Why Joshua’s Church Collapse Convinced Me He Is A Genuine Man Of God

I know many will be surprised at this opinion but it is an honest and frank progression of thoughts from an open-minded individual, not emboldened by any personal bigotry, political agenda or religious connotation.

T.B. Joshua is a name I was distantly aware of prior to the tragic collapse of a guesthouse within his premises on September 12th 2014 that plummeted over 100 salvation-seeking individuals into a premature grave. Indeed, I don’t think there is any Nigerian who can feign ignorance of Joshua’s fame and miraculous claims.

However, by virtue of both location and vocation, there had been no specific reason for me to form any particular opinion or premonition concerning him despite the volume of vitriolic reports I believe we have all heard or read to some degree in time-past.

I certainly respected Pastor Joshua for his commendable humanitarian services, just as I do anyone who gainfully uses their resources for the benefit and benefaction of others, but my train of thoughts had not travelled toward any further conclusive trajectory.

Therefore, the tragic incident and wave of attention bestowed relentlessly on Joshua in its wake provided fodder for reflection. Although I am not a personal adherent to the rather cryptic ‘marmite philosophy’ of ‘you either love it or hate it’, T.B. Joshua’s case appears to aptly illustrate this. Just look at the vast chasm between unreasonable detestation and irrational devotion displayed by Joshua’s foes and fans alike in online commentaries and debates!

I would opt more on the side of neutrality, governed hopefully by rationality! As a Christian, brought up under a strict moral barometer, I certainly consider myself a ‘spiritual realist’. I would like to believe I am governed by the indomitable principle that forces for both good and evil exist in this world and an individual has a candid choice as to which direction he swings in and thus which influence he operates under.

Therefore, the barrage of negativity and scathing personal attacks on Joshua that spread like wildfire in the wake of the tragic incident certainly irked me. I pose a question at this point – why would a tragedy provide any logical yardstick for determining the authenticity of an individual related to it?

Let me state a few points I observed. Firstly, unreasonable assertions founded on inconclusive insinuations were published as if they were sacrosanct. For example, the statement attributed to a NEMA official who had just arrived on the scene claiming the building’s foundations were not sufficiently strengthened to withstand the additional floors being added was widely quoted and formed a core basis for criticism. However, his arrival at such conclusion without actually digging up the foundation to test its strength was neither questioned nor queried. Also, are disaster management personnel in the right position to give authoritative information on construction matters?

Numerous reports questioned the empathy and efficiency of The SCOAN’s initial response, alleging that emergency workers were refused access to the site. An article published in South Africa’s best selling newspaper theatrically titled, ‘Blood On Their Hands’, even suggested the secrecy that shrouded the incident’s aftermath resulted in a higher death toll. These reports were accentuated whereas conflicting reports detailing the efficiency of The SCOAN’s response and the ‘miracles’ behind the rescues of over 130 were significantly downplayed.

T.B. Joshua’s statement shortly after the incident noting ‘a strange plane’ that flew over the building several times, alongside the release of security footage that captured the horrific incident, was widely condemned as irresponsible, irrational and insensitive. Yet, to date, no NAMA official has made a public statement explaining the plane’s mission in Ikotun that day, if indeed nothing sinister was involved.

Emmanuel TV’s release of a video showcasing controlled demolitions and their remarkable semblance to the manner in which The SCOAN building collapsed was similarly left out of many media reports as the conclusion of structural defects had already been suitably positioned in people’s reasoning.

At this juncture, I must posit that as an individual with some knowledge in construction matters, the manner of the ‘pancake collapse’ I witnessed from The Synagogue security footage certainly doesn’t suggest structural deficiencies. Let’s hope investigators unravel the truth!

Calls for Joshua’s incarceration and prosecution were championed by even respected Nigerian scholars abroad even though the official investigation has not (as yet) declared any shred of culpability on the part of The SCOAN.

To buttress my point, take a look at a piece penned by one skeptic named Leo Igwe on Sahara Reporters. It is titled, ‘T B Joshua: The Collapse Of A Charlatan’ and basically opines that Joshua’s collapsed building signals ‘the slow and gradual crumbling of a mega charlatanic ministry being spearheaded by one of the most notorious evangelical con artists Nigeria has ever known.’

The article contains no substance or systematic thought processes whatsoever; it is simply a barrage of incensed accusations of fabrication and deception against Joshua and Christianity in general. Why was it that Igwe’s openly anti-Christian rantings were given such free advertising? Surely, the focus should have been on the wellbeing of those who lost loved ones in the tragedy (to whom I send my sincere and heartfelt condolences) and not Pastor Joshua’s spiritual legitimacy?

Similarly, a laughable report in Nigeria’s Vanguard newspaper shortly after the incident questioning Joshua’s miraculous abilities was prejudiced to the point of embarrassment. If a similar report had been filed on another subject matter, it would have been rejected for its blatant disregard for journalistic ethics and lack of credibility, yet it was not only published but disseminated on various online sites and foreign newspapers.

People repeatedly and usually sarcastically questioned on social media why Joshua had not ‘prophesied’ his own building collapse despite his famed divine insight to foresee events of international significance. The question certainly has validity but it is by no means a factor by which genuineness can be ascertained. Are we positioning Joshua on the level of our Creator by suggesting he must be ‘all-knowing’?

I ask the question here – had this tragic incident happened in the premises of a business tycoon or prominent hotelier, would the venom unleashed towards its owner have been proportionate to that leveled at T.B. Joshua?

It appears to me that people had already prepared and preloaded ‘ammunition’ against Pastor Joshua, awaiting an opportunity to unleash them in a concerted attempt at character assassination. The tragic incident simply provided the sufficient media and public attention to respectably mask motives yet spew forth venom.

In this respect, the amount of criticism leveled toward Joshua actually had an adverse affect on me. Why would people fight someone to such an extent, straining to paint him black, if he was not standing up for what is right? Why would such vehement personal attacks arise against an individual, who has not been found guilty on any counts as yet, without another sinister motive at play? What evidence is there of a man who stands for light if darkness does not attempt to snuff him out?

The more I listen to T.B. Joshua’s teachings on Emmanuel TV, watch the miraculous activities, eye-opening confessions and touching testimonies, the more I begin to understand. What happened that day was an attack, not just on T.B. Joshua or Nigeria, but on the kingdom of God.

In this matter, although it may be against popular opinion, I humbly yield to the promptings of my conscience – T.B. Joshua is a servant of the Most High.

Johnson Abayomi, a football coach of Nigerian origin, wrote this from his base in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

TB Joshua and SCOAN; a beginners guide #2

Continued from last post:

African clergymen and Nigerian pastors

TB Joshua with his hand in prayer

TB Joshua with his right hand in prayer on the new anointing sticker

to be precise are known globally today not only for their spiritual or evangelism work but notably for their lifestyles of affluence. This has made them to be generally tagged ‘prosperity preachers’. They have as well been criticized for hoodwinking, manipulating and live exotic lives at the expense of the poor masses that they exploit in the name of Christianity. This has made prophet tb Joshua to be acknowledged as a distinguished man of God who’s primary goal is to provide spiritual and physical succor to the needy in society particularly the down trodden. While signs and wonders are daily phenomena in his ministry, just the way it was as recorded in the book of mark 16:20: ‘then the disciples went out and preached everywhere and the lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs the accompanied it”, Prophet TB Joshua’s evangelism goes well beyond miracles, predictions and signs and wonders, He is a prophet cum philanthropist, humanitarian worker and a social entrepreneur. Prophet tb Joshua’s humanitarian effort touches the needs of widows, orphans, the physically challenged and those affected by disaster. The global humanitarian and Philanthropic activities of Prophet TB Joshua show that the synagogue leader is a passionate man of God with humanitarian aspiration. To decipher his evangelistic work from his humanitarian and philanthropic desire, in order to ensure the actualization of both goals; tb Joshua has set up an entirely different Ministry in the humanitarian arm of the synagogue. The work of this arm covers catering for the needs of widows, orphans, the disabled, the displaced and other disadvantaged members of society such as dwarfs, the elderly, physically challenged and destitute. Tb Joshua has also established various NGOs in their countries including the passion for needy in Ghana.
Though the work of the humanitarian arm of the synagogue and the NGOs, the church provides scholarship to orphans and children of the underprivileged with educational support given from primary to tertiary levels. There is also a rehabilitation Programme for armed robbers, prostitutes and for people from Nigeria’s volatile Niger-Delta region. Tb Joshua is well known in Nigeria for reconciling broken families and marriages.
Prophet TB Joshua and his representatives have shown prominent presence I disaster affected and crisis ridden part of the world, providing leadership in the process of rehabilitation and reconciliation. He has visited, prayed and provided material and financial assistance to so many such areas. After the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Joshua sent a team of medical personnel and humanitarian workers to the affected area, establishing a field hospital called ‘Clinique Emmanuel’.
In 2009 tb Joshua started a football club. MY PEOPLE FC, as part of efforts to help the youth. Two members of the team played for Nigeria’s Golden Eaglets in the 2009 FIFA U-17 WORLD CUP. Sani Emmanuel, who apparently lived in the SCOAN for several years, was Nigeria’s top-scorer and the tournaments Most Valued Player. Emanuel and his colleague Ogenyi Onazi have since signed professional contracts with European clubs and are representing in bigger stages.
A globally respected billionaire, estimated by Forbes to have spent over $20 million on humanitarian activities, Prophet TB Joshua has been awarded various accolades in recognition of his consistent humanitarian activities. He has notably received the National honor of Order of the federal republic (OFR) by the Nigerian government in 2008. Besides the national honor, what could perhaps be described as the biggest icing on his humanitarian cake was his mention among the world’s leading faith healers by America’s TIME Magazine.
To many, the TIME Magazine recognition coupled with the National Honor of Order of the Federal republic (OFR) by the government in recognition of his humanitarian activities ought to be a great source of pride to many, but not to the synagogue man. He described TIME Magazine recognition and the national honours as belonging to God, noting that a lot of people, Organization and government, both at home and abroad and even foreign missions have been honoring the grace of God upon his life.
A humble and humane to a fault, despite being a global brand, TB Joshua is not carried away by the frenzies of fame and wealth like other Nigerians he rather recognizes his person and essences in life as an act of God. He recognizes himself as a mortal man like anyone else on the street; noting the grace of God in his life as the only difference that separates him from other people on the street. Tb Joshua as well acknowledges that difference to be the result of his early life of lack and want which has compelled him not to close his eyes to the needy. The background of the synagogue prophet shows that he knows and understands what it is to be poor and without money, what it is to be hungry, what it means to be under the embrace of God’s grace.
Despite the various evidence of the affirmation of his miracles and predictions, Prophet TB Joshua is one of the most criticized men of God on the continent of Africa and beyond. Notwithstanding, most of the people who criticize and in most instances persecute TB Joshua, particularly clergy men are said to be moved by jealous and envy as he seems to expose fake ministries by his tremendous charities without begging for money. Anyone who is a true seeker of truth can know in the light of the scriptures that for sure there is a prophet among us no matter the odds. Besides, it has been so with all prophets of God. TB Joshua is undoubtedly a global brand and a true shepherded whose marks will remain indelible on the global sands of time as well as evangelism, humanitarian and philanthropic history of the world.



Seductress who detremined to deliver T.B. Joshua on her bed

TB Joshua Church Nigeria | watchbjoshua.wordpress.com

 Chances are great now, if you’re reading this article, that you are one of those benefiting immensely from the priceless Grace of God in the Life of TB Joshua in the form of healing, deliverance, salvation prosperity, divine protection and all of God’s blessings.  While you are at it, you must not ignore the reality of the diverse forms of opposition against the ministry of TB Joshua, which time has revealed to be in all spheres of life. You must have read derogatory stories about the man in the synagogue on newspapers, Magazines, internet, and also come across distasteful rumors alleging different offenses committed by the Man TB Joshua. A friend of mine who usually kept a record of most allegations against TB Joshua he came across confessed to me that he was confused, when I asked him why, he replied that apart from the fact that the allegations do not all agree, they were so much that he wondered if truly a single soul was capable of all this evil and still have such an active and growing ministry. Still the question remains, how can we verify the truth of these stories? Are these reports true or false? If you’re one of those pondering if there could be any truth in the evil reports you’ve read about TB Joshua, it would interest you to know that Negative propaganda on the internet is one of the least forms of attack against TB Joshua; the ministry of SCOAN aside from topping the chart of the most persecuted ministry on earth, also boasts of thousands of documented confession videos of demonically orchestrated seductive attempts at TB Joshua of the synagogue of all nations. Now this you would agree is a more serious form of attack, especially when the seducers are ever willing to testify before a global audience of the processes involved in their seductive assignment on TB Joshua, such that were it to succeed, we would not be reading falsified stories about TB Joshua, but stories of how the ministry of SCOAN no longer exists. Here we present one of many who have come to The SCOAN to seduce the man of God and her confession was recorded. As the wise man prayed for her, the evil spirit dwelling in her manifested and confessed the following:

“My duty is to seduce pastors because my kingdom needed souls. A lot of people go to church without doing what they are supposed to do….I am the queen. She hasn’t finished the assignment I gave her. I am the idol. I destroy men…I get them with the sample of the body. In my eyes are many powers to seduce them; before they know it, they come crawling. I seduced pastors and I loved it. I love seducing them the most – all of those chewing gum boys out there. They would see me one on one in their office. When I talked, they would like my voice and they would just like me. Of course, I get what I want.

how the seducers were exposed

Exposed while on her seductive mission

Those who are truly born again, I don’t go close to them because when I see them, the fire in them scares me so I would just have to go but when I see the simple ones, I love it, those who call themselves men of God but are not practicing the real thing. I love getting those ones to my kingdom. I would just sleep with them and have fun.

The way you people are doing all these things, our kingdom is drying. We need more souls.”

To the glory of God, she received her deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ and power of the Holy Spirit. Free from deceptive and seductive spirits, she confessed the following:

“I am Florence Oluchi Ezibiro. I was initiated as the queen of the coast from my childhood. When I became older, it was time to carry out my mission, which was seduction. I would go to different churches, in the name of going there looking for a solution to my problem. My mission there was to seduce men of God, most especially the proud pastors. Coming to the church, I would see a pastor preaching, “The kingdom of darkness has no power”. I would be provoked. I knew where my power was, in my eyes, breasts, navel and my hips. When I walked into the church, I made sure the pastor looked at me eye to eye. From there, I would initiate him. When everyone was seated in the church listening to the pastor while he preached, I would walk into the church and make sure everyone’s attention would go to me. The way I demonstrated my body and eyes and the way I walked, they would be forced to look at me. When they looked at me, they would be carried away. After service, if I saw that they didn’t notice me, I would request for their prayer, that I was suffering from this or that. I didn’t actually need the prayer I was requesting for. If I couldn’t seduce them in the church, getting to their office was a one-on-one talk. When I talked to them, I would look into their eyes, read and manipulate their minds at that time. I would say that I wanted to be delivered. The pastors would start preaching that I needed to be born again. I would agree that I needed to be born again. Then I would draw up my breasts and they would say that they were in love with me. I looked into their eyes and could manipulate the pastors. Instead of them to deliver me, I would deliver them on my bed. After that, most of them would begin having problems with their ministries. Inside me, I would know that they were already mine.

Imagine if she would have succeeded. What would have happened? She said that she was sent to seduce pastors and after “delivering them on her bed,” their ministries would begin to suffer problems. That was what happened when she fulfilled her mission. She took souls to the evil kingdom by sleeping with the pastor. But when she came to The SCOAN, she was unable to fulfil the mission. Why? She was unable to seduce neither T.B. Joshua, nor any of the FIVE WISE MEN. Why?

Florence Oluchi Ezibiro giving her testimony

Florence Oluchi Ezibiro giving her testimony

Pay attention to her words, “Those who are truly born again, I don’t go close to them because when I see them, the fire in them scares me so I would just have to go but when I see the simple ones, I love it, those who call themselves men of God but are not practicing the real thing. I love getting those ones to my kingdom. I would just sleep with them and have fun.”

She is one of thousands who have come to The SCOAN on a mission to seduce and destroy the man of God. However, after her mission failed, she received her deliverance and is now free from the evil spirit that led her to commit such sinful acts. Many like her have received their freedom. When you meet them now, either in their home churches or home countries, they will tell you the difference deliverance has made in their lives. You can see many of their testimonies on Emmanuel TV and YouTube.  The happy ending in this story is that the very woman above got delivered, yet this poses an even greater question as regards the widespread sexual abuse allegations; what about those who came with same intent and weren’t delivered? Where are they now?  what are they doing?  If a person with such an evil intent of seducing TB Joshua to have sex with her, after imagining and fantasizing about how her sexual affair with TB Joshua would go, on getting to SCOAN, didn’t succeed and left without being delivered, what do you think would stop such a person from gossiping LIES about how she and TB Joshua slept together? Which of the two sins is easier to commit in your opinion? A person bestowed with demonic powers from the pit of hell for the sole purpose of seducing TB Joshua, leaving without deliverance is capable of anything – and of this truth you can be sure, that when those seducers who escaped without deliverance realized that their mission had failed in The SCOAN, they went to the media, cooking up stories of falsehood against the ministry with this instruction from SATAN their master in mind;

 If we cannot destroy him as it now seems; then let us bring his name to utter disrepute to ascribe unto him the abomination we intended for him, that many whom we have afflicted might not go to him and be loosened from our yoke, else we lose at both ends. For look! The whole worlds of our afflicted are going after him as they went unto him whom we hung on a tree.

 Remember the words of the seductress, “Those who are truly born again, I don’t go close to them because when I see them, the fire in them scares me so I would just have to go—“When those women were unable to fulfill their mission in The SCOAN, they left outraged and many went straight to the media to profess what did not occur, writing falsified stories, claiming they were once disciples, professing that they had fulfilled their mission. If they did succeed, why does the ministry of SCOAN still stand and waxes stronger unto this day?




“OUR FATHER, TB JOSHUA!” – decrees Malawian High king

TB Joshua Church Nigeria | watchbjoshua.wordpress.com

Malawian King, HRM Williard Mswati Gomani The 5TH is a first class King in the Nation of Malawi, News of his ascent to the throne was relayed worldwide by various international news outlets like CNN, some would think that men of such status would have little or no use of Prophets until he was seen live in the SCOAN Sunday service, His mission in Nigeria was to consult the able Man of God on a very pressing matter, one that meant his very reign as a High King of Malawi was under threat.

Malawian King, HRM Williard Mswati Gomani The 5th

This visit of the Malawian king to TB Joshua in public glare seems to have been prompted only by his quest for the recovery his lost crown of great kingly significance, which of course if you’re a viewer of emmanuel tv, you know how the story goes – the king’s crown got missing during his coronation, the King then visits Scoan to locate the missing crown, and during that time TB Joshua prophesies that the missing crown would be recovered – even after three months of futile search for it. Then the crown is miraculously discovered on the corridor of the palace after TB Joshua’s prophecy (where an object could hardly stay a minute without being noticed) click here for the full story.  The touching part of this event was seen during the King’s testimony and vote of thanks at the SCOAN in which he referred to TB Joshua as “OUR FATHER”,  the word  of a King differs from that of common men, and as such is a decree, much like how King Nebuchadnezzar decreed the God of Daniel as their state God. So for those who still think TB Joshua bribes his way to the lips of the testifiers at SCOAN, you would do well to explain to us how much of a possibility lies in leaders of this caliber being bought to lying about the spiritual graces of TB Joshua (of which they’ve enjoyed), before their total subjects and the world at large.

While this may seem to be yet another miraculous fulfillment of TB Joshua’s prophetic words to many, looking at the bigger picture, the historical encounter between TB Joshua and the Malawian High King in addition to TB Joshua’s encounter with other leaders of nations of his caliber, is one that easily reminds us of the scriptural relationship between the “prophets” and the “kings” in the Old testament which has ultimately fizzled out to this present generation where prophets have been relegated to the back seat in the society, and are completely left out of the most far-reaching decisions taken by each Nation and as a consequence landed the nations of the world in severe economic crisis.

Though to many Christians today, the great days of the prophets who conquered kingdoms and led God’s people to victory, is no more than an interesting literature record of past events, as we now live in an age where the dictates of a prophet are  only regarded by the common men, and treated with levity by those in positions of authority, whereas  In the days of Elijah, Elisha, Samuel etc. the kings were the ones who desperately sought out the prophets when in dilemma, (even while having a squad of special advisers on the matter) and humbly submitted themselves to the prophet’s instruction to be saved when in crisis, to be victorious during war, to be healed when in sickness, and even for the appointment of successors to the kings throne following his demise.

TB Joshua – the Child of Prophecy – the One whom the Supreme Being assigned to cleanse the world and lives to restore the Lost glory of the Prophets

 The recurrence of this sort of divine order where presidents and kings are submissive to the Prophets in today’s civilized world would be generally regarded by even Christians to be a mere pipe dream, but now appears to be a reality that is much closer than we think with the reign of the last days messiah, the man in the synagogue, the child of prophecy who lives to restore spiritual balance to an unbalanced world. An unbalanced world where prophets and pastors have become political instruments, and pawns in the hands of the high and mighty, to speak and do their bidding as long as it places currency in their pockets.

Instances of the SCOAN playing host to the likes of the Malawian High King are not at all rare but a very common occurrence in TB Joshua’s synagogue and the purpose of their visits includes salvation of their souls, spiritual fortification, and (God knows) foretelling of what the future holds for their political ambition and what could be done in its regard. But the rate at which these leaders, government officials, presidents, kings and the likes visit TB Joshua in His synagogue is beginning to send overwhelming signals across the globe for those who are sensitive enough to realize what is in the making, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if the time came when he becomes the one who appoints them and denounces others who aren’t God’s choice in the same manner of appointment of the ancient kings by the prophets in biblical times.

 If you think this would be too great a feat for TB Joshua to achieve, it would interest you to consider how the Zimbabwean political party officials of ZANU PF stepped up their campaign against TB Joshua after the state media claimed that prime minister, Morgan Tsvangirai had invited TB Joshua to officiate at the Zimbabwe National day of prayer on May 25. President Robert Mugabe’s allies reportedly feared that TB Joshua would use the visit to anoint Tsvangirai as the new head of state and to counter that effect they began casting aspersions on TB Joshua.

President Robert Mugabe’s allies reportedly feared that TB Joshua would use his visit to Zimbabwe to anoint Tsvangirai as the new head of state in Mugabe’s stead

His fears aroused widespread discussions amongst the citizens of his country, even amongst pastors some of whom emphasized that TB Joshua had no authority to install a president in their nation, a Zimbabwean Anglican bishop Nolbert Kunolga who expressed similar fears was quoted to have said

TB Joshua’s visit does not scare me because he is not of God. What are people scared of? What is he coming for? Does he have the power to take life?  He is not a KINGMAKER, all authority belongs to God.

And like the wise would agree, no one fears an event that has no chance of occurring. When the fear of an event exists, the possibility of its occurrence also exists.

And while we look forward to these future events, consider carefully that this isn’t a feat to be accomplished by a mere prophet, but a messiah, one who was appointed by the Great God Himself to restore the Lost glory of the prophets, to lead them out of the closet of being mere instruments in the hands of politicians, the high and mighty in society. He is God’s spokesman, the divinely ordained prophet who announces the exact will of God to the people and as it were, the messiah of this blessed generation. If you still  insist he’s just a mere prophet, we also couldn’t agree more on that with you, considering that even Jesus himself was a prophet (Matt 13:57, 21:11, Luke 13: 33).

It is true his works so far on earth are regarded as great but greater works are still to be wrought by his hands, such that would astonish all mankind.  The Sovereign God is presently using Him to cleanse the whole world of which we are all witnesses but two parts of his mission are still to come, which is to harvest and judge the whole world just as it is written of him and to know in what capacity he would be doing this watch out for subsequent posts…




Giles Hurst-The British Spy in SCOAN; What did he find?

Our previous post on the exposure of Giles Hurst as a spy in scoan was met with mixed reactions, some commenters were happy that the traitor was exposed, others chastised us with pathetic excuses one of which boldly claims that nobody bothers about spies unless they have something to hide, but wouldn’t these people themselves bother if they were actually spied upon to the last minute of their privacy? You may have nothing to hide as an individual but would it feel comfortable to have someone spy on you not knowing for what purpose or who they work for? How safe and secure would it make you feel? Is it an action you would welcome with open arms when it poses a security threat to your life and all those around you?

As unwelcome as the idea would be to nearly everyone, we actually got certain comments justifying the spy attempts at scoan, which we believe should put everyone especially fans of TB Joshua’s ministry on red alert.

So for those who think we’re actually going overboard with the issue of Giles Hurst being a spy in SCOAN believe us, we aren’t. The scenario of spies in Scoan isn’t one to be taken lightly; perhaps it would help if you considered the undercover BBC and Sky undercover agents who went to Scoan London with spy cameras and the rest or perhaps the mysterious disappearance of Wiseman Harry’s luggage on his arrival to the US before the Revival, to help appreciate our concern on this, these sneaky actions all stress a salient point- the lengths people are willing to go to uncover whatever mystery lies in the SCOAN and we’ve put forward some reasons in a previous post for our opinion that Giles Hurst came to Scoan in the capacity of a spy.

Now one question remains unanswered in our last post. If Giles Hurst came to Scoan as a spy what actually did he find, and how much information did he get access to?

Giles hurst at the prayer mountain; known for its sacredness for prayer, thinking perhaps he’s found the source of TB Joshua’s power

Well we do not need to search too far for this; he made his findings quite clear on the earliest articles on the tbjoshuawatch blog
One thing you’ll notice in the accounts of his infiltration to Scoan as a disciple, is their very detailed nature which will consequently make His findings very useful to anyone who seeks to plan an attack on the ministry.
It was so explicit and well mapped out that TB Joshua watch described his input as exquisitely invaluable by referring to it as:

“… A fascinating account of his own experience as a disciple, with a great insight into the nature of ‘SCOANese’.”

He authored many series of posts on tbjoshuawatch such as;
An ex-disciple speaks #1: Life inside SCOAN
An ex-disciple speaks; Prayer Mountain: and many others:

with the well documented reports he delivered about SCOAN, on the internet, We strongly believe Giles Hurst came to the SCOAN to

Spies of various governments to this day still try to uncover whatever secret lies behind TB Joshua’s supernatural powers

Gather intelligence with which whichever government he works for are going to spearhead another mission to SCOAN, the nature of which we’re yet to decode at this point, perhaps an attack on the ministry, but the fact remains that He used a whole year as a disciple beforehand to casually scout the church and Prayer mountain, and get people used to seeing Him. He Par took in the ministries activities as a means for himself to blend in so he wouldn’t appear obvious- a typical spy tactic.

But seriously, Giles Hurst would be kidding himself to think all these got unnoticed in Scoan, and we strongly believe that the God who authored TB Joshua’s calling has given all their plans into his hands and none will prevail. In this regard Giles Hurst is strongly suspected as part of a bigger secret plot to subdue the SCOAN, with the ministry regularly showing off a power which cannot be found anywhere on earth and which also supersedes any form of technology.
At this rate, with the manner in which bbc and sky news secret agents went to spy on the ministry as aids patients seeking healing, the disappearance of wiseman Harry’s luggage just before the us revival and with the British spy’s (Giles hurst) exposure, the explicit blueprints he gave on the scoan, prayer mountain and the scoan residential quarters, the scoan as an international ministry can’t be too careful, we know the scoan are all about heralding love towards enemies and the rest, but we strongly recommend a thorough background check on all current disciples and would be disciples, to ensure that they’re fully ready for any such threat. Giles Hurst may have been exposed but we very well know there are more of his kind undercover in scoan as disciples, we must be on our guard and be ready at all times against such with ill-will towards a God given vision and ministry on earth.