TB Joshua; humble and humane to a fault

TB Joshua cheerfully carrying three bags of rice on his head

TB Joshua cheerfully carrying three bags of rice on his head

This happened during a humanitarian outreach of TB Joshua and the Emmanuel TV partners, and TB Joshua as usual was physically present and actively involved during the exercise. While others could carry just one or two bags during the distribution of rice, TB Joshua could be seen carrying three bags displaying extra strength and agility. Yet it brings the question, how many pastors and prophets in his class today can we see playing such a humble role? The only things we ever see and hear about them are how the fly around in private Jets, ride in the best cars and put on the most expensive suits. This immense difference between TB Joshua and his contemporaries, this gap between them is one that seems impossible for them to close even in a lifetime.

TB Joshua: Human and Divine

TB Joshua: Human and Divine

You must have heard it countless times already, perhaps that’s the reason you take it for granted. People coming forward to testify; “I saw TB Joshua in my dream, he came in a flash of light, he came to operate me, he came and opened my cage, he came and rescued me, and all the other majestic ways he ministers to his people in spirit. Perhaps this was what TB Joshua (referring to his physical appearance) meant when he said;

TB Joshua referring to  to his divine nature

TB Joshua referring to his divine nature

This appearance you are looking at is not the one working, but a celestial body.

Whats our take on this? It would take us a lifetime to understand the absolute truthfulness of these words of TB Joshua; that is if we ever do understand.

*absolute truthfulness*; we mean the extent, the meaning, the implications thereof and the effectiveness.

10 Reasons Why America Loves Emmanuel TV!

We all would agree that Emmanuel TV is living beyond it’s purpose to change lives, change nations, and change the world. Today, Friday, March 8th, Emmanuel TV is celebrating their 7th birthday. We are thankful to God for giving this vision to His servant Prophet TB Joshua to spread the Gospel through the medium of Emmanuel TV.


Here are 10 reasons America loves Emmanuel TV!

1. Faith Building Testimonies. Testimonies are the articles of faith that help us defeat Satan. Scripture says, “We overcome Satan by our testimony…” (Rev 12:11). Testimonies of healing from incurable disease like HIV and cancer go very far to build our faith. The most amazing part is that testimonies come with before and after medical reports to prove the person is completely healed. NO ONE these days does that and this shows how the power of God is real.

2. Deliverance From Demons. Satan is our common enemy, the author of different afflictions. Modern christianity avoids the notion about demons. The Fire of Holy Spirit at SCOAN exposes and expels evil spirits. When demons confess, it gives us insight into the realm of the demonic. How satan uses things like video games, Facebook, internet, sin and etc. to influence this generation.

3. Personal Prophecies That Reveal The Root Cause Of Our Problems. How Man of God speaks very accurate prophecies to individuals which brings total restoration in ones life. Issues that many ministers would not talk about like sex, money, curses, career etc. Prophecies on Emmanuel TV don’t just bring encouragement but reveal the root cause of peoples problems and put an end to their dilemmas.

4. Importance Of Our Dreams. In our generation many neglect their dreams but how we see on Emmanuel TV that satan uses that to enter into peoples lives. In the Bible we see many times how God spoke to people through the dreams and we should not neglect but rather ask God to use it for His glory.

5. Christ Centered Teaching. Simple but deep and profound. Prophet TB Joshua always preaches the whole counsel of God. Not just on certain subjects like prosperity, blessing and feeling good, but truths like holiness, righteousness, judgement, evangelism and repentance.

6. More For Others, Less For Ourselves. Charity in SCOAN really shows the world an example of how to be Christ like. To reach out to the fatherless, needy, less fortunate, those who are neglected by society. This inspires the whole world to do good to change the bad we see in our communities.

7. God Can Use Any Medium To Express Himself. As it was so it is. In the lives of Jesus and Apostles how God expressed himself through medium like water, handkerchiefs, shadow and etc. We see clearly on Emmanuel TV that God uses mediums like Anointing Water, Anointing Sticker, Handkerchief, and much more to express His power. The way and the manner God works in ones life differs.

8. How Man of God Models Forgiveness Toward His Accusers. Forgiveness is clearly shown toward those who falsely accused, betrayed and blackmailed the ministry and Man of God. This shows no matter how big or small you are, we should forgive because we were forgiven.

9. World Wide Prophecies. Man of God would stand in the congregation and prophecy events that are happening in USA, ASIA, AFRICA, EUROPE and much more. Like in Amos 3:7 tells us that God does nothing without first revealing it to His servants, the Prophets. Some might say that the world is coming to an end, but Emmanuel TV shows us that God who owns our future, present and past will not leave us without a solution.

10. Man of God Always Prays for Viewers. We have seen many testimonies of people who were healed, blessed, delivered and saved through Emmanuel TV. This shows like Man of God says distance is not a barrier for Jesus. Viewers all over the world who are not present in the service still get to partake of the power of God through the prayers of Man of God.

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TB Joshua speaks; my reason for the Job creation initiative

Job creation; the way to arrest the coming ominous sign

I received a lot of emails, text messages, on this job creation, why job creation, you are a man of God, why emphasis on job creation. Yes! We walk by vision, remember I have been telling you for many years now what is coming. Revolution is coming, the so called legacy, education we give to our children. Unemployment has made education useless; the young ones see no meaning in going to school. This has affected the value of education, graduates are now struggling with the uneducated for unskilled jobs, when you call for a driver, security man, gardener, you will see graduates, master’s degree, PhD, competing for the same job, rushing out for the job and at the end of the day, the uneducated will be given the job because they have what it takes. Because they have thorough experience of the job; when you were spending ten years in the school they were outside driving. Experience is the best teacher. Education and job are synonymous. No education no job, no job no education, so revolution. The so called legacy; education, you give your children, you give your young ones, when they have graduated will not have meaning because no job; no education.



Those who are in college, university now, each time they remember those who made a first class doing what they were not trained to do, it affects their morale. Revolution is coming if we do not act now, if we do not act now, revolution is coming; when the young ones will take to the street. When you see the par time Programme in university it’s for working class people and elders but today the youths have taking over the par time programmes because they realize that; can we give or full time to what is of less value? Can we give all to what is of less value? At the end of the service today the sanitation will clean all the dirt of the church, they will discover everything you left behind in the church but they will never find your penny, money on the floor because you know the value.

For the past 30 years you have been worshipping here, the sanitation that clean up the church keep discovering documents even bibles you left behind but hardly will they find your money. Can we continue, can you continue to keep what is of less value? Education and job are synonymous. I’ll leave you here. Let us care for the young ones. Let us take care of the youths, revolution is coming. When the young ones will take to the streets because the so called legacy: education; we give them will not have meaning, no job; no education. Unemployment has made education useless. In the sense that the young ones see no meaning in going to school because no education no job; no job no education. So we walk by vision, this is the vision we have had for the past years. Revolution is coming. I’ve given you simple analysis. Graduates struggling with he uneducated for unskilled jobs. You just call gardeners, and call the drivers, call the security and see those who will come out, you’ll see graduates, master’s degree, PhD, school cert. And at the end of the day, the uneducated will be given the job because they have what it takes. This has affected the value of education.

                                                                                                                -TB Joshua

                                                                                    The synagogue church of all Nations