TB Joshua AGAIN! foretells Doomsday for World Governments


When the Nigerian uprising which resulted from the removal of fuel subsidy erupted in Nigeria, it was widely believed to be an awakening of people who have long been dormant to a fault while living under the harsh reality of the economy and culture oppression. By way of public opinion, it seemed like a revolution long overdue. Yet it appeared in the long run that the fuel subsidy protests were largely overrated as everything eventually came to a halt with the compromise reached by the Nigerian government with the populace. Although the Nigerian government may have wriggled their way out of that uprising and won that battle, it is clear now that they haven’t in the least way won the war. TB Joshua of the Synagogue of all Nations proved this when he addressed the nation Nigeria and the world via his satellite channel Emmanuel TV on the live Sunday service of the 14 of July 2013. He emphasized that this was a prophetic vision God had shown him repeatedly over a period of several weeks that left much for him to bother. At exactly 3:45 pm WAT on Sunday after the congregation and viewers worldwide had waited on him for hours on end, TB Joshua appeared on stage looking rather stern and delivered the shocker; these were his words:

I’m seeing a revolution, I’m seeing people taking to the streets, at the beginning of that protest it might be stopped, but eventually it will become so big that it cannot be stopped. This I see happen, Nigeria pray.


THE WAY OUT: Job creation – One for the youth and the creation of a NEW SOCIAL VALUE SYSTEM.(The ideology of  our youths, you see a professor even becoming a thug to the politician, you can send a professor to do anything for you because they have no job) This is because 90 percent of youth believe that it is by becoming political thugs that they could be successful (because they  are seeing many doing it and becoming great and rich and succeed by it, they started by doing thuggery and later become governor. youths have seen this and say well if that is the only way lets join) especially because those in the political office do not want to retire in politics and become statesmen. No matter the education they have, they feel they have no place in politics and there is no job to keep them busy, there must be a new orientation. In politics the youths should be considered for important position such as assistant to elders while the elders are ministers, the youth should be junior ministers. this little example of being junior ministers can change the position of things. Tell your leaders, presidents, ministers, in every department of  government or politics,  the youths should be junior assistants to the head of such department. A good example; the chairman of political party could be an elder while a youth should be the junior chairman under him as the second in command.

TB Joshua: quote me, I have said it; none of this would go without being fulfilled

TB Joshua: quote me,  I have said it none of this would go without being fulfilled

In all appointments into departments of politics administration, youths should be considered as second in command, by doing this we are training them to take over tomorrow. This is because they are leaders tomorrow, this is a message to the whole world and not only your country. This is because revolution is a weapon of change  that is coming. This is a vision I saw, I’m not preaching or teaching. Look at my track record right from the beginning. Revolution is coming because life has no value anymore to the people. Out there it has started somewhere; I said it five years ago, two years ago three years ago. They are in the archives. Any nation that will start it now would avert the coming revolution. Carry your youths along in your politics and administration especially in ruling your country. I have said it none of this would go without being fulfilled. Read about me and my track record this is the voice of God. I realized that my message right from the beginning of my ministry has never be believed until it came to pass, I want you to believe this before it comes to pass. Because it would be disastrous. When we carry the youth along, and there is a revolt, the youth would be readily available to readily speak to their colleagues. The youth want to be seeing themselves represented in every area of life .That is the answer to the problem coming. God bless your nation, God bless the whole world, and peace unto your nation. Those who cry peace to you prophesy nothing but smooth things. Those who cry victory to you, all is well, unlimited favor prophesy nothing but smooth things. (Smooth things mean what you want to hear) as surely as God lives, I, TB Joshua will tell you only what God says. If I’m hated, persecuted, intimidated because of my accurate prophecies blessed be to God who gives the prophecies.       Finally, this is the word of wisdom, As truth was older than terror so it would survive it; it got the start and will get the race. The day will declare who is in the right and who is in the wrong says the lord. When God gives being to the word, that word becomes alive. What God says is final; God has all men’s heart in his heart and turns them as he wills to serve his purpose contrary to their own first intention.  GOD BLESS YOU; THIS IS MY MESSAGE TO YOU. 

On hearing this somber truth from TB Joshua, the congregants expressed mixed reactions; there were elements of fear, surprise and even seeming expectation from some who applauded at the thought of an impending revolution. Its might needless explaining the reason for the surprise and expectation, but the fears expressed were most likely because of the thought of reorganizing the devastation and destruction a successful revolution leaves in its wake. This was the reason TB Joshua gave as he prophesied this future event, complementing it with a forewarning to the Nigerian government and world leaders not to make light of the prophecy but to adopt the way out as he had been shown. Question remains, will Nigeria heed? How many world leaders would carry out the prophet’s instructions or treat his words with pettiness as they always have? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

*Doomsday* as used in the article does not refer to the end of the world, but rather to a DAY OF RECKONING for the Governments of the World that thrive on exploitation of the weak and downtrodden.

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Yet another TB Joshua Prophecy reaches fulfillment.

 Is it just us or do we have enough of this already?

Dear TB Joshua, we honestly need no more to attest to your prophetic insight that covers the globe. If  anyone does not believe at this point, rest assured any sane individual needs no other confession of the Kingdom they belong.