is constantly causing a stir, a rift in the breach, rippling the stillwaters? Who is this man who has become a topic of conversation from the mouths of the most impoverished to societies finest and elites?
Who is this man who keeps ardent bloggers happily awake throughout the night (either attacking or defending him), knowing they have to get up in the morning and monotonously trudge to their respective places of work? Who is this man who can utter a few words of “God says”and within seconds set the global computer village abuzz, some scoffing and misinterpreting, others gaping in admiration?
One thing is clear, if there was no higher force or spirit behind his words, he would never reach the headlines, let alone become a household name.
If what he said had never come to pass, he would have been dismissed long ago by all and sundry, his ministry severely diminishing, only retained bythe foolish who know not the right from wrong.
Only a lunatic would announce to the world what would happen, knowing that it was all a trick, a fraud, a deception. Looking at the antecedents of this man, it is evident that a higher hand is with him, in him, speaking and working through him.
The question now is whether the force is of good or evil, whether inspired by God Almighty, the Creator of the whole earth, or Satan, the destroyer.
The answer to this question cannot be thrust down your throat like parents trying to feed a stubborn child. Neither can it be subtly implied toyou, like a conniver cunningly worming his way toyour minds. No, it is by direct revelation, conviction and a word from God.
If you have the opportunity to ask those who can categorically stand on the rooftops to defend this man, they will tell you that they received a revelation.
They will probably also tell you of an initial battle of doubts raging before coming to the conviction that he is sent of God. President John Atta Mills of Ghana acknowledged the authenticity of this prophet — that was why he humbled himself and visited him severally for prayer before his election to the highest seat in 2008. Because he saw TB
Joshua as a man of God, he simply listened to advice and instruction and emerged victorious.
Morgan Tsvangirai had got to a point of desperation where he realised that he needed divine intervention and guidance for the arduous task of trying to unseat President Mugabe. He hasvisited TB Joshua severally for prayer and advice.
Cuthbert Dube, the president of Zifa found himself in a wheelchair before he realised that he needed prayer from a God-sent to his life. After praying he decided to come to The Synagogue Church Of All Nations and visit TB Joshua for a healing prayer. Sure enough, he came back, walking, his wheelchair condemned to a state of disuse.
The newly sworn in Malawian President Joyce Banda recognised all too clearly that the huge demands of such a political office are beyond her physical and mental strength to handle.
Long before she was assumed presidency, she visited The SCOAN, eager for prayers for God’s guidance and protection. Her husband, weakenedto a state where he could not function normally also visited TB Joshua for prayer and he came back striding confidently as if all the world was supporting him.
These are just a few of the people who have visited TB Joshua. The latest online frenzy with this man prompted fierce debate among his friends and foes. He predicted the sudden death of an African head of state in April, and Bingu wa Mutharika of Malawi, passed away on April 5.
Each of TB Joshua’s international prophecies are uploaded onto the Church’s website, with the confirmation of their fulfilment. Astounding healings and shocking deliverance from evil spiritsare also found on his website. Watching TB Joshuaand the wise men, five trainee prophets under him, is the last thing from being boring.
If you are the traditional type, be warned that it might ruffle your feathers. And if you are the lukewarm type, be warned that it might force youto repentance. If you are the doubting type, get ready for your doubts to meet their match. If you are the light-hearted type, get ready, you may laugh tirelessly.
A final advice — watch TB Joshua’s TV channel andif possible, go visit him at his church in Nigeria. Come to your own conclusions; don’t succumb to the pressure of those around you.
If he is God-sent, then he could be God-sent to you or to your nation. Consider this before you open your mouth, words are cheap.