Emmanuel TV Is Dangerous

Emmanuel TV Is Dangerous

In a world saturated with earthly concerns where people are too busy for God, His word, His prophets, and give little or no consideration to anything related to faith in the unseen God, it isn’t a wonder why the entire world is chaotic and panic-stricken, with wars and rumors of wars, men’s heart as Jesus prophesied is failing them for fear. Yet Jesus admonished his followers and believers of all nations to continue in patience and forbearance when he declared that by their patience they would possess their souls. One result of overindulgence in worldly tendencies and rejection of God is that people today seem so interested in negative news; their craving for undesirable reports is proven by the way they rush to get newspapers with catchy negative titles. While this may not be anybody’s fault, it’s a sure sign that we are in a danger zone where everyone is exposed to things that are not consistent with God’s word. This damaging thirst for undesirable news is also sufficiently satisfied by the reputed news agencies that would stop at nothing to cover unhelpful and depressing stories and report same unapologetically to the public. This has transpired for so long that people have become addicted to off-putting news without knowing, and everybody has resorted to speaking negatively about the unpleasant system of things in the world which in no way helps matters.  Looking through our surroundings and seeing only things that are frightening, there seems to be no hope, no peace, with the frail and weak surrendering to their fears, the heart of those with a conscience cannot but dream of a miracle, a miracle that would put quality smiles on their faces and give hope to hearts sunken in despair.                                                                                               In his ever compassionate benevolence, there arose a great favor from the Living God to the world and to this generation that the ministry of the synagogue church of all nations was born and complemented with all the necessary mediums for propagating the gospel of Jesus Christ to the four corners of the earth. And when we talk about the “gospel”, we do not refer to the gospel of idle words to satisfy men’s itching ears and entertain them as is common in the world around us, with endless talks of prosperity and how God would credit a million bucks to your account if you would sow seeds to the life of the preachers. We are talking about the gospel according to TB Joshua, a very practical Christianity in all completeness and truism. Where it is much easier to emulate the way Jesus lived because we do not only hear about how he walked, but are also privileged to see the life of Jesus relived in totality through the life and ministry of TB Joshua of the synagogue church of all Nations.  We can attest to what a humble man he is, and how he’s submitted to the will of his heavenly father. iI the light of which he often describes himself as a humble donkey on which Jesus Christ sits. Being the personification of a true witness in both word and life, TB Joshua has to his credit countless testimonies, miracles, healings, breakthrough, being wrought through his hands, his wise men and now more presently, TB Joshua’s anointed water.

 If you’re the donkey on which Jesus Sits, then I am amongst those who threw their shirts in your way…

“If you’re the donkey on which Jesus Sits, then I am among those who threw their shirts on your way…”

The miracle spree of the anointing water keeps coming and happening at the SCOAN – THE ARENA OF LIBERTY. In the weekly reality show, Gods servant senior prophet TB Joshua and the wise men are using the awesome power of God to put smiles on the faces of millions worldwide as the manifestation of God’s word is felt through the unbelievable grace of the prophet who touches the lives of men in “spite of demonic devices and weakness to stop salvation and redemption.             THE SCOAN which runs a 24 hr. TV Programme is syndicated to other major channels across the globe, reaching out to an array of believing viewers. In a series of prayer sessions, viewers are led by the prophet to free themselves of all common calamities of human life as they touch their screens in faith knowing that “distance is not a barrier”. Viewers are also regularly treated to some melodic tone by the Emmanuel singers whose sonorous renditions are dotted with pokes of laughs resulting from flashbacks and excerpts of comic encounters of deliverance as well as various confirmations of prophecies. To these viewers, Emmanuel TV is a way of life.

From coast to coast, from offices to bars, market shops to home and prison cells, the show has become a daily soul-lifting tonic for all who encounter the Programme, shattering strongholds of Satan without fear or favor to the glory of God. It is believed to be the most watched TV stations around Africa and Asia as both Christians and non-Christians alike glue to their sets to experience divine healing and intervention.

The fact remains that while the prophet’s detractors are wondering why God is using him to do these great works and not them and persecute him publicly, these men of God secretly hide in the comforts of their closets to pray along with the prophet, receiving healing and deliverance without coming to the SCOAN to testify of their miraculous healing. The clear difference is while many clerics operate with sense knowledge; Prophet TB Joshua is a prophet with power who follows God in Spirit and truth by listening to the spirit’s suggestion to deliver what he has received from above.

5 thoughts on “Emmanuel TV Is Dangerous

  1. Time was when it was a near taboo to associate with TB JOSHUA in nigeria, Thank GOD dedicated members stood firm with him, his sworn critics stood at nothing to stop him from executing GOD appointed mission, he [ TBJ ] knew clearly that that period was a mere passing phase, he persistently worked hard to get organized,carried on putting smiles on people faces by way of healing , deliverance,blessing and charitable gestures.He never for once attributed his achievements to himself but to CHRIST who anointed him.Today because of the enormous grace upon him, he has continually paved the way for a greater tomorrow for the christendom,he has created an awareness that has in no small measure made faithfulls believe in earnest that CHRIST never said goodbye.The momerntum thus generated has assisted to boost church attendance the world over,particularly in africa.SCOAN now operates more like an umberalla for other churches- an interdenominational forum.Choose any sunday worship at SCOAN, congregant sitting close to you at all points could possibly be a,catholic,anglican, baptist,MFM or even a buddist.Time indeed remains the greatest healer.

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  3. Greeting fellow Christians,
    I am someone that also used to believe only by seeing and as such i believed prophet T.B Joshua the first time i watched him on Emmanuel TV. After i had believed what i had seen, i then began believing by listening. This listening was to the the word of God as it is preached by prophet T.B Joshua. I have never come across such a humble, loving and dedicated preacher like him not mentioning his anointing in deliverance and praying. He is our chosen one of today. In life brethren, there is always an opposite situation to another, opposite word for another, opposite sex to another, just like day is opposite to night and hatred being the opposite of Love, and as such the man of God, prophet T.B Joshua a true Christian and servant of God’s has his opposite, the devil’s agents, satanists, the anti-Christs and envy pregnant men of God. But let us remember people, the battle is the Lord’s and the victory is ours as Christians, long live prophet T.B Joshua.

  4. this wonderful man of God is a mighty man of God /prophet TB Joshua is doing God work/ so Satan and his people mad with the man of God Prophet TB Joshua God blessed you and the family of Emmanuel TV

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