TB Joshua: Human and Divine

TB Joshua: Human and Divine

You must have heard it countless times already, perhaps that’s the reason you take it for granted. People coming forward to testify; “I saw TB Joshua in my dream, he came in a flash of light, he came to operate me, he came and opened my cage, he came and rescued me, and all the other majestic ways he ministers to his people in spirit. Perhaps this was what TB Joshua (referring to his physical appearance) meant when he said;

TB Joshua referring to  to his divine nature

TB Joshua referring to his divine nature

This appearance you are looking at is not the one working, but a celestial body.

Whats our take on this? It would take us a lifetime to understand the absolute truthfulness of these words of TB Joshua; that is if we ever do understand.

*absolute truthfulness*; we mean the extent, the meaning, the implications thereof and the effectiveness.

7 thoughts on “TB Joshua: Human and Divine

  1. For people who do not experience the spiritual realm or the unseen, it is very difficult to envisage what is said here. If you read in John 14 vs 10, it clearly says and I quote, ” Rather, it is the Father, living in Me, who is doing His work!” Jesus was the figure but God did the miracles. It is God who does the miracles, not TB Joshua, he is only the figure, the being, the tool of God through who God works.I hope that is sufficient to clarify the statement?.

  2. Why can’t you accept that he lies and tries to get off the hook of what he decided to do on his own by building a hostel for the visitors while God and the Holy Spirit did not agree with it, does God not know all things ahead ? So if he is a prophet why did he still build the hostel if he claims he speaks to God everyday. God knew it would be disaster, why would God your so called “prophet” not tell him not to build this hostel because it would end in disaster. I understand this hostel was there for about three years. So TB Joshua could have heard from God 3 x 365 days from Him to evacuate the building before this would have happened, but he convienently was in Columbia on a crusade and did nothing while he claimed he saw dark clouds over NIGERiA and all of a sudden “rushed” home for to see his handy work going down on the CCTV. Yeah, your exciting world prophet telling the world his lies and yet you still defend him with his lies and attack people who tell the facts and truth. No wonder that you are personally involved in this for your own gain, recognition and selfish pride that you can defend somebody like that, who willingly tries to evade the Coroner Oyetade Komelafe because he has to swear upon the Bo le that will not lie to the Court and in public. Then giving money to the poor people all of a sudden becomes smeared with blood upon their hands kind of activity. How proud can you be upon that. Clearly the divine nature in him did not know anything than only his claims he made AFTERWARDS !

    1 John 2:20 But ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things.

    I know he is a scam, he knows things from his instructors who are doing things in this world to set the world scene to their hand and use him to be their mouth piece. Doom prophet, but does not give any solution than sitting upin his hands and his alleged prayers he says God hears and answers yet it still happens and things are not changed and still nobody repents, excepts his followres say, it has come to pass and further there is no use for it whatsoever.

  3. @ WTBJ,

    Oh in all those years from 2002 onwards he never has appeared to me to operate, flash of lightning, or opened any cage (I am not a dog), he keeps dogs, or whips a chain to chase away the imaginary demons that all his followers accuse me from. Majestic ? No, lies of his followers to keep up the invented African love to siphon off money from you while you closed your eyes. If he had 10 dollars in the bank account his so called miracles would be a few. Send him in the middle of Timbuktu with a satellite camera upon him from above from the U.S. then send random sick people to him and you will see he is all of a sudden incapable of dointo any miracles. All of a sudden his “divine” nature is AWOL.

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