TB Joshua: Human and Divine

TB Joshua: Human and Divine

You must have heard it countless times already, perhaps that’s the reason you take it for granted. People coming forward to testify; “I saw TB Joshua in my dream, he came in a flash of light, he came to operate me, he came and opened my cage, he came and rescued me, and all the other majestic ways he ministers to his people in spirit. Perhaps this was what TB Joshua (referring to his physical appearance) meant when he said;

TB Joshua referring to  to his divine nature

TB Joshua referring to his divine nature

This appearance you are looking at is not the one working, but a celestial body.

Whats our take on this? It would take us a lifetime to understand the absolute truthfulness of these words of TB Joshua; that is if we ever do understand.

*absolute truthfulness*; we mean the extent, the meaning, the implications thereof and the effectiveness.

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4 thoughts on “TB Joshua: Human and Divine

  1. For people who do not experience the spiritual realm or the unseen, it is very difficult to envisage what is said here. If you read in John 14 vs 10, it clearly says and I quote, ” Rather, it is the Father, living in Me, who is doing His work!” Jesus was the figure but God did the miracles. It is God who does the miracles, not TB Joshua, he is only the figure, the being, the tool of God through who God works.I hope that is sufficient to clarify the statement?.

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