‘TB Joshua Proposed To Me 45 Minutes After We Met’ – Wife Opens Up

Prophet TB Joshua’s wife of 23 years, Evelyn Joshua, granted a rare interview toThe Spectator and talked about how she

TB Joshua's wife; evelyn Joshua

TB Joshua’s wife; evelyn Joshua

met and married TB Joshua at the age of 17 in 1990 and her role in his ministry.

I visited a sister somewhere at Ikotun-Egbe and they were all talking about a particular man, a prophet. Half of the people in the room had all met him and they were saying a lot of good things about him. After everything, I asked my sister if she could take me to him. I needed a spiritual guide at the time. A counselor. So we went there but unfortunately Before this time, the idea I had about this prophet was that he was an old man, with a long white beard. So on that day I was reading a novel that I came with when I suddenly saw someone come into the room, pick one or two things and went back. The person I saw wasn’t an old man so I didn’t pay him any attention. But when he went back to the consulting room, one of the people also waiting to speak with him said ‘that’s him’.

When it was eventually my turn to see him, we sat opposite each other. He was gazing at me for a few minutes, and I was also gazing at him. Transfixed as I was, I saw him write something on a piece of paper, ‘Ejide’ (means twin has come). I’m a twin.

Then we started talking and he told a lot of things about myself, both things I knew and the ones I didn’t know. He told me about my family, about my past, about my future. Altogether we spoke for about forty five minutes. At the end of the whole thing he spoke to me in Yoruba. He said (translated in English) Please don’t be annoyed. Don’t think this is how I talk to everyone that comes to me. I don’t have a concubine and I don’t want to have a concubine. But will you marry me?

Just like that. It was strange, but that gives me an insight into what the scripture says that the spirit testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children. That was how I met him. When he proposed to me my heart agreed with it instantly. Some months later I asked him why he thought it was right seeing a lady for the first time and proposing to her. He said he had seen me four days before that day. I don’t know if it was in a dream or a revelation. We had our traditional and church wedding a few months later. didn’t meet him at home. Some months later I visited him again alone, that was in 1990.

source: http://tumfweko.com/2013/02/07/tb-joshua-proposed-to-me-45-minutes-after-we-met-wife-opens-up/

12 thoughts on “‘TB Joshua Proposed To Me 45 Minutes After We Met’ – Wife Opens Up

  1. TBJOSHUA came to achieve a remarkable fit in this mundane world,he didnt exercise too much time to discern his life partner that he needs in course of transversing this mucky world.

  2. l love that is the God of TB Joshua, what God says he never reverse it.if he say yes it is yes, if he says NO it is NO.God knew everything in this world. So let us just believe in him all the time Amen. l LOVE TB JOSHUA AND THE WIFE.

  3. My name is sandra may ypu please pray for mi man of God I have been married for six years no child and my life is so miserable I just feel so bad I wish you can help me with prayers and I believe that this year God is going to help mi am tired people are now. Calling me barren I have had enough pleae help me People of God I really need prayers. May god bless you amen

  4. This marriage is from GOd,i wish many people could learn a lot from this man of God ,the man who can really hear from God.May his days be multipled for this generation to see the light,life,truth during his days.We love him very much

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