Reactions at TB Joshua’s alliance with Sierra Leone Government to curb Ebola

The critic watch blog assert that it took them by surprise that a country actually took TB Joshua up on his offer of a donation of anointed water to fight the Ebola virus. But we at Watch TB Joshua say they have not seen anything yet, indeed, they have not seen anything yet. What can the serpent that creeps on the ground, eating the dust do to the eagle that soars in the sky? Absolutely nothing. It would do no more than slither in the dust, writhe when enraged and bare its poisonous fangs to no avail.

Below is a quote from their latest article (13th August 2014) explaining their stand of healing occurring through the anointed water;

While we at TB Joshua watch fully believe in the healing power of God, we do not believe that he operates like a vending machine, dispensing healing at the puff of a spray[…]in a case like this it will only hamper the efforts of brave health workers battling this disease.

Consider this statement of theirs and learn from it that in regards to their belief about God using TB Joshua, they are a lost cause; for if there existed no hate, jealousy or envy in them and if there was any hope of them believing, they would have added in their article something of this sort:

We do not believe in healing through the anointed water, nevertheless, now that it has been sent to the isolated and confirmed Ebola victims under medical supervision; it is behooves us to observe and see the effect the anointed water would have, so as to know if we would maintain our former opinion or desist from it.

But there was nothing close to this, rather of other gibberish which further reveal their hate and spite towards TB Joshua. Their stance can be likened to that of Victor Henshaw – The President/General overseer of integrity Bible ministries; who commented in response to a message on the Nation’s newspaper Facebook saying:

“Get TB Joshua infected with the virus, and let his anointed water heal him first, then I will believe he has power to heal Ebola, even though that won’t still change my perception of him as a man different from genuine men of God”:

The General Overseer (G.O) said this in response to a message sent to the Nation Newspapers by one of its readers, Nnamdi Uzowuru quoted below:

Why is Nigeria and Nigerians wasting time on finding cure for Ebola, when only the Anointed – water from SCOAN (Prophet TB Joshua) can cure Ebola in a period of seconds? Why don’t we value what we have?

Another reader writes:

Elesho joseph Abiodun writes:
Faithless generation. How long will you suffer in silence. You criticize God’s work but quickly embrace the devil by bathing and drinking bags of salt.

Judge for yourselves readers, undermining titles, who of these men reeks of unbelief and falsehood.

In addition: If the critic watch blog could be infuriated to the extent that they had to write it as a post, just because TB Joshua sent anointed water to Sierra Leone at the imploring of their government, then they should be ready for a blackout. The reason we say this is that not only will those Ebola victims be cured with exalted testimonies to the name of God; but the whole world will come to acknowledge TB Joshua as a prophet to the Nations and whosoever does not listen to him will pay the consequences for it. He is a prophet to the Nations and there is nothing they or their obnoxious blog can do about it. We know it bothered them to hear that a nation took up TB Joshua’s offer, and they would rather not believe it to be true; but it must happen to them what happened to their predecessors – the Pharisees, of whom it is written thus:

“So the Pharisees said to one another See, this is getting us nowhere. Look how the whole world has gone after him!” John 12:19. And we paraphrase this text to suit them:
Your critic watch blog will get you nowhere [in pulling down TB Joshua]. Look how the whole world will go after him.

When you see TB Joshua settling marital disputes between couples who stand in his presence narrating their challenges in the marriage and him proffering the solution immediately, do you think this is where he will stop at? We tell you, No, a big resounding NO: you think that is all there is to him because you comprehend but little of his mission to this world. Assuredly we say to you, that in the same way we have seen him judging between partners in marriage and settling their disputes at his altar, we would also see him also judging between nations of the world and settling their disputes right at his altar. Look forward to it. The wind of this event is beginning to blow, it will come more speedily than you think. He is so above their criticism, calumny, backbiting and whatever they may think to throw at him. He’s a born achiever, and his achievement is far beyond what they can think to fight with the free account of a WordPress blog; just as it is pointless for people to try to quench the fire of the sun by spraying one [free gotten] fire extinguisher from earth, while looking away from it.

For clarity:

The sun: TB JOSHUA: The sun of righteousness giving light to all the earth

The people armed with one extinguisher: TB Joshua critics.

The extinguisher: Their watch blog and its content.

Each spray: each article.

Spraying from earth: unable to confront and challenge him to his face.

Looking away: working as anonymous and unidentified bloggers.

53 thoughts on “Reactions at TB Joshua’s alliance with Sierra Leone Government to curb Ebola

  1. Is only a fool who says there is no God……I wish that annointing water was send here in Guinee Conakry…..I would have shame the world….because we believe in the God of prophet Tb joshua.

    • @ Ebot Samson,

      I will write your name down and wait when you will come out to shame the world with your claims.

      Further I agree with Victor Henshaw. Since Watch TB Joshua is so vehemently on in the proof is in eating the pudding, TB Joshua can step forward to show the world of his claims by being infected with the Ebola Virus and HIV/AIDS.

      He can start with the Ebola infected people in Nigeria and bring all the scientists from Nigeria to the place to prove it.

  2. @ All,

    Who said that we and I and TB Joshua Watch do not believe in God to heal, deliver, do the miraculous ?

    It does not say anywhere that water needs to be anointed as means to acquire faith.

    It says Romans 10:17
    17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

    Nowhere in the bible it says that using “anything or every medium” is an ongoing continual ministry that any disciple or apostle does besides than using oil. Olive oil. James 5:14-15
    14 Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: 15 And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.

    Secondly, again you have blasphemed Scripture with saying that TB Joshua is a god, with the first statement. WHILE EVEN HIMSELF DENIES IT HE IS ! He recently said that on camera.

    Emmanuel A. E. “therefore there is no condemnation for who is in Christ…..” It is written.

    • You seen to get things so confused Jesse that sometimes i wonder if you even understand anything about the power of God; of a truth it is said: those who speak do not know and those who know do not speak.
      People like you would have called Moses a snake charmer when he raised the brazen serpent in the wilderness, or have disbelieved Jesus when he used mud mixed with saliva to heal. Blessed are those who Understand what the Great Light is.

  3. @ whoever,

    “He’s a born achiever, and his achievement is far beyond what they can think to fight with the free account of a WordPress blog”

    He is born liar too and a false prophet that tells us that Boko Haram will not be heard of by the end of 2013, the MH370 will be found anytime from now, a wing, debris,, the MH17 was in Russian airspace and was going to be attacked, instead of Ukraine Airspace, which is eastern europe and that the Chibok girls will be released and are anointed. Such lies should be called accountable for in any church on earth. Scammers should grow their own country Liarstan and move over there, live together and keep lying to themselves and not to the rest of the world with their scam tricks.

  4. @ whoever,

    “He’s a born achiever, and his achievement is far beyond what they can think to fight with the free account of a WordPress blog”

    He is born liar too and a false prophet that tells us that Boko Haram will not be heard of by the end of 2013, the MH370 will be found anytime from now, a wing, debris,, the MH17 was in Russian airspace and was going to be attacked, instead of Ukraine Airspace, which is eastern europe and that the Chibok girls will be released and are anointed. Such lies should be called accountable for in any church on earth. Scammers should grow their own country Liarstan and move over there, live together and keep lying to themselves and not to the rest of the world with their scam 419 tricks.

    • @ Jesse
      The most amazing thing TB JOSHUA loves u very much!! I mean he loves sinners as much as he hates sin!! So what drives u to hate some one who loves you?

      Let us say TBJ is from darkness and Jesse is from heaven
      1. Jesse was expected to be a benefactor for the needy
      2. Jesse was expected to love TBJ
      3. Jesse is suppose to be presequited by TBJ
      4. Jesse’s light must disarm TBJ
      5. TBJ must be over Internet to criticize Jesse
      6. Jesse must be in his altar to pray for the well being of TBJ
      7. Jesse must love his enemy
      8. TBJ must black mail the name of Jesse

      ***** but in reality contrary is the case!! You are not disgracing or exposing TBJ over this site rather you are voluntarily manifesting!!
      Please care for ur soul

      • @ Kedi,

        Let us say TBJ is from darkness and Jesse is from heaven.

        * Everyone who is human is from earth except Jesus was from Heaven and we hope that by grace we will be with Him one day.

        1. Jesse was expected to be a benefactor for the needy.

        * what do you know what I do for the needy ? Let your right hand not know what your left is doing.

        2. Jesse was expected to love TBJ

        * where did I say that I hate TBJ ? But false prophets must be exposed.

        3. Jesse is suppose to be presequited by TBJ

        * I have no clue what that means and how this applicable.

        4. Jesse’s light must disarm TBJ

        * TBJ’s did not disarm me nor whatever.

        5. TBJ must be over Internet to criticize Jesse

        * TBJ is constantly talking about me in the third person on video.

        6. Jesse must be in his altar to pray for the well being of TBJ

        * Jesse is constantly praying to tell God to tell TB Joshua to stop lying and speak false prophecies and deceive people of the world with false promises. Including writing here. But TBJ has hardened his heart and does not listen on purpose to do his own agenda.

        7. Jesse must love his enemy

        * Jesse does not hate TBJ, but like to kick his butt about his falsehood.

        8. TBJ must black mail the name of Jesse

        * TBJ is constantly talking about Jesse in the third person to his church followers to make himself look good and his false prophecies.

  5. If Jesus comes back to flesh en live among d pple, some pple will still crucify him again bcoz on unbelief. D devil has hardened deir hearts just like in d book of Jonh en Luke. Statements like ‘is he not d son of Joseph d carpenter’ refering to Jesus. Dez nothing new dat dis blog wil say dat wil surprise me. I thank God for wisdom. @All plis read ur bible very well, it is our standard. Let no man tell u wats right or wrong.

  6. @ Lelo,

    A true Jesus is approachable and visits you in your own home, hospital, walks up to people to follow Him in the wild and even in secret and does not hide himself in crusades, 6 walls, and private personal conversations for those that pay Him the highest monies that they can give to Him and CERTAINLY DOES NO FALSE PROPHECIES and promises all kinds of promises that He will not do. Nor edits His videos in a editing room to fit in world doom situations to draw attention to Himself. Nor is the true Jesus incapable to heal me, my wife, my neighbours, my friends, my acquaintances and family. All the latter applies to TB Joshua, so he pretends to heal, do miracles, do this and do that, but is incapable when it came to me, my wife, my neighbours, my acquaintances, etc etc. He is and was rather destructive and destroying in my life and my wife, my neighbours, my acquaintances, my family, etc. etc. so yeah, there is nothing to run after about him and his family. Nothing. Plus a waste of time.

    • @ Lelo,

      When I first came to know him, I thought he was the real deal. But spending time for years in SCOAN proved to be futile and a waste of time and in the end destructive. So you keep blowing your horn about him and spit and piss against my wall like a psychotic five year old and enjoy the fun out of it. If you can’t handle the facts why turn towards these pathetic handling. Piss against your own wall and spit against it. Why don’t you do it when I stand there in front of it and you can do it while right there. Go on, try it ! But do it while I am out there. I will deal with you there and then, no matter how big you are.

      • thank you i love you too wit d love of d Lord, i pray one day ur eyes wil b opened. Hopefuly sooner dan later. Ur statement above has answered all my questions abt u. May God grant u peace in Jesus Christ name. Amen

        • Those who know do not speak, and those who speak do not know.

          @lelo you seem to be a very wise person, May the peace of Christ be upon you and me also; May He who is Lord of all orders of creation be our guide to the world without end Amen and Amen.

        • @ Soe,

          Apparently you perceive me a fool according Proverbs 17:28, but a true man of God does not piss against my wall, nor they haul up their nose and scrape their throat with their infected bodies and spit against it. Surely I should keep my mouth shut about that is it not ? Ignorance is bliss, hygiene is and stays a problem in SCOAN especially when it was affecting me personally and had a price to pay for it because of other peoples sins. Surely I should keep mouth shut, while my doctor needed to write out prescriptions with antibiotics/penicillin for it to curb it, because “the anointed water” did do Jack nothing. Of course you would have jumped from excitement and surely you would have danced on my grave if The Lord would not have been merciful by using my doctor to heal me. So yes keep your mouth shut, hypocrite.

  7. @ Lelo,

    How come that all those that have prayed for that, that your prayers have not been answered for over 25 years. If you say something than prove it while you are at it. Just writing here that you pray and nothing happens proves that your prayer was not answered.

    Further I only see charismatic witchcraft prayers in how God has to destroy exposers of TB Joshua’s false prophecies.

    My prayers about TB Joshua are heard by God because otherwise he would not complain so much in the church about his persecution and name calling about me in the third person as well by mr Daniel. Donkey, Balaam comes to mind now. Can it be he is too stubborn to admit he is on the wrong path, like Balaam was ? People love to be on their own agenda when it is financially successful, but so is the Scientology Church and rakes in Billions and has a huge portfolio of property. Surely we can call the Scientology Church a cult. Do some research. Lelo.

  8. @Jesse
    Ezekiel 36 vs 25
    “I will sprinkle clean water on you and you will be clean; I will cleanse you from all your impurities and from all your idols”

    God is with us indeed

    • @ Sophy,

      How about your own idol TB Joshua you worship and claim that Emmanuel is only with you lot ?

      Protestants and Reformed translated this as baby water sprinkling. I was sprinkled like that as a baby, but I did also a full water baptism when I was making The Lord Jesus as my Saviour.

      So how would you put that in contrast that you need to keep sprinkling, spraying, drinking some water ?

      Have you ever thought how much idols you have ? iPad, IPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy Tab, TV, Car, Job, Money, House, your boyfriend, husband, children, oh and again TB Joshua, Wisemen, SCOAN, Emmanuel TV.

      You mean you keep spraying, sprinkling ? Why if it says sprinkling, you spray ? Eh ? I mean, what did the Blood of Jesus not cover ? The Blood of Jesus is not water, even at SCOAN they want you to believe that. You go what TB Joshua tells you, I go by what Jesus says.

      Then if the case comes up, I had just got the “anointed water” before the entire crowd of SCOAN Lagos Church in front of TB Joshua who told me to take there handed down by one girl I don’t know the name of. Yet after arriving home six weeks of coughing that did not heal, night after night no sleep, wasting every energy inside me. Destroying my life, ruining my personal life. Thank God for antibiotics/penicillin that cleared it all FROM a Doctor of what I contracted their in Lagos.

      • @ Sophy,

        Then going back to SCOAN, it started again and it came back, and again and again, while leaders frantically sprayed and sprayed and sprayed and more sprayed. I was thinking now I am fed up with this nonsense, this waste of time, years went by and by and I then left and then it cleared suddenly when I left SCOAN. After that I travelled dozens of countries and places and no more problems concerning that. The “anointing water” is a sham. It does do nothing than what a good healthy hygienic lifestyle can do with vitamins and/ or medication. Prayers like they do in here result in curses, evil, destruction, attachments of problems. No blessings come from the mouth or fingers of these writers what is the commandment of Jesus. Concerning them all people against TB Joshua should split up and die as well the ground should open up and swallow the detractors of TB Joshua. Ignorance is bliss. There is more evil coming from a fanatic aggressive Christian than from Satanists and Witches. Because they think they are “speshul”, “f(l)avoured.”. When you are not with them on one page of their personal lies they will go out on a limb to destroy you without blinking their eyes and move on and litter the road of victims they had their claws in with their evil prayers and nasty words. Such Christians I move away from real fast.

  9. @ Sophy,

    Watch this closely concerning Ez. 36:25

    The sprinkling with “clean water” was merely a symbol, borrowed from the cleansing rituals of the law of Moses (cf. Ex. 30:17-21; Lev. 14:52; Num. 19:7-19), that pointed to the forgiveness that Israel could enjoy from the “filthiness” of their idol worship. Which Idol are you referring to in my case ? 

  10. Jesse you have gone to far,you have left scoan fair enough!! Why you are so agite and anger? You have left scoan but you did not stop tb joshua doing his work,he is helping thousand of people,Jesse since you have left scoan how many souls did save or how many people did you heal or help? I will send diseases people to you and let see if you will heal them, or help those in need like tb joshua,appreciate what God is doing through tb joshua, could you forgive tb joshua then, it’s seem like you are a saint, do not fight God, am not tb joshua member of church but as a Christian I know that he is man of God, and the bible recommend us to have respect to all of man of God even the priest, am french speakan, I wonder if I can write a good English like you so you will understand me well,fear God have a respect for tb joshua, he is doing a lot for God,you can not stop people to believe tb joshua,it will never work you are wasting your time,watch emmanuel tv and million of people attending scoan,good for Jesse you do not want tb joshua anymore but we the sinner need him,I wish to go Nigeria soon,Jesse you just miss scoan otherwise you should be quiet.sorry to tell you this,you have gone to far come to your sens…

    • @ Aimee,

      I miss SCOAN ? Mawhahahahaha ! You are a foolish person in going to SCOAN. Enjoy the carnage. Go on spend all your money on this charlatan. He will manipulate you until you are putty in his hand, then he will use you up and discard you like an empty pen. Signed, with love. There is nothing to forgive. I am not the one who is splitting up families, I am not the one that causes problems with children and their fathers and mothers. I am not the one that does not allow to have certain women not to get married, I am not the one that accepts all the monies from others and play nice weather to others about it. I am not the one that prophesies false. I am not the one that edits videos with my vague general prophesies, I am not the one that comforts people with false hope.

      Let me make it clear if I became a billionaire by the means of other peoples monies I will support all kinds of charities, but I won’t blow my horn about it as they do.

      You tell TB Joshua in your language with an interpreter, that he should go back to his former chicken ranch and start supporting all what he does do now. If that is possible that is.

      No money is falling from heaven. It is a bunch of people that tithe, offers, write out checks, do free work, give up their lives in the name of whoever.

      You don’t agree with me that when I play the benefactor of the monies of others that everybody will come to my door and sleep and at my door and that I then have to provide for them and that I then will start to beg others, Please oh please give me money so Incan provide. So then I make all kinds of trinkets and all kinds of gimmicks and stories so that my hearers will feel sorry and turn upside their wallets. And let them fill in all the checks in and let my accomplishes run to the bank with it such as Racine. So I command more bank accounts to be opened and I will take a bunch of money and start going off to all the nursing homes with 160 year old’s living there. And I buy beds and I buy wheelchairs and food for the homeless and beggars in the streets and the drunks in the bars. And so forth. And in no time a whole horde of people come after me who want more and then I have to accommodate them too, so I go in beg mode again and ask even more, even so much that it just hurt a little. Then do some prayer and let some people jump up and down in my meetings and then send them back to work, oh thou worker bee because I want more of your dough so I can look good. Gosh what do I miss SCOAN, any other scam church like them. Then I rather roam around every corner of this earth than being in company of these who think they are something. I rather be nothing than pretend I am something, because IF I HAVE TO BE carried around by others what point is my personal life ? If others need to promote me what am I then as an individual ? I see you as filth and as nothing more than scammers and self promoters.

  11. Jesse,Jesse,are you ok? Is like you need a touch from man of God,deleted everything concerning tb joshua,wise man,emmanuel tv,your mind will be in peace,there is too much hatred from you,and you think you are perfect,you are not,you are making your life difficult for nothing by monitoring any tiny details of tb joshua,forget about him,thank you very much by calling foolish,you do not even know me,maybe because my English no good,but let me tell you English is not even my first language I did told you but it’s does nt mean am fool you should even appreciating me because I do try to communicate with you in a language witch is not mine,Jesse I think am clever by written English and you are angry because you did understand me,Jesse could you write me your reply in French? Jesse there nothing to insult me,I did not insult at first!! Where all this anger come from? Are you a Christian? I never saw in the bible a Christian insulting other they are nt correct,they just pray,so Jesse could you pray for us foolish sins people? If you I have got the Holy Spirit you just claim us from the devil,and ask God to stop tb joshua he will answer you,deliver us please,you got more power than tb joshua,Jesse cool down,you you are fine you do not need tb joshua but a foolish like me need him,let us witness like you,and if were are not approve May we fail to be disciple so we gonna leave like you but me I would never say bad things about scoan,Jesse you can not stop people to go to scoan,and thank God the way this man is helping people with all the money he is stealing from you,me and other people some pastor they keep it from themselves,say something nice to tb joshua,those girls they will get marrying on the right time,could you marry one of them? Help them,tb joshua got a beautiful wive,he has not time for those girls is your imagination.jesse please do not insult me,your my bro.forget about scoan,mind your own business,tu m’a compri.get off from internet and pray for us.merci et waiting your nasty reply I know ready you are good on it,I can not wait the next round of Jesse anger toward me and tb joshua!!

  12. Jesse how many hours do you spend on internet? Do something else,why you so verbally violent,spray anointing water is not spraying bacteria,maybe it is for unclean people as punishment,you asking tb joshua to go back to work at poultry !! In the bible which work Paul were doing? ( making some sort of things to catch the fish) could do imagine! A prophet Paul!! Moise Sepherd in Egypt,Jesus a chapenter,people of Israel slave in Egypt,david a shepherd and many other in the bible,the children of de devil they love pride things,read the bible many of true believe they always has a challenge,hard time,people always do not understand them,they are reject and labeled names am not surprised for you hatred to man of God Tb joshua,it’s written already in the bible Jesse will against all tb joshua is doing,and me blind foolish I will believe all of his lies,Jesse are you sure tb joshua will go back to the poultry job,me Aimee I will take care of him because of what he has done for my God,he will never suffer the way you wish,and say thank you because he did feed you during your stay at scoan,Jesse I don’t know if you will even give anything to tb joshua or his family because you hate him so much you wish him disappear,finish,scoan close,see him beg is that your wish? Only God who will said tb joshua you work is finish,no you Jesse you did not call him.where is your church Jesse I would like to come and visit and see if you are doing contrarily for what tb is doing,just delete everything concerning tb joshua you will have a peace,Jesse are you sure tb joshua is spying you the way you do? I don’t think so he is too busy lying,stealing,prophesies liar,false healing…he is busy he has no time for you Jesse!!! If I said you missed scoan you do not believe me,you do,just go back and repent other wise forget about writing too much,do not insult me I have done nothing wrong to you.Dieu t’aimes.aurevoir.

    • @ Aimee,

      J’adore vous.

      ,”and say thank you because he did feed you during your stay at scoan,”

      Hahaha. Any food that was given in SCOAN was already paid for by myself.

      I don’t give a hoot if he has time for me or not. He is a waste of time anyways. It is proven that he can’t heal me anyways nor my wife, nor anyone that was stood proxy for. So yeah waste of time. So since I have plenty things to do there is no point to waste time with him, on him or whatever or in his Lagos hole. He can stay in his Lagos hole and I stay in mine and when I come out my hole I will bypass his hole until God will orchestrate that I will see him face to face, he and me somewhere alone and I will sort him out from there. So until then God will deal will that concern. And no, whenever that happens, you are not invited.

      So Bonjour, Aimee, au revoir, salut, adieu, bonne journee bonne nuit

  13. Oh Jesse merci beaucoup,what wrong Jesse you want to meet man of God face to face alone somewhere,and you will deal with him,oh lalalala!!! You know paster tb joshua is very strong remember he used to work very hard at poultry where you want him to go back,who told you you will beat him!!! If tb joshua did not healed your wife or you ask yourself why? Am sorry for that but it’s not a way to humiliated him,go back again maybe God will help you,tb joshua never healed people,remember,is God in tb joshua doing the work,tb joshua is just an instrument,a remote control which God is guiding,if you were not healed do not blame tb joshua,blame God and who are you to blame God,wait your right time Jesse,please tb joshua has nothing to block your family healing,ask God why he did not healed you through tb joshua,he will tell you the reason.just cool down Jesse.soit calme,ne te fache pas.aure voir et a bientot

  14. Ah bonjour, mon amis Aimee,

    A jeune fille, qui me dit comment il est tous mis ensemble.

    Ah so, does it mean that when your not healed is our fault ? Lack of Faith ? Lack of ….. you fill it.

    Madame quel est le probleme avec vous ?

    No they claim that Emmanuel is there, not me. If He was truly there He would have healed me, my wife, those that we stood proxy for and those that we sprayed with the anointing water.

    Jesus heals also sinners and then tells to them do not sin anymore or something worse will happen to you.

    But we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God. I made clear what I came for as well on the camera before and if God is my witness there is no reason not to heal me, nor my wife or those that we stood proxy for.

    Jesus is always A.W.O L. when things come up that really need true healing.

    I am not talking about healing of a wound or a broken bone or whatever in that form.

    I am talking about creative healing, putting things in the right place as they were not. In my case it was not a big thing but crucial for me to operate under, as well my wife it was not a important thing, but crucial for her to reach out for God to heal so.

    He and they are claiming about those healings and whatever else they claim. When you come again and again and again and again and again and again and again and you are saying your are prophet and you are not telling anything then what prophet are you then ? So there you go Aimee, Je suis calme et je suis en paix. It has not stopped me from continuing my life. There are others who are much much worse off than me. But a small healing that I needed stayed elusive and spending years of waiting. Qui veut aller a un endroit ou il n’y a pas de resultat? I don’t. I don’t like wasting of time and hearing nonsense again and again and excuses. Maybe you ? Peut-etre vous ? Jamais !

    You go and wait for over 25 years ok and see if you enjoy and like it. Je suis fatigue des excuses et des detournements. Comprendre !

    Who said that he was blocking my family healing ? He is incapable when it came concerning me, then don’t come to me with all your excuses how great you are. It means nothing to me. And if he was, the more reason he should get a backside beating from me. If you telling you are a christian minister and you are blocking my healing or that of my wife, what are you then ? Quel genre de personne etes-vous alors?

    So bonsoir et salut, Madame Aimee

  15. @Jesse
    2 Corinthians 12:8 “Concerning this I implored the Lord three times that it might leave me. 9And He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.” Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me “

  16. Jesse suis fatiguee je te repondrerai pronchainement,you said you have been waiting for 25 years no healing!! Please Jesse why so many people been healed and deliver but no you and your wife,why did waited so long to leave? Also why do not you trying somewhere else? Like Christ embassy,mercyland,ashimolo… There is so many of man of God with the gift of healing do search on internet you will find a solution of your problems,there is no point insulting man of God tb joshua,tbjoshua himself can not heal you,but God in tb joshua can,ne te faches pas mon frere,tu n’es pas guerri mais tu connais Dieu,tu es aussi en vie,un enfant de Dieu ne tape pas le gens,pardonne tes enemis,are you still a Christian or you just backslide?jesse for how long you gonna be angry with tb joshua? You too you have got the powers to pray for your wive,and yourself,use the power our Lord Jesus left us,in my name…come on Jesse pray with your family miracles is for you and me,have faith for your family compri Jesse,have personal experience with Got,do not expecting people to pray for you,otherwise you will blame everybody,everyday,everywhere…am so sorry for your case am not lying to you,am so sorry but is not tbjoshua fault ask God why…Porte toi bien and please stop putting bad comment about man of God,you are making worse in your life,I know Jesse am wasting my time by stopping you as there is a strong hatred toward tbjoshua I know you will carrying on again and again for how many years now Jesse? Put a full stop and mind your own business or go to Nigeria and face him tell him how do you felt,as the bible recommendated us,even our enemies sometime we talk to them to clear the air,make your life light do not make it heavy by carrying your past,and your past can not help you,you future can,your experience at scoan is history,is gone,stop going in circle,you have writte to much about tbjoshua and it’s boring crois que tu as compri Jesse.

  17. @ Aimee,

    “Porte toi bien and please stop putting bad comment about man of God,you are making worse in your life,I know Jesse am wasting my time by stopping you as there is a strong hatred toward tbjoshua I know you will carrying on again and again for how many years now Jesse? ”

    Si vous ne savez pas quel est le probleme , alors il est preferable de ne rien dire.

    Si quelqu’un etait sincere et authentique alors on ne serait jamais perdre de temps sur quelqu’un. Mais quelqu’un qui est , trompe et escroqueries . Il ne faut pas passer du temps la-dessus.

    Je peux écrire ce que je veux écrire , qui êtes-vous pour m’arrêter. Le mensonge et de gagner sa vie hors de lui et de me dire à ce sujet Emmanuel vit / est avec eux seuls et qu’ils sachent Jésus et vous ne pouvez pas le prouver à moi ou à ma femme ou quelqu’un qui a été réservé proxy pour un menteur est une escroquerie artiste .

    Il ya des millions qui ne sont pas guéris . Vous les blaime toujours qu’ils sont stupides ou n’ont pas assez de foi .

    Ces expressions me rend en colere que d’autres et qui etaient la avec ces revendications. Dieu est un Dieu personnel , mais pas celui que vous pouvez mettre dans votre poche et se promener avec lui que vous avez seul .

  18. Jesse Jesse Jesse es- tu sure que tout va bien avec toi? I did nt stop you for writing anything who am I? Am nobody but God knows me,and by his grace I will be in heaven with my God Jesus,so Jesse you are free to humiliated man of God but but read your bible verywell you will see where you gonna end up,you know our behaves showed us where we gonna end- up( hell or heaven) Jesse you can not force God to heal you through tbjoshua,in the bible this man in the pool he was there for years having faith and one day he was heald,Abraham wait 25 years to have Isaac,Israel people were slave for 400 years and they were free,again 40 years in the desert,Anna wait so many years to have Samuel,Simeon wait long to have jonh baptist,Israel were waiting for 2000 for the birth of Jesus so Jesse why blaming everyone? We can not order God,we did not said you have not got faith but we said everything is on God will if he said no is no,divine healing is not a magic show,we can not play with,it’s Saint,I can do magic when I want but divine healing is God in somebody doing the work,again tbjoshua as a person can not help you but he will lift your faith by telling you as every man of God will tell you your healing depend on your faith,and any man of God will said you are heal he will never discourage you by saying let my try,tbjoshua has right to encouraging you and lifting up your faith and hope,il va te dire de continuer a croire,Jesse je sais de quoi je parle,please maybe you did gave money to tbjoshua for your healing and you are so angry you did not your healing? But I know tbjoshua would never ever sale the divine heal!! And he never collected the money people as a Christian is my duty to pay my dimes,and offerering,God said so I have to obey and the money will do so many work as you can see through emmanuel tv,Jesse it’s too much and you writing became bored,so what do you want? You will never stop tbjoshua doing whet he is doing,watch tomorrow you will see thousand and thousand in scoan,ne faut pas etre un prophete des mals pour tbjoshua,so Jesse carry one do not stop is what you want me to say,insult,humiliate,embarrass,labelling him is your choice,mais tu vas gagner quoi?? Reflechis bien,pray your self,you got the power as well,I saw people being heal,in your case I do not know,only God,if tbjoshua did collected the money from you,let us know,you are so bitter to tbjoshua are you sure because of lack of healing to your family causing you all those hatred? Or there is something behind this Jesse? Salut et a bien tot

    • @ Aimee,

      “Jesse je sais de quoi je parle,please maybe you did gave money to tbjoshua for your healing and you are so angry you did not your healing?”

      Please do NOT connect me about money and buying healing. If I want that, I can go to the doctor and buy my medication if needed.

      I am extremely disappointed that you thought or think that I wanted to buy spiritual healing. Gods healing is free and I would never want to pay for such.

      Further I don’t know what you are on about that you individually have to pay your dimes.

      Why are believing I blame anyone for not been healed ? You twist what I say. What you need to comprehend and what you don’t is you want to defend TB Joshua for telling us that Emmanuel God with us, means that God is there and if He is He would have healed me, healed my wife, healed those that were stood proxy for as well others. Their Emmanuel was AWOL for years wherever they were and only others were so to speak healed. Whenever I wanted to verify their healing they were whisked away and they themselves ran away. Their healing was unverifiable by myself, nor the fact that they were in an controlled environment. Being on Emmanuel TV means nothing when I can’t verify it.

      With me there was an South African female tennis player who was in the same position. She was an upcoming champion until she got sick, she came there, I spoke to her several times and she was even was taken aside by TB Joshua for several times in his office but she left SCOAN NOT healed from her arthritis. Also in the tennis world she dropped from upcoming champion to in the ranks of 400 which shows me that she is not healed but was cheated in her healing. Of course that is her fault too is it not ! Salut and Bonsoir.

    • @ Aimee,

      “Abraham wait 25 years to have Isaac,Israel people were slave for 400 years and they were free,again 40 years in the desert,Anna wait so many years to have Samuel,Simeon wait long to have jonh baptist,Israel were waiting for 2000 for the birth of Jesus so Jesse why blaming everyone”

      This excuse is used by them and you to fob anyone off who is not healed when they are coming around.

      Independent doctors and scientists are not invited to come to SCOAN to verify. And the doctor that was in one of the branches called it quits and left and gave as reason he did not spend enough time with his wife. His wife was never with him on his church visits or meetings. Others left too who were long time members. Some other woman who used to organise many uncountable meetings to SCOAN from South Africa all of a sudden stopped coming too. We all know why they left. Those that left have very good legitimate reasons to do so and they were verifiable by myself.

      Adieu, au revoir, je ne sais pas pourquoi vous voulez etre trompe

  19. Jesse,if those all people left we want to replace them other wise there will be no seats at scoan Jesus had 72 disciples and at the end only11 have the Holy Ghost,if people left tbjoshua is carry his duty he will never give up because people left and Jesse I saw your comment you did put last year jun,you were racist,Africa is rich continent,and it’s rise ready!! Please mind your words do not write to hurt people you have got problem with tbjoshua because he did not heal your family but do not insult all African people,despite all you said African people are very happiest people,they are stress free,and they have good manners and moral,so please leave them alone,tb joshua did not force you to go to scoan was your own will,ask God why you did not got your healing,I know many people being heal at scoan,you will never win Jesse,tbjoshua only God who will finish him no a man,let me go and experience by myself then if tbjoshua fail me I will be with you even I will never insult man of Gog never,so Jesse continuer toujours a insulter tbjoshua tu as affaire avec Dieu,soit un chretien,am not wasting my time with Jesse,I have got so many time in internet,am not am busy with the work nice to meet you I let you abusing other people,and bonne continuite,le salaire du peche c’est la mort.

    • @ Aimee,

      “72 disciples and at the end only11 have the Holy Ghost”

      Where do you base upon that only 11 had the Holy Ghost ?

      Is there evidence that the 72 did not have it ? They were sent and did the same as the others. So they had the Holy Spirit.

      All born again believers have the Holy Spirit. It works like a pitcher. First the bottom is filled, then when spending in the presence of God, it fills to the brim, the next is when it brims over to others.

      A Song of degrees of David. Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments; As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the LORD commanded the blessing, even life for evermore.
      (Psalms 133:1-3)

      “you will never win Jesse, tbjoshua only God who will finish him no a man,”

      Plus doing “miracles”, slain in the spirit and wriggling (passed off as deliverance) in the modern day church, cold reading, gathering information from the people that visit and spend time with them to know what they are like, is not God’s business card of operation justification.

      “despite all you said African people are very happiest people,they are stress free,and they have good manners and moral,so please leave them alone,”

      I quoted that from the Guiness Book of Records. Which means nothing.

      What is that supposed to mean ? Do you really think I am here to win ? Win what ? God uses stones, donkeys and especially mankind and yes He is using me real good because TB Joshua is talking about me in the church many times in the third person, so yes my God input gets to the people’s ears.

      “I did said why you so angry toward tb joshua ”

      Wrong, I am extremely angry and furious upon myself that I ever went there and spend part of my life there. I will never get this back, because my time there resulted in nothing then spending my resources on someone that after all was no use at all.

      If you feel that you get something out of it, that is your prerogative and choice. I am the living proof that it does not work and all followers and disciples blame this on myself and whatever. Things like, you don’t have enough faith, you don’t read enough bible, you don’t pray enough, you don’t this, you don’t that and we are not Jesus or God, but yet blare all over that Emmanuel God is with us. I really want to kick your backside now so you come to your senses because if God was with you then why are you incapable to move God’s hand. You liar and deceiver and you keep defending a bunch of liars that have no answer than blaming others for not being healed in SCOAN. Jesus never said to anyone, you are not healed, He said you were healed and it happened even if nobody had faith on the other side. Jesus did say that he rewarded people when they showed great faith, but you don’t need it if He is the Healer. So when it came my time and that of my wife’s Jesus went walking elsewhere, why zapping me with powers for dozens of minutes and nothing comes out of it ? Or my wife, or those that are standing proxy ? Why ? Get real, you are not real, you do not live in the reality of this life, you live in a cult and you defend your cult and your brainwashing believe your hang upon that comes from TB Joshua and not from God.

      There are so may powers in this world that the peoples bodies are exposed to. I have explained that a 100 times, but here, nobody is accepting anything then the power THEY THINK is from God. THere is no use of putting God’s power on someone and they are not changed. I was not changed, nor anything healed, nor anything was different in my life, should I then go after this again and again, while I have hundreds of those kind of encounters of power in my life. And before you go again with your blame game and your defense story. I have had more encounters than most people with power and I know what it is like and is has brought nothing. Absolutely nothing. And I have come to the place there is no point of keep zapping me for no apparent reason because nothing will change anyways.

      If I come for healing, then I come for healing, not for being zapped for 15-20 minutes and then go home. There is no point of spraying me a hundred times and then go home. And I fed up about anyone’s dumb stupid idiotic excuses what might be the cause or not the cause. Because if it is not this, it that, if it is not that, it is so, if it not so, then is something else. Go tell a stupid old Jew this, but not me.

      It is very nice when you are healthy to laugh at someone and make them look stupid and call them Pharisees and whatever there is in the vocabulary.

      Again, if Jesus was there, He would have healed me, but He clearly was not and it has nothing to do me being whatever or whatever name I have been called here.

      I do not know what you don’t understand ? Nobody in his or right mind goes somewhere if they are not coming for the mission to get healed, delivered or receive a miracle. Nobody and that is one of the other issues here that because I say and have proven above else that the things that you believe in don’t work for me and for others. Blame it on me, see if I care now, because I am not wasting my time on things that are dangling in front of me as a carrot anymore.

      There are millions of people who were sick. Elephant man, Tree man, Hairy man, Beard woman, you name it. The insanity of claiming that everything is all solvable with “anointed water” is proven now that it falls through the basket for years now. And it has nothing to do with any unbelief, but solid proven skepticism and put it to reality.

  20. Of course Jesse I have to defend man of God as a Christian the bible say so,Jesse ii did not say you want to buy divine healing,but I did said why you so angry toward tb joshua maybe you did gave him money to heal you and it’s not work out,I know Jesse tbjoshua for sure will never sale the gift Got gave to him you can see is free Jesse come on you are free to go to the doctor he will heal you as well or other true man of God where you live,please I beg pardon leave tbjoshua alone,he has nothing to with you,if people are not getting heal why all those people queue up everyday at scoan? More you are putting the bad comment about him more you are stress out yourself,votre campagne de stpper les gens de ne pas croire a tbjoshua il est un voleur menteur ne marchera jamais,tbjoshua est aime de beaucoup de gens,regarde crusade de Colombia,wise man harry in America,so Jesse all those are fake? Please appreciate even the work through this man,you hate him so much,sending him even to go back at farmer poultry!! I do not think so Jesse,me Aimee I will take care of him,because he has done a lot for humble people especially African people,you can not humiliate him in that level,Jesse God has rise tbjoshua from farmer man to a man of God,everywhere he goes they welcome him more than a president or king,he came from nothing to something,to nobody to somebody and.he is humble man,Dieu.a confondu le gens,il n’a pas fait beaucoup d’etude,ni la theology mais regarde c’est qu’il devenu!!!! Confusion totale,Jesse you have say it agai and again about tb joshua have a rest,so many people lose interesting on your comment c’est la monotonie,des injures et des injures,so you want everyone believe on your say about tbjoshua it’s will never happen or you want everyone feel sorry for you? I did say sorry for what happen to you and I mean it but Jesse you have gone too far even God is not in your side,especially insulting hole the Africa continent that no cool anymore,delete everything about tbjoshua and scoan am telling you will be heal,you too allergic to this name tbjoshua!!! Let me tell you I love him so much and I respect him even he did not heal me,divine healing is not a magic show,and you can not order tbjoshua,telling him tbjoshua you must heal me otherwise I will humiliate you no no Jesse.i think am not gonna wast my time anymore I would never change your hatred toward tbjoshua carry one on writing writing writing writing.auremvoir et bonne chance dans tout

    • @ Aimee,

      “Let me tell you I love him so much and I respect him even he did not heal me,divine healing is not a magic show,and you can not order tbjoshua,telling him tbjoshua you must heal me otherwise I will humiliate you no no Jesse.”

      Where did I say TB Joshua MUST heal me ? TB Joshua says I stand for so and so, this and this. Then in my case it all that falls flat. Then the escapee excuses come. It is this, it is that, it is that. it is so, maybe, because, blah, blah, blah. Slippery fellow. Knows “everything” but knows actually not much when it comes to it when it actually needed.

      I mean, how can you just stand there and tell all kinds of diversion because they sound good for the hearer to fob them off ? That is what it is. It is convenient. There is always something, always a reason, always an escape route where you can hide yourself by. But in the mean time brag, brag, brag and defend and defend because those in ministry want to be seen infallible. Double standards. If it works. heyyyyy !!!! Shout, Shout, Shout, Shout, blare, blare, pump up chest. When it does not work, hide, slip out, find excuse, run away, make long stories, He claims and you and them claim that Emmanuel is there. When I came for find it for myself. He was not there, then zap, zap, zap, zap, jump, jump, shake, shake, zap, zap, zap, and so forth. Was I on a circus ride ? A merry go round ride and music blared on ? Ok, nothing happened. Let’s go again and again, and again, encouraged by the likes of you and on this site and whoever, then when you go again and go back home again with the same thing of nothing again, why go again ? To be zapped, slinged, rattled, buzzed again ? Really ? As I said, I have been through those zap, zap, zaps since 1994 and had so may zaps in my life that people were wondering, why does he get all the zaps. And those zaps come from all those people who claim that God is with them. So the zaps continue outside and at home, at work, in the bible school and in the bed, in the shops, everywhere. And now what ? The zaps appear from everywhere, wherever I am in the world. WHAT ! WHAT ! What is the point of all those zaps and more zaps and it is the same ? So to make it clear to you that if I get so many zaps all the time then what is it all about ? DO I REALLY NEED MORE ZAPS ! I am tired of zaps, I am fed up about zaps, because even I do get these zaps they still amount to nothing. Sheesh ! When does the coin drop ? That is always the same with these TB Joshua followers.

    people of GOD be aware, there is bitter people,in the family,neighbour ,school,work,street,internet,news,tv,radio,and especially in the churches,people of GOD never mind them they have lost faith and do not what to do,so they became what I describe them.EMMANUELLLLLLLLLL.
    Sorry to the bitter people but the truth hurt.
    Papa tbjoshua GOD bless you

    • @ Aimee,

      Now you can see how fanatic you are to hold up a liar, a propheliar and scammer at any cost.

      If you don’t know what the problem is in others then first ask then contemplate then interact.

      Nobody is bitter or a biter here. If you like to be lied to, then take their lies, don’t blame me for their lies.

      I have witnessed their lies, I have witnessed their deception and I first did not say anything for years, but when they continue to do this then when you leave because of their lying then I remain to have the right to address that if they don’t say sorry of lying against me.

      They claim Emmanuel is there. I have NOT found him nor seen him with whatever power and abilities that I have to look for that, that includes initial believing that TB Joshua was the real thing, but when you come again and again and again and do everything what they say, watch the videos, read your bible, pray, do this do that and you come away with empty hands and empty wallet, you think twice before you are being conned again and again. They lie and they don’t stop, they create fake miracles they don’t stop, they do fake deliverances they don’t stop. But you can’t see further than your nose long is and you are willingly holding on to it as if I am making it up. Why would I make it up when my engagement with him was zilch result and refuse to pampered into their excuses and lies and diversions. But I remain to have the right to say you are a deceiver and you lied to me that Emmanuel was there but I did not encounter Him there. I don’t need a fool mans bread and eat it with them when they continue to lie and zap and zap and zap and nothing cones out if it. Why zap me again and again and I remain the same ? Why ? Is there any reason why God would zap me again and again and nothing has changed ? If God Himself zaps you, you are changed ! It shows that the powers he acquired are not from God, because if you move heaven and earth to come to Lagos with will to get healed at all costs and you don’t receive what you are coming for, only fools, dogs and donkeys go BACK ! I am fed up about these lies and if I meet anyone of them somewhere I will give them my reply as I think of them. Plus I would love to give them a trashing to shake them out their lying scam tactics once and for all. I am not taking bs from them anymore. Nothing !

  22. @ Aimee,


    What do you not understand ? I came for healing nothing else at all costs. What did get nothing. What fool goes back again and again ? For what ?

    Can you listen what I said IF EMMANUEL WAS THERE HE WOULD HAVE HEALED ME ! That was the situation. It is a lie, they make up those headings, deliverances, miracles,,

    A lot of Nigerians are liars, they do everything for money and their government is so and they all flock together as a bird of a feather.

    Why you think Boko Haram goes on like that. Every day you read about them that they murder their own kind. Then you have TB Joshua claim that one drop of the “anointing water” can change a country. ARE YOU FOR REAL TB JOSHUA, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO STOP PLAYING POLITICS, IT’s NOT YOUR JOB, YOU ARE A PASTOR LOOK AFTER YOUR SHEEPL NOT FOR RECOGNITION OVER THE WORLD AS A PERSON. AND STOP LYING !

  23. If you do not have something nice to say better no say nothing at all.
    Forgiveness is a door for blessing.
    Thank you lord for papa tb joshua,thank you lord for all the miracles occurred at Colombia crusade,lord you always used your prophet every where,no only at Nigeria,thank you lord,bless your servant tbjoshua and all other around the wold.

  24. @ Aimee,

    “If you do not have something nice to say better no say nothing at all.”

    Did your mother tell you this ?

    I am nice, I am extremely nice, there are many who can testify about that, but I get furious and explosive when things are not what they tell you and do like they know all the answers and hide behind I don’t know Ask God. As if I have not asked God ??????

    Of course Aimee your private prophet is used everywhere except when it comes to me, my wife, my friends, my neighbours and everybody else we stand proxy for.,Then your private prophet can only do zap, zap, zap, zap, zap, roll, roll, jump, jump, Shake Shake and years down the road still nothing happened. I tired of the lies,the crap that is said here and I want to stamp on him and wack him for the lies he claims that Emmanuel is in Lagos, because I never met Him there, nor did I see Him either in my case. So I can confidently say that Emmanuel was not there because otherwise I would have been healed and I want to stamp and wack the leaders too of the branches for lying to me and playing fiddle with me for all those years of deceiving me with their ridiculous stories in their deliverance stories they made up on the fly. Spirit of death, demon of fear, demon of failure, Indian man, spiritual wife, porn addiction, spirit of grand pa, grandma, spiritual husband, queen of heaven, LIARS ! If you really think I am taking you serious about this crap, think again, you have destroyed all trust in any ministry ever again, you leaders have ruined even for you own children and you don’t care zilch about what you choose for, you are a sham and you lie through your teeth for being part of your lying clique ! I want it ran my fist in your face for your lies, rag your face over a kerbtile so you will realise what I think about you !

  25. People of God you know:

    Bad people do not feel guilty or remorse,they are too busy being bad,bitter,hatred,but good people do feel guilty,because they are good and they feel they have done wrong.emmanuellllllllllllllll

  26. Ah pourquoi tu as des yeux rouge tu ne peux pas supporter les succes des Autres !!!! Les jaloux sont capable de tout.ils ont un envi terrible,les jaloux ont une langue de scie,les jaloux,les jaloux,les mechants,quelle est votre salaire??? Peuple de Dieu emmanuellllll

  27. @ Aimee,

    You really don’t get it. It is not about one having money. What is to be jealous about ? Putting other peoples hard worked money going through your hand with prophelying that we will not hear from Boko Haram again since last year. And about the wing of the MH370 and about the whole plane appearing any moment from now 15 March 2014, any debris perhaps he said we should see concerning this plane. And about my wife being married, remarried again, while she ever and is only married to me, how about Giles mother who was declared healed and she still died and the stampede in Ghana Spintex road, which killed three people and broke a leg of someone because of the “anointed water” Go get it command from him. Jealous ? Of course we are very jealous that we don’t have such records to our name in conning people all over the world.

    Maybe you should check out the word “inside information informant” for a better perspective concerning his false, edited prophecies. I see a balloon, ahem or is it a plane, it’s blue, ahem white, it flies high, but it will crash before take off from the runway, it is in the Indian Ocean Area: 73,556,000 km². Why if you talk to God and from God, this god you know and it’s healer where the plane is than ! Why let all the families suffer for months and months. They will find it anytime soon. Ebola is manufactured in hell by Satan, except Satan does not live in hell, he walketh, from going through and fro THE EARTH !

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