TB Joshua and SCOAN – a beginners guide #1

In his famous award-winning book Capitalist nigger, respected Nigerian born African-American writer and entrepreneur, Chike Onyani, postulated that ‘the first step to a successful life is a belief in oneself to be whatever one wants to be in this world’. This corroborates the proposition of the Roman poet, Terrence that “Fortune favours the brave”. Bravery implies courage, determination, hard work, perseverance, dedication, persistence, endurance and patience.

JOYCE BANDA and Other Leaders of Her Caribe Are Amongst the High Profile Ardent Supporters of Tb Joshua

JOYCE BANDA and Other Leaders of Her Caribe Are Amongst the High Profile ardent Supporters of Tb Joshua

This demands belief in oneself and focus. Whatever we wish for or ask for in life can always come our way; however, we must be brave and have an absolute belief in ourselves to be successful. It is the belief in oneself that removes the obstacles that could stand in the way to achieving our stated goals. Prophet TB Joshua is one distinguished person whom fortune has favoured his bravery.

Although, the personality and ministry of Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua, fondly known as TB Joshua has been surrounded in much controversy, the Nigerian prophet is no doubt an icon of self-belief who has stood among equals. From a lowly background as a boy carrying chicken waste in a poultry house, the belief in oneself has pedestal prophet TB Joshua into a well sought after, international brand.

The rising to international fame of the Nigerian born man of God, internationally acclaimed and prophesied miracle worker, minister and Televangelist, Prophet TB Joshua, who has undoubtedly become an enigma in the evangelism world, with his fast growing synagogue church of all Nations, and much watched emmanuel tv is the result of self-belief and determination.

A man renowned world over as a powerful man of God, yet most vilified for his miracle healing services and predictions has demonstrated clearly that the belief in oneself is the key to human achievement on earth. The success story of the Charismatic preacher, Prophet TB Joshua whatever perception or impression people may have about it, is not something that just occurred overnight; it is clearly a product of courage, determination, hard work, perseverance, dedication, persistence, endurance and patience, that has long been bargained for.

The unwavering posture of prophet and his ministry in the face of adversities and criticisms even from people who ordinarily should have been allies and partners in the vine yard shows that he must have carefully studied the success law in 16 lessons of Napoleon Hill in anticipation. The self-made industrial giant, Napoleon Hill summarized his rise in 16 lessons in series of lectures in America, that later became ‘the law of success’ and published as a multi-volume book in 1928. The 16 lessons vividly cannot “belief in oneself” as follows – the mastermind, a definite chief aim, self-confidence, the fill habit of saving, initiative and leadership, imagination, enthusiasm, self-control, the habit of doing more than paid for, a pleasing personality, correct thinking, concentration, cooperation, profiting by failure, tolerance, and the golden rule – “knowing how to make use of the great universal law of human conduct in such a manner that you may easily get harmonious co-operation form any individual or group of individuals”.

Today, whether he read it or he has been divinely endowed with it, the law of success has equipped prophet tb Joshua with the power of bargaining big before the LORD. This has turned the Ikotun Egbe synagogue into a Mecca or Jerusalem of some sort with visitors trooping in daily from all over the world with varying needs in search of help. While most churches attract crowds during crusades or special programmes, TB Joshua’s synagogue has become a globally acclaimed ministry that is always filled to the brim, like a stadium hosting a world cup soccer match finals.

Unlike his contemporaries, the prophet has distinguished himself as a true shepherd who cares about his flock and has built accommodation blocks within the Church premises to give shelter for majority of his teeming worshippers who come outside Nigeria. This has endeared him to the high and low in society who acclaims him to be a true prophet of God.

Outside TB Joshuas synagogue

TB Joshua planted in Ikotun Egbe, his synagogue of all nations, and thus turned the formerly obscure suburb into a Mecca or Jerusalem of some sort with visitors trooping in daily from all over the world with varying needs in search of help.

Born of June 12, 1963, in a village called Arigidi, in Ikare Akoko, Ondo State of Nigeria, Prophet TB Joshua, the founder and pastor of the Synagogue church of all Nations is said to have sparked controversy starting with his mysterious birth. He is said to have remained in his mother’s womb for 15 months before he was born. Prophet TB Joshua’s miracle healings and predictions has been raging controversies ever since his ministry stormed into the public domain in 1987, bringing into question the legitimacy of his works from several quarters.

In spite of the controversies Prophet TB Joshua’s ministry has remained one of the most sought after spiritual houses around the world, attracting notable political and respectable world leaders who come to not only tap one form of anointing or the other at the church, but also to have an exclusive audience with TB Joshua. Amongst the notable visitors to TB Joshua’s synagogue church of all nations (SCOAN) especially  within the African continent include Zimbabwe’s prime minister; Morgan Tsvangirai, late Ghanaian president  John Atta mills (who testified that TB Joshua prophesied his ascent to presidency), south Africa’s Winnie Mandela, Malawian president Joyce Banda and the Zulu King, Goodwill Zwelithini kabhekuzulu amongst international visitors.

Numerous videos have been produced documenting the healing of incurable diseases such as cancer, paralysis and AIDS, showing people’s conditions before during and after healing prayers. Medical doctors have examined the patients before and after they have testified to a supernatural activity beyond medical science. Despite these healings, TB Joshua does not even claim to be the healer but says, “I am just Gods servant”. The prophet has as well made several phenomenal predictions in full view of global audience members on the satellite Christian Television, Emmanuel TV and all of them have come to pass. A visit to the synagogue will prompt one to conclude that it is a global church, as no church on the continent has this kind of coloration of foreign workers and worshipers that the synagogue has. TB Joshua can be vividly described as a self-thought man who rose to the top in the LORD’S vine yard by sheer determination and grace of God.

WHO IS THIS MAN; TEMITOPE BALOGUN JOSHUA; From A Boy Carrying Chicken Waste in Poultry to A Powerful Prophet in Synagogue Church of All Nations

WHO IS THIS MAN; TEMITOPE BALOGUN JOSHUA; From A Boy Carrying Chicken Waste in Poultry to A Powerful Prophet in Synagogue Church of All Nations

Married to Evelyn with four children, if not for his life train that broke down, Prophet TB Joshua today would have been a soldier rather than a prophet of God. The prophet nursed the ambition of becoming a soldier; however fate had its way and made the spirit of evangelism to manifest in him early in life. During his life as a school pupil, the young TB Joshua was known as ‘small pastor’ because of his love for the bible and ability to rightly predict happenings in his community. He further gained reputation for spiritual prowess after confronting and disarming a madman who was wielding a machete in the school premises.

As a result of his lowly family background, TB Joshua had a hitch in his educational pursuit and worked in various casual employments after his schooling had ended, including carrying chicken waste in a poultry farm to earn a living. Notwithstanding, he was not deterred by his predicament from preaching the gospel, as he used to organize Bible studies for local children and attended evening school during this period. Close family sources affirm that he was born with a natural talent to preach, as talking of god was his major vocation as a young man.

This vocation today has made Prophet TB Joshua a global brand, and the monumental heights achieved through his ministry that has made him a globally acknowledged humanitarian worker and philanthropist has gone in no small measure to prove that in life the belief in oneself is the fundamental path to greatness, irrespective of one’s calling.

To be continued…



18 thoughts on “TB Joshua and SCOAN – a beginners guide #1

  1. CELEBRITY journal a fast selling magazine of note packaged the life and times of TB JOSHUA and his ministry in a befitting style,only his sworn critics will have contrary views.Its not easy to quantify the income and image boosting the presence of TB JOSHUA that has accrued to Nigeria,just consider the number of visitors domestic and international that visit SCOAN on weekly basis thereby creating a non- recognized religious tourism that remains the most visited spot in nigeria today.A revenue consultant will marvel at the income that goes into the purse of the governmenmt of nigeria,the airlines,the hotels,the small/medium enterprenues due to the presence of SCOAN/TB JOSHUA at Ikotun- Egbe.Indeed ,divine blessings on TRUE men of GOD affects all and sundry around him.

  2. surely this God is the God of the impossibilities, It is unbelievable, Ohh God of the miracle, is this prophet T.B Joshua . WHAAAA, HEEE, Cheneke you are so great, you make the impossible possible. your name is Jehovah, Oh yes Jehovah is your name, mighty worriow great in battle.

  3. it’s the lords doing and its marvelous in our sight.
    Thank you God for bringing T.b. Joshua into the earth. through him we shall all know your salvation. Amen.
    except for the jealous/selfish and evil desired personalities.

    • @ Doi,

      Lets look at some evil persons at SCOAN.

      This is proof from Alan Seago !
      alan Seago 2 Mar 2013

      My wife has an Abdominal and Lungs Cancer. She wanted to go and visit SCOAN-Nigeria desperately..but her Confirmation Request was rejected. She called long distance about a hundred times the 4 international phone numbers that has given to her,sent text messages, emailed many times, but been ignored. She decided to go without the invitation support and stay in any hotels outside the Synagogue, just to meet the Prophet and the prayer line..I’m glad she changed her mind not to travel there anymore.

      That is how SCOAN reacts on real diseases and illness. Real problems all of a sudden makes Jesus conveniently AWOL for those that need healing or deliverance.

      Of course you don’t call that evil ? What do you call that when one brags about how great it all is but don’t want grant access to those that are truly sick ?

      What about me, my wife, my family, my friends and the people who went there and all of them came home not healed, not delivered, not having any testimony to tell to anyone and that the ” prophecies” were not true but half gleaned from our own information we gave before. There was nothing from our past or future told to us that was of any value or use.

      You don’t call that evil ? What does one call such then ?

      Of course you call me a liar right ? That’s not evil ?

      What about our neighbours in our area who were sprayed with anointing water and one died, the other still in hospital, another one still poor and a widow, another one still a nuisance in the neighbourhood, others are still Muslims, others still smoking weed and dealing other drugs.

      You don’t call that evil ? What do you call this when you claim that the world will be saved through TB Joshua and Wisemen ?

      Is it rightfully said then about you and your detractors from SCOAN that you are a sham, 419 scam, cheaters and deceivers and misleading people and that you have no shame ?

      Even going over dead bodies to promote someone who gave command to go and get “anointed water” and then try to wriggle out of their responsibilities ?

      Ah Doi, you don’t call that evil, but justified in your warped twisted mind and ways of promoting this man and his ministry.

      Tell me Doi, where did I do or claim such things ? You have none on me. Yet you have the guts to call me evil.

      • @jesse.
        there’s just a single bible verse that describes you. matthew 12:34.
        You brood of vipers, how can you who are
        evil say anything good? For the mouth
        speaks what the heart is full of.

        your evil but enthusiastic comments shows the evil disposition of your heart. it has been so filled with evil that you don’t even recognise good when you see it. and you have even gone to the extent of misrepresenting what the bible says by believing all prophets are false, and that there are no single prophet of God. Can you actually picture God telling you “well done” for all you’re doing right now? can you picture heaven rejoicing that you call all God’s prophets false?
        you need to do some rethink.

  4. @ All,

    What a nonsense, how many evil men were at the top of their world and visited by many dignitaries ?

    Stalin, Hitler, Polpot, Alister Crowley, Anton LaVey, Mao Tse Toeng, Ilse Koch, Idi Amin, Atilla the Hun, Saddam Hussein, Kim Jung Un, Ivan the Terrible, Ghenghis Khan, Nero, Vlad the Impaler, Elizabeth I from England, Jiang Qing, …….

    Tell me, what is the difference ?

  5. …..JESSE- you have for no just cause branded yourself a rebel, and a major critic of SCOAN.
    Repent, I say repent or it will be too late.

    • @ Jasper,

      Why don’t you repent yourself and get a life and follow Jesus Christ instead of a mortal man.

      Have you ever heard this? “Every man is mortal; TB Joshua is a man; therefore, TB Joshua is mortal.” It’s a famous “syllogism,” a form of deductive reasoning that consists of a major premise, a minor premise, a “middle,”and a conclusion. (The “middle” appears in both premises, linking them.)

      An error occurs when the middle contains a term used in two different senses (four terms): “Wool coats shrink if they get wet. Sheep have wool coats. Thus, sheep get smaller when they stand in the rain.” Obvious, right? But what about this? “Many people pay no taxes. The working class is composed of many people. Thus, the working class pays no taxes.” Obviously wrong!

      Or the middle term may be used inappropriately to link the two premises (undistributed middle): “Truffles often are found by dogs trained to locate them by scent. Illegal drugs often are found by dogs trained to locate them by scent. Thus, truffles are often illegal drugs.” Oops! This is wrong, just as wrong as the following. “Executives often are ambitious and want to make a lot of money. Criminals often are ambitious and want to make a lot of money. Thus, successful executives are criminals.”

      One error occurs when the conclusion is broader than the major premise allows (illicit major): “Politicians are actually reasonable people and not biased nitwits. All politicians are human beings. Therefore, no human beings are unreasonable or biased nitwits.” Another error occurs when the conclusion is broader than the minor premise allows (illicit minor): “Politicians love power. All politicians are human beings. Therefore, all human beings love power.”

      The same now is applicable to yourself, Repent and be Baptized and receive the Holy Ghost, because it is well known that this is not taking place in SCOAN and followers of TB Joshua who stand between God and man as a false Christ and messiah.

  6. @ Eromo,

    I am going to prove to you when there was a recent situation when Nigerians came to church with a killed owl, that this is nothing to brag about because Nigerians kill owls by default and that it has nothing to do with “anointing water”.

    I’m angry. And I’m sad. Says Azuibuike,

    Nkolika the Owl is dead. She was killed in the streets days ago, after being taken from her sanctuary in a Good Samaritan’s home. She was killed because people in the neighborhood could not get over their irrational belief that she was witch. They believed that the young man who’d saved her was endangering himself just by caring for her.

    Here’s how it all started:

    About two weeks ago in Nigeria, a young man named Azuibuike Eyes Okoro saw some people beating an owl in the street. “She was helpless and harmless ” Okoro said. “She crouched there looking beautiful, watching them killing her.” She was a common barn owl. Scientific name: Tyto alba. Igbo name: ikwikwie.

    In Nigeria, owls are greatly disliked and ruthlessly slaughtered. Many believe they are witches or the mediums of witches who are bent on bringing evil and misfortune. Some say that when an owl hoots, it is a bad omen and someone is certain to die. Ironically, these beliefs are reinforced in churches by pastors. Nevertheless, when Okoro saw people beating the owl in the street, he was overcome with a deeper emotion. Love. “It just felt right to save her,” he said.

    Without considering the consequences of his actions, Okoro became a hero. He snatched the bird into his arms and took off. He took the bird to his home. Okoro risked a lot when he rescued her, including harm to himself for preserving such an “evil” creature.

    I learned of his situation when he posted a photo of the bird on his Facebook page and tagged me. I watched several Nigerians warn him of witchcraft and evil. One guy even said that if Okoro put the owl in a coffin shaped box, only then would it change back to the witch it was. Still, Okoro found some support there, too (from Nigerians and the rest of the world). Facebook connected him with people who could tell him how to care for the bird. He was also able to find a wildlife facility near his home that would take the bird and give it professional care.

    He fondly referred to the owl as his “Owl of Ga’hoole” in reference to the Guardians of Ga’Hoole fantasy book series. However, he asked me to come up with a more fitting Igbo name for her. I chose Nkolika. In Igbo, “nkoli ka” means “dialogue is better”. Talk (civilized behavior) is better than violence. It’s a female name and since he’d been referring to the owl as “she”, I went with that.

    On Tuesday (February 26th), Okoro planned to take the owl to a wildlife facility an hour from his home. However, before he could do so, tragedy struck. Needless to say, Okoro was heartbroken.

    This incident may sound like one of my stories, but it is not. This happened right in the great megacity of Lagos, Nigeria.

    Nkolika on the day Okoro saved her (February 10th). She scratched him up pretty badly (Note: It’s not safe to handle an owl!), so he had to put her in the sink. He eventually gave Nkolika her own room.

    Nkolika was doing well (February 16th). By the second day, he was able to get her to eat some raw meat. Days later, he got her to eat live prey.

    When Okoro was away, he believes his neighbors came into his home, released the owl and killed her in the street. This was how he found her hours later right outside his home (February 26).

    Owls are magnificent and mysterious. They can turn their heads 270 degrees around. They hunt at night and have special feathers that make them able to fly in complete silence. Their eyes are big and intense for night vision. And they are often are beautifully adored and may have intimidating faces. It’s no mystery why human beings of many cultures construct fantastical folklore about owls.

    However, most of the time, an owl is simply an owl. Just another citizen of the earth. And that should be an ok thing to be, no matter the country.

    Fly in peace, Nkolika.

    • This time JESSE ; you went completely out of the way sorryooo ! no link .at ALL, that owl flew into your home no doubt.

  7. Even TB JOSHUA sworn enemies like JESSE appear to have recognised that spiritual blessings and guideance aside, TB JOSHUA with minimal qualification has steered the ship[SCOAN/EMMANUEL TV] in a remarkable manner.

  8. Jesse, you need deliverance. I have seen darkness around you. Respect the Prophet T. B. Joshua because he is a true Man of God. You are merely a protestant who is nowhere equal to T.B. Joshua by any standard. It is said that “a toothless dog cannot bite”.

  9. Pingback: TB Joshua and SCOAN; a beginners guide #2 | Watch TB Joshua

  10. i have in the last months read through virtually all the contributions on uk based tb joshua fan blog, amongst the numerous inputs, ONLY jesse has a diverse contrary view on TB JOSHUA and SCOAN.Recently a pastor who hitherto vehemently spoke against SCOAN in churches and crusades got delivered from ancestral spirit that caged and dealt with him physically. I sincerely do not see Jesse the way others look at him in respect of his stand on SCOAN. I have great pity on him, he lost 10 years of his precious time at SCOAN wanting to become deputy to TB JOSHUA even at any cost, according to him he spent a fortune in the quest to possess a little of the power divinely bestowed on TBJ- ACTS 8 vs 20.You may now understand his problems, anybody who loves him should pray for him,or advice him to pocket his pride and head to a TRUE living church for deliverance.

  11. @ Eromo,

    Lies, there are more people visiting at David Oyedepo’s Living Faith Church International in Nigeria. Also bigger building, more money too, bigger carpark. When are you going to stop lying ? Oh wait you can’t ?

    Also the largest church in the world is David Yonggi’s Yoido Full Gospel Church in South Korea, up to 1 million gathering and hundreds of thousands visiting every month. Not even to mention the billions they reach on TV.

    Also to know of David Younggi’s Cho’s embezzlement of church moneys for private purposes.

    Church ministers are all the same, money, power, greed and notoriety, nothing more. And Jesus is standing in the back not noticed at all.

    Get your facts right.

  12. Mr JESSE, The two men you mentioned are Great men of GOD of unequal repute.Yes, David Cho operates the largest church in the world and David Oyedepo also a reasonably large church ,but that is not the bone of contention.The fact remains that SCOAN attracts more visitors [international]weekly [not just on programmed crusades],others you may have in mind have congregants that are basically of local population.

  13. @ Eromo,

    Since I was part of SCOAN in the past, I know first hand that they are rotating migrants from churches inside Nigeria, to support the scamming, deception, 419 inside of Africa to pull the wool over the eyes from onlookers who watch Emmanuel TV. If it was not for the fact that Emmanuel TV existed, SCOAN would be still in their infant shoes over the last 20 years.

    Because of the use of YouTube, Emmanuel TV, VIMEO, Twitter, Facebook and Word press SCOAN has been manually put forward and not by God as it was done in the time of Paul, by travelling and demonstrating the Kingdom of God on any place they went.

    My sincere argument and factual experience I know that this is a man made ministry and has nothing to do with God as there are so many out everywhere in the world in where we are being lied to by the participating high visibility ministers who live an extravagant lifestyle of deception and don’t shy away of taking monies from people they have hypnotised with their fantasy stories.

  14. jesse can you please tell us the genuine ones? since you now have the vision and knowledge to know man made minisrty and the ministry of God/the Holy Spirit.
    if you can’t mention any, then i advice you to withdraw from your evil desires and submit to God for total overhauling of your spirit/soul and body. coz i can sence the spirit of deception around.

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