AirAsia Flight 8501-How TB Joshua saw it coming

Prophet T.B. Joshua of the Synagogue, Church of All Nations has released a video via his YouTube channel Emmanuel TV showing a prophecy he gave regarding the disappearance of AirAsia Flight 8501 in Indonesia.

In the you tube video released by Scoan, the Prophet was seen telling his congregants “I have a message for the nation, Indonesia, When it comes to this disaster issue, I don’t want to mention it,” the Prophet continued, before calling on the faithful to pray for the Asian nation.

“It looks so nasty to me to mention – a situation where it will cost a lot of lives, suddenly,” he went on. “This is a crash. Why should this continue to happen there?”

Prophet T.B Joshua goes on to point to a problem in the ‘geographical atmosphere’,calling on the relevant authorities to ‘look into it’.

Early in the morning on Sunday 28th December 2014, an Air Asia passenger jet carrying 162 people lost contact with Indonesian air traffic control.

The plane went missing after pilots asked to change course to avoid bad weather during a flight from Indonesia’s Surabaya city to Singapore.

On board were 155 Indonesians, three South Koreans and one each from Singapore, Malaysia and Britain, plus a French pilot.

“We pray that God would strengthen the friends and family members of all those involved in this tragic incident,”  Scoan prayed.

This is not the first time the man of God has given a prophecy of warning to nations of the world that were initially ignored but were later believed when they came to pass. T.B. Joshua has in the past prophesied two other major plane-related incidents this year, namely the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 and the shooting down of Flight MH17 on the border of Ukraine and Russia.

Since Scoan released the video of the AirAsia Flight 8501 incident, many critics of the ministry including, the British High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin, urged the general public to dismiss TB Joshua’s Prophecy. He said thus, “But he couldn’t prophesy his own church collapsing, killing over 100?” Posted via his Twitter page.

We should not forget what TB Joshua said when he came back from Colombia which was before the building collapse incident. He said he was supposed to visit another country for a crusade but he returned home because of the cloud he saw covering Nigeria and he stated that the cloud he saw meant trouble and he also stated clearly that.

He saw a cloud covering the Nation Nigeria. He reprimanded Nigerians for giving their country a bad image by saying that every good thing happening in his ministry was never published by the Nigerian media, but if they heard of a bomb blast in front of the church, Nigerians would be the first to make a call to CNN to report the bad news. He then added that for a long time, he has been speaking of events that were far away, but in saying this he is speaking of an event as close as his mouth – meaning his own life.
More of his words are shown in the video below:

If critics of this kind have taken time to listen to these words of the prophet, they would know that he was in no way ignorant of the disastrous event that occurred at his church. Neither did he intend to cause fear and panic by being so clear about it in order that the will of God be done. The only way was for him to speak in a parable.

If these critics had taken time to listen more attentively to his words and posts on Facebook during the early period after the building collapse they will not be blind to the truth, but realize he said, “For the three weeks before the incident, if you heard my message and sat down, you would know I was giving you a vision and prophetic word on how to handle the situation at hand. Trials and tests are for our belief. I go by the directives of God”.

Remember his warning: Those who could not stop what happened (building collapse), he said, should be “careful of their tongues” as “anybody can go for it.


I would love to appeal in my own little way to The families and relations of the martyrs who have taken offense at TB Joshua by reason of the building collapse, meting out threats of lawsuits and court injunctions. Please pause one moment and ask yourselves, is this what your deceased loved one would have done or gladly approved of if they were here present? Knowing the level of their devotion and commitment to the SCOAN? Will the departed soul of your beloved be united with you in this cause you now undertake against Joshua?

I learned of a man who is vehemently vexed to vendetta for his departed sister. To the one who has opened a website on this cause; your website is a desecration of the memory of your sister whom you claim to  love, this is proven by the account of her life before her demise. If you really knew her as you claim, you would know that you have with a single action wiped off what was dearest and uppermost in her heart. With what frown she would look upon you from heaven above for working at cross purposes with her – She who strove to live in affection towards the prophet in order that both he may be comforted and that she may saved through his preaching.

 Come to think of it, it is very unlikely that if your deceased love one had returned from the SCOAN with all round testimonies, you would have opened a website heralding the praise of God through the SCOAN. This fact alone exposes the hollowness of your “joshuamustaccountfordeaths” campaign, which is nothing but one of calumny. The entire catastrophe seems serviceable to you as just the right pretext for a premeditated move against Joshua, as it is to his ardent critics; a sordid fact that inadvertently numbers you in the bandwagon of those who delight in celebrating evil rather than good.

Doro rallying the families of victims against TB Joshua

Doro: rallying the families of victims against TB Joshua in order to his profit or otherwise?

By saying TB Joshua must account for the deaths you directly accuse him as being responsible for the demise of the entirety of victims. The only way such accusation would hold sway is if it is proven that the collapse was caused by a structural failure resulting from shoddy construction or building overload. The coroners inquest set up to establish the cause and manner of the collapse is still underway, But do you really believe structural failure to be the cause of the collapse? Judging from the CCTV capture of the near symmetrical, rapid and total collapse of the building, do you in all honesty perceive absolutely no trace of sabotage?

 There are a lot of things that could be said of you, but let’s highlight just one here. In your open letter to a South African Newspaper, you vociferously debunked the way TB Joshua tagged the victims as “martyrs of faith”, yet on your very own website you call them “Heroes and Heroines”. What sort of hypocrisy is this? What differentiates a martyr of faith from a hero? There are no greater heroes of faith than the martyrs of faith. They are basically synonyms so what is the problem? You have inadvertently provided evidence of your belief in the name martyr of faith by using the term hero. Yet you cloak and disguise it with tantrums and expect us to join you in a reckless path.

Some critics, like the vocal critic blog see this tragedy as the undoing of TB Joshua; they said in a comment that TB Joshua would not bounce back after this. Those who have suggested this have simply voiced out their ardent wish for TB Joshua. Everyone can tell that the SCOAN would weather this storm, the church still receives thousands of visitors, it is reported that even some of those who survived the collapse with injuries that were flown back to south Africa have returned to Nigeria to the SCOAN. They know in whom they have believed; His gospel through this Man is to them a faith not to be repented of, a cross not to be afraid of. Even if it means facing a life threatening situation, they would press a handful of this courage against their heart, and with its help, face life’s final deadline with confidence and boldness. How can those who are outside the light understand this? It is impossible. One blind from birth cannot tell how bright the sun is.

You seem to stand as a lone ranger, trying to open our eyes to what? what truth? That Joshua must account for what? Of what use is a blind man trying to show the way with a lamp knowing himself does not see with it?  Your impatience in this matter cannot be excused. Believing in the resurrection of Christ, i also believe my loved one will again rise again. since i have this assurance as to the resurrection of the dead, grief on account of death is empty. Why? why should i grieve if i do not believe my loved one has perished? why should i bear impatiently the temporal withdrawal of one whom i believe will return? That which you think of as death is only a departure. Those who have gone before us in this tragedy are not to be mourned, though of course they may be longed for. But even that longing must be tempered with patience “lest we should grieve at the falling asleep of anyone, like the pagans who lack hope”. (1 Thess 4:13)

The resurrection is  as true as death

Apart from the baptism of water, fire and spirit, we know also  of a fourth, that of martyrdom and by blood, which also our Lord underwent and this is more august than all others for it is not defiled by later stains.

People die daily, they lose their lives through varying degrees of tragedies, from car accidents to plane crashes and terrorism, yet nobody ever really makes much news and noise over them. Why does TB Joshua’s case have to be different? Is it not clear that this is the handiwork of back-stabbers using the tragedy as an avenue for further barrage of criticism against Joshua?

 Furthermore, in how many of these widespread tragedies have the ruling bodies offered reasonable support and relief for the grieving families as TB Joshua is recently doing? Offering R50000 per deceased person for the funeral arrangements and other cash gifts, supplies, groceries, scholarships for those left alive? Where would they have received such much needed help if not from the generous hands of TB Joshua? Yet someone who claims to be a believer is asking us to reject all of these and take up a lawsuit against the man of God with the secular authorities, even when the tragedy occurred due to no fault of his.

 If any one of the victims families associates with you who attempts to rally us against Joshua, he himself is one of those who would waste the church and soil the precious memory of the departed beloved. For being with us as having suffered loss of relation, but not with us in judgment of the cause, you are against us and are much worse than the accusers outside who lost no relation in this tragedy, because with the seeming friendship of sharing the same wound with us, you seek to disperse us from the faith our departed heroes and heroines entrusted us. You cannot turn us out of what we have received, and what has been committed to us. Joshua is under attack, he is the real victim in this whole tragedy and we will not add to his pains because he who adds to his present grief has not received Christ who sent him and he who has not received Christ shall be regarded as having despised the Father, wherefore he shall be cast out of the good kingdom.

Synagogue collapse Update: TB Joshua Faces Coroner

The Fireman “Expert” who testified in Court:

Anyone with even the least understanding, looking at the way the SCOAN building collapse can tell that the collapse was near-symmetrical, quick and total. An indisputable fact is that no other theory would suffice to explain such a near-symmetrical, rapid and total collapse but that of carefully placed explosives set off in a particular order. In the last post we made reference to an article containing the confirmatory proofs of controlled demolition. But of the countless reports on line and in-print on the synagogue catastrophe, none and I repeat, absolutely none has managed to prove or even “suggest reasonably” how possible it is for “structural failure” to cause a total and symmetrical collapse of a high-rise building.

A fireman who spoke as a witness in the inquest was quoted to have said, he perceived no smell of explosives around the building or the evidence of a fire and so debunks the theory of a controlled demolition; Yet the fireman did not state in the hearing of the court the confirmatory signs that a building collapse was induced by controlled demolition, neither did he tell the court how to know if a building collapsed due to structural failure. He was trying to defeat an idea without propounding another – placing something on nothing and expecting it to stand. Who would blame him? after all he most likely has never in his life witnessed a controlled demolition, nor has studied anything about it. He spoke based on his limited understanding and went too far in the way he premised his conclusion merely because he saw no fire, and could not smell any explosive: both of which are not foolproof characteristics of a structural failure anywhere in the world.

On summoning TB Joshua to Court

There is already so much fuss about TB Joshua appearing in at the court of inquiry into the building collapse, having been summoned by the coroner of inquest himself. Whilst this may not in the opinion of lovers of TB Joshua and SCOAN to be proper, it is in any case going to happen and there is really nothing anyone can do about it at this point. What is worthy of note is the way the prophet’s appearance at the inquiry is so heavily and eagerly anticipated. He seemed to have been summoned in the way an ordinary witness would have been summoned, but it couldn’t be made anymore obvious that TB Joshua is no ordinary witness. His reputation precedes him. The first question that might come to the mind of SCOAN faithfuls on hearing this could be; who do they really want to testify at this inquest, MR. TB JOSHUA or PROPHET TB JOSHUA?. That seems to be a question for the coroner himself to decide.

While we may not be comfortable with the way TBJ has been summoned to court, it couldn’t have been the case if God had not allowed it. We should therefore submit to the will of God in this matter. The prophet has earlier said to us, No one can help me; only God; Leave me with God. We cannot love the prophet more than the God who called him, without whose will and purpose this could not have happened. fear not, the very hairs of the prophet’s head are numbered.

For a prophet who once could endure being unjustly detained in a cell for thirteen days, a court summon is very well within his tolerance.

Lost Voices of the Martyrs

In every generation, there is a peculiar tribulation for the believers in Christ’s to endure as is allowed by God; in the days of the holy apostles, it was persecution from city to city. Now that Christianity as a religion has become so widespread and appealing to the extent that people who are not Christians are claiming to be, the persecution definitely has taken another form. That of concerted attacks, campaign of calumny, intimidation and slanderous remarks. But one thing that is common to all the forms of persecution throughout the ages is the hatred of men towards the servants of God and apostles of Jesus Christ. Now is the time for us to remember the Lord’s words: Jesus said: you who stone the prophets and kill those who are sent to you.  Also to his disciples he said: All men will hate you because of me. It has become so pronounced for us according to what Jesus foretold; because  those who hate us and kill us think that they do God a service. John 16:2.

With the situation of the building collapse and the recent summoning of the Prophet to the court, one can understand a little of how the early church felt when the apostles were always dragged before Kings and rulers on account of the doctrine of the gospel. They were constantly summoned, queried, judged wrongly, sentenced to harsh judgments surpassing those of convicted criminals, and endured sufferings of all kinds which finally culminated in martyrdom. This was all required for the crown of righteousness Tasting of the cup of suffering of the Lord that we may also reign with him. Let us remember the faith of the Holy Apostles which they committed unto us with the seal of their blood; through which today we couldn’t have been saved. This is what the prophet meant when he spoke of martyrs being a blessing to us and to the whole world. Apostle Paul emphatically stated that “We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God,” Acts 14:22. These temporary tribulations are not to be feared, but it is to be feared that which has no end, the weeping and lamentations that never cease, finding no repose and consolation from tortures at any time forever – this which the blasphemers, slanderers and critic bloggers are not afraid to suffer.


Having read through most propaganda of TB Joshua haters online – the allegations of the people coming out of their woodwork with nooses and stakes crying prosecute Him, prosecute Him, at the top of their voices. Here are some thoughts on this new video for anyone who cares to be objective enough.

Watching the new CCTV video from TB Joshua on the synagogue building catastrophe really puts the tragedy in perspective for those who are not already impervious to the truth. The pressure fumes emanating from the sides of the building just seconds before its eventual dissolve shows that something most certainly exploded from within the building with excessive force. The fumes literally gushed out of the sides of the building with so much pressure that confirms the preceding effect of powerful explosives. The pressure fumes gushed out with such high velocity that they overtook a man hastily fleeing away from the disaster; though the man was already at a considerable distance from the building before the incident.

More so, if you watch the moment of the incident closely to the right of the screen, you can observe large concrete blocks literally flung high into the air at a far distance from the building; traveling in a parabolic path whilst in projectile motion. This confirms that the concrete blocks have gained momentum from an energy source (at a point) to be able to fly so high and far away from the building at such velocity. According to newton’s law of motion: A body will remain in its state of rest or uniform motion unless it is acted upon by a force. Thus, the forceful projection of those concrete blocks totally reveals they were given an initial velocity by the violent explosions that occurred. This is in stark contrast to critic’s alleged theory of a structural defect caused collapse. The ‘defect caused collapse’ theory would have been irrevocably established if and only if those concrete blocks were falling from rest with an initial velocity of zero – as a type of free fall under gravity.

Even If one were to be super-humanly gracious to these critics, by assuming the worst case scenario that the foundation structure of that building was weak, the truth resurfaces again that it had for long previously supported the building and hence was in some measure solid. Therefore, if their assumptions were in the least correct of it being a collapse due to structural defects, we should have witnessed the exact point where the dead and live weight of the building overwhelmed its allegedly ‘inadequate’ support. This would have been made known by cracks and fissures in the building walls and pillars. Hence, practically speaking, the building would not have collapsed entirely in just four seconds. If critic’s assumption were in the least correct, then, while the tragedy happened, the expected resistance of the allegedly inadequate support would also have been noticed according to newton’s third law which states that to every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. But there was nothing of this but the rapid dissolution of a six storey building in four seconds to an unrecognizable rubble.

In conformity with the above: a building and constructions expert who also attests to have watched several buildings being demolished during the Gautrain, reveals that a building that falls by itself due to a ‘structural defect’ will NOT:

1. Fall down COMPLETELY FLAT; some walls will remain standing.

2. Will NOT fall down INWARDLY; some will fall to the sides.

3. Will NOT fall down at the SPEED this one fell, which was about four seconds.

4. It should start showing CRACKS and FOREWARN that it is about to fall.

Someone on seeing this collapse said it collapsed like sugar crumbling. A South African survivor by name Van Der Byl who lost his wife in the tragedy insists that TB Joshua should not be blamed for the incident. His narration of the events leading to the incident gives further confirmations of the above points. The points gleaned from his statements can be summarized thus:

1. He stated that there was NO WARNING SIGN that such a thing would happen.

2. He affirmed that NONE of the PILLARS had broken off.

3. He stated that The building did not TILT to any SIDE

4. As they were in the dining room on the GROUND FLOOR, he just noticed that the opposite side BROKE OUT.

5. In THREE SECONDS; the whole building crashed on top of them.

6. HE classified the materials being used in the building at TOP QUALITY, including the steel.

Another survivor of the incident khathuathelo Ramovha speaking to the BBC expressed how He heard a very small sound shiiiiii….shiiiiii….shiiiiii – something like a wired bomb that had to run that wire before it could reach were the bomb is – rrrrrrrrrrrr…….grrrrrrrrrrrr so quick and wha… the building came down…..”

From about 00:34 of the video below:

It is very sad that people are feigning blindness to something as glaring as the truth that this is a premeditated and concerted attack on the SCOAN. How can anyone be so blind not to see that the dissolution of a large six storey building to a pile of rubble in just four seconds is not normal? Unfortunately, there as so many of such people, than those who have eyes and can see with them. Even If many people are so blind to these facts, we are glad not the leaders, especially the president of South Africa who is quoted to have said:

“…TB Joshua should be spared criticism for the collapse of a church building which resulted in the deaths of at least 84 South Africans…”The outpouring of criticism is unwarranted and calls for the Public Protector to be deployed to Nigeria are a gross over reaction,” the president said.

With this comment he seems to believe that the building was attacked, but this statement is a safe way of expressing what he believes while simultaneously not appearing to be subservient to TB Joshua’s stand on the issue. Nigeria, your hypocrisy stinks in every corner and alleyway, the manner in which you cry more than the bereaved.

Watch the full video below:


One would not blame those who criticize the deliverances that happen at SCOAN, after all, there is no way a man can explain the taste of ice-cream to another who has never tasted one, for him to understand. Even if he claims he understands after the explanation, he lies and does not until he comes to know by tasting the ice-cream for himself. If the taste of something as trivial as ice-cream, which is physical, transient, temporary can only be known by experience, how much more something spiritual, deep, unseen and inexplicable like deliverance. A man who has undergone deliverance and has the experience of it can never be at the mercy of a man with a mere opinion of deliverance. If you are a wise person or think yourself to be so, how do you view this matter? When you see deliverances in SCOAN happening in their thousands regularly through TB Joshua, the wise men or the anointed water, with so much passion, dexterity, without rest or relenting, what comes to your mind? Do you see all these things as the acts of children merely at their play? Or you see an all-out war going on beyond the full grasp of created reason? O how We pray to Jesus for you, we pray to the One who changes rebellious minds and blasphemous tongues, for Him to save, help, and redeem you because you are not to blame who trivialize his great work of deliverance and you have our sympathy. For why should we be angry with one who is not only blind in the eyes, but has been deprived of physical light and gropes about in the dark? Such a one deserves pity and prayers and not our aggression. May the Lord give you light who read, yet only those whose eyes are good would enjoy His light. They who are blinded within are the most miserable of all men. For while a man who can see and one who is blind are both in the dark, they are the alike, but when the light comes, the vision of the man who sees is illuminated, and he sees clearly about himself, while the one who is blind remains in darkness. For this cause we say that it is only those whose eyes are good that would benefit from the Lord’s light. And we do not mean the eyes of the body, but the eyes of the soul. For this cause the Lord Jesus said in a mystery; I came to make the blind see and those who see to be made blind. He came to open the sight of our mind to the knowledge of things divine and close our eyes to all things of this present world. O blind who see not, O wicked deceivers who believe not, O you sinners against the spirit, pray and ask of the Jesus, the preserver of all that he would give you the true light; and open the sight of your mind, because in your blindness you follow the vain deceptions of the accursed one, who has hurled down the souls of men made in God’s image into degradation, and forgetfulness of God, making them worship at the altar of various idols of earthly things; of money, of fame, of fashion, of game, of worldly power. Making them pour the libations of perverse thoughts to the wicked principalities who rule over all these. The worst of these all include forgetfulness of God and denial of His glorious works. Christ have mercy.

Prayer: O Lord Christ, our savior in willing compassion, to you we ascribe all glory, together with the father who is without beginning, and your all good and co-eternal Holy Spirit, we beseech you Lord, to raise our souls from the degradation into which the slayer of man has cast us down through his envy, Let not their dark air cover us, Let not the offspring of the evil dragon overtake us, let not the children of the serpent hiss at us, let his lying mouth be silenced and muzzled, for he has nothing on us. let his tricks be disclosed, let his snares be broken, let his nets spread out for us in hiding be cut in pieces, let his crown be taken from his head, let his power be brought to naught, let his throne be overturned behind thee, O Lord, for thy mercy’s sake, O most merciful of the merciful. Lest he deceive further, and multiply the unbelieving among men. In Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.